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August 14, 2011


it’s about what sells; Casey Anthony sells

by Andrea O'Connell

It would be nice to forget Casey Anthony and the lawyer-minions supporting her.  But she just won’t go away.

Her whereabouts are unknown at this time, but not for the media’s lack of trying.  And, if the Orlando circuit court has its way, she will return to the Fantasy City to serve probation for the 2009 check-fraud case for which she plead guilty.

As you’re probably aware, Judge Stan Strickland, the initial judge in both the check-fraud case, and the murder case, as a result of her guilty plea, sentenced Casey Anthony to over 400 days of credit for time served, and to one year of probation, upon her release.

The sentence of one year of probation was recently reaffirmed by Judge Belvin Perry, after Judge Strickland recused himself from the case.

Yes, Casey Anthony was recently given a sentence of one year of probation, to be served in Orlando, too.  She’ll have to get a job, check in with probation officers, and basically behave.   This will be one tall order.

I do not see Casey Anthony ever returning to Orlando.  Frankly, I hope she does not return.  No doubt her lawyers will appeal; they’ll get a stay, but the appeal will fail.  They will appeal again, this time to the Florida Supreme Court. They will get a stay, but the appeal will fail.  All this could take a minimum of two years.

Two years from now, Casey Anthony will be standing on someone’s Orlando porch, knocking on someone’s door handing them all her baggage.  Who could handle her notoriety?

Let’s hope she is forgotten soon. Let’s hope she is quiet, unrecognizable, and allowed to live her life.

I don’t believe in hating, or writing furious letters or boycotting.

Is the purpose of boycotting because she was found not guilty?  Is the boycotting because she may profit from her story?

She has every right to profit; she can do exactly as she pleases now.  If we cannot respect her rights as a citizen, how can we expect our rights to be similarly respected?  These are our rights, too.

If we put ourselves in her place would we act differently?  If we were in jail, insisting on our innocence, and no one but a couple of dopey lawyers believed in us, what then?  If we eventually prevailed in court and our rights were restored, wouldn’t it be great?  We would say the system worked, right?

That’s our system and that’s what sometimes happens.  It’s like baseball, there are winners and there are losers.  But, when that game ends, it’s over.  People will say, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”  I’ve never found that to be true even though there are a lot of fat ladies.

I believe in our system of justice, and know it’s not perfect.  I hate that Casey Anthony will not stay in jail for her crime.  She will have to face her community at some point, now that she’s facing probation.

Very few people, and certainly not me, will say she is innocent.  But it no longer matters.  Her accusers (the State of Florida), did not prove their case to the jurors.

Perhaps her lawyers were allowed to be too snarky and sneaky with the truth during the trial.  But they won their case.  The jury, even though I believe they did not take their duty seriously enough, made their decision and it is binding.

It is binding.  No one, not Federal Court, not the Supreme Court of the United States of America, will reverse that verdict.  It is done and it is over.

I absolutely believe that both Judges Perry and Strickland did the right thing by upholding her probation, and if she were not such a salacious media target, I believe she should serve that sentence in Orlando.  However, she is a scandalous time-bomb in that fantasy city.  The moment she steps foot anywhere near Orlando the media will find her, she’ll hide again, they’ll find her again, and on and on it will go.

If she is allowed to fade away, it would be the absolute best thing.  I doubt it will happen.

I always wonder why this story is what it is.  I think we should ask ourselves what is it that draws so much attention to this story?  What is it that causes people to stand outside in the rain, at midnight, to get a glimpse of her driving away from jail?  Why would people wait for hours across the street from the courthouse to get a ticket to attend the trial, and then fight and kick and scream at one another just to get a place in line?

I felt embarrassed for people who did that.

If I look at this Casey Anthony fiasco objectively, from a journalism/marketing perspective, I believe the obsession is because the Casey Anthony story is sexy.

There I said it.

There is no denying sex sells.  If you don’t believe me, look at the magazine covers that are in our face in the grocery store check-out aisles.  Look at the mannequins in mall store windows, or look at the ads displayed in store windows.

Our TV shows are either suggestive of sex, or completely full of outright sexual content. Movies and movie-stars are sexy and the consumers go nuts for them.  For the last few years, the paparazzi does nothing but hound pregnant stars to get a shot of their swollen belly, which has become sexy, too.  A baby bump is never hidden beneath conservative maternity clothing anymore – it’s sexier to see the bump.

We see “stars” in revealing bikini’s at the beach, and we are shown close-ups of their celluloid; we even shown close-ups of C-Section scars.

That is NOT sexy, but it is – it’s not but it is.  And it sells.

Casey Anthony was a beautiful, buxom young woman and the story of Casey Anthony became a national obsession, but it was fading.  If she shows up in Orlando to serve probation, our addiction to this story will be back.

I don’t blame the media.  They are giving their audience what they think it wants.

It’s about money.  It’s about the “money shot” of Casey doing whatever.  It’s nuts and it sells.

But, it’s also about allowing a person to live the life she’s promised, given the rights and protections of the U.S. Constitution.

So what if she makes a little money in the process. Why should I care, after all she owes the State of Florida nearly half a million dollars, remember?

We want her to make a little bit of money.  It will be good for the State of Florida; it will be a good reminder that the U.S. Constitution is supposed to protect us all.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing about the legal fallout from the Casey Anthony case because it will be fascinating.

My brother says he’s afraid of the legal precedents, in the State of Florida, that could result from this case.  I have no idea what he’s talking about because he knows the law and I don’t.

I’m afraid of someone getting hurt; and I’m afraid for the crazy people in Fantasy Land who will do anything for their 15 minutes of fame.

Although sex sells, so does horror.

[Insert monster laugh here.]

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  1. Aug 14 2011

    Your monster laugh gave me chills


  2. Aug 14 2011

    Andrea sez:
    Her accusers (the State of Florida), did not prove their case.~emphasis mine~

    I beg to differ only because I’ve read enough defense lawyers’ takes on it to make me say that. It is my right to boycott, too. And, no, I don’t want her or her family making money off of the scamthony fraudation or whoever wants to pay them for whatever services they could possibly render in caylee’s name. Let them get a real job even if they have to move out of state. How many grandparents have lost their grandchildren to murder by their own child’s hands? The Anthonys are no different. And since Felon Anthony has been found not guilty then let her live in the bed she made-DCF found fault so let our hate of her be for that, too. Personally, I think its been greatly exaggerated that she is in danger in Orlando. Someone said that there have been no death threats toward her from the Orlando area-she is in more danger outside of Orlando.

    • Aug 14 2011

      Hi Sherry, Yes, absolutely, you have a right to boycott if you want to, but boycott what? In truth, it doesn’t matter that you or i don’t want her to profit. Our point of view doesn’t matter – never did matter. The people who mattered in all of this was the jury, and they had their say, and it’s final. The Anthony’s as well as Casey have the same rights as you and I have now, and I personally think I should have respect for their rights, as others should of my rights. .

      I don’t want any more of the negativity to prevail in my heart as a result of the outcome of this trial If I had a head full of negative thoughts or wanted to take negative actions, I would only be harming myself. It’s not hurting the Anthony’s! And, now that all is said and done, I hope the Anthony’s start to make better choices and end up with some kind of happiness. If money comes their way, so be it. I suppose they need to live, and eat, and pay bills, too,. They can no more get a regular job than I could get hired as an astronaut!

      I realize that by saying “they shouldn’t do this or do that” is not realistic because they are free citizens and they will do what ever they want despite what I say or think or do.

      I suppose what I am saying is (and it took me a while to let go of the anger that was clouding my better judgement), although I am disappointed, our system of justice worked, I say that because she had a fair trial despite how difficult it was to give her one, I thought the State proved their case, but it doesn’t matter what I thought, or you thought, or anyone thought.

      The darn jurors did what they thought was right, and I believe in our system of justice more than I care that Casey Anthony was found not guilty. That is the bottom line for me.

      • Aug 14 2011

        The boycott would be for my conscience’ sake. It would be a fantasy for me to think I could make a dent or matter to any cause through such action-if it happens, so be it. But I have a Judge to answer to…and He finds me out in my heart attitude and conscience.

        Ofcourse I have respect for even Felon Anthony’s rights-I’m not about to go shoot her dead and take that from her. But, I sure don’t have to make it comfortable for anyone who does evil to a child. And I won’t. However, I do pray for her and her family that they come to know the true God and not the one they’ve created in their own image. Their eternal life matters to me more than this temporal one. That keeps me from any negativity that would grieve the One I love. You see, my reaction to what Felon Anthony has done is not affecting my heart in the negative but the positive. I will not, over Caylee’s dead body and Christ’s love for her, ever say, Que sera, sera!

        Remember, she was found “not guilty”, not “innocent”. I fully trust her day of judgement is coming and it will be in this life. Sin is only pleasureable for a season but soon enough the abundant harvest from the seed sowing of sin comes…

        ….squeeeelll….squeekers…push,push,push…there! I’ve put away the soapbox pulpit once again! :mrgreen:

  3. Aug 14 2011

    Great perspective, Andrea. I hope the courts choose to fast-track the appeals process, so ‘America’ (all 1,100 of them: the poll. Yes, I’m still mad about the poll. 94% of then ‘disliked’ C.A., that’s a far cry from ‘hate’!) can live and let live. I do remember reading something about the Freedom of Information Act, Florida’s Sunshine Law and Judge Perry. I must be having one of those moments, for I do not recall the reason for it!

    • Aug 14 2011

      Hi RahRah,
      Personally, I think this “hate” is cooked up for network, newspaper, and other media publicity and sales. It’s no longer “news”.
      And, what is frightening is American citizens could be stupid enough to try to cause some kind of harm to Casey Anthony. That scares me. That’s not American justice, it’s lynch-mob mentality.

      Yes, the Florida Sunshine Law helps to ensure transparency in government. It also allows the citizens of the state of Florida full access to court and other records created for, or because of, the government … That’s why we saw everything in this case! As for the Freedom of Information Act applies to the Federal Government and its release of documents or information that citizens want to see.

      I was just talking to my mom today about that! We were discussing how interesting it will be when information about JFK’s death will be made public. It is going to happen in 2013, I believe.

  4. heartbroke
    Aug 14 2011

    It’s not sexy a precious baby was killed and then discarded in a swamp and not reported for 31 days. Nothing sexy about that.

    • Aug 14 2011

      Hi Heartbroke,

      No, it certainly is not about that and no one would think or say that, ever. The fact remains that the trial of Casey Anthony was a result of Caylee’s horrible death, BUT, it was not about Caylee, though the victim should always stay in focus no matter what, it was Casey’s trial. It was her life on the line.

      The trial was about Casey and finding her guilty or not guilty. None of us agree with the verdict, that’s a given. The fact remains, Casey Anthony is and was the focal point of all the media. When I say “sexy” I’m referring to how marketers and advertisers position what they want to sell in the media.

      There was great interest in Casey, made more salacious because of all of the photos, videos and stories of her relationships, what she’d wear, and how she looked. People responded to Casey’s looks. I don’t like it any more than you do, but it’s the reality in 2011.

  5. Aug 14 2011

    Heartbroke, your grief is understandable, and I, in no way, want to make light of it, but it is clouding your perception. There is no mention of Caylee anywhere in Andrea’s post. What Andrea is saying, and I think you may have missed it, it’s time to let go of grief, sadness, disappointment, anger, etc.

  6. Aug 14 2011

    I seem to be a day late, and a dollar short these days, lol!

  7. heartbroke
    Aug 14 2011

    I am not angry disappointed yes. i grieve for all of the abused children. I think this case just showcases that children have no rights and adults can do anything to them. What a sad world. It is time to rally the troops and do something for the children

  8. whistlersmother
    Aug 14 2011

    Everything is wrong about this story. I think it was fascinating because she was such a liar, I mean REAL LIAR! who in there right mind can make the stuff up that she did?! who could say this stuff with a straight face? well out of all the lawyers in Orlando she found her match in JB. To listen to anything he said was embarrassing. But then we meet their match in the jury-WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND CAN LISTEN TO THIS CRAP AND BELIEVE ANY OF IT?! This case has brought sadness regarding our justice system. This case has brought sadness regarding respecting our parents and making them proud. This case has brought sadness regarding children and how they can be neglected….I could go on and on and wish that I could forget this whole nightmare. I have to turn the TV channel when her name comes up, thoughts of her and what she did makes my heart skip a jump. The girl deserves whatever God decides to give her in this life and the next…and that is Justice.

  9. offthecuff
    Aug 14 2011

    Andrea, you sure did say it…sex sells.

    But there were so many other dimensions to this story such as what whistlersmother pointed out as far as the chronic lying, the oddity of the 31 days, sunshine laws, etc etc

    Never, never has there been a missing child with so many different, adorable pictures splashed everywhere.

    But what I think is central to the gravitation to this story (which encompasses the sex, the lies, the horror of the crime itself, the clues left behind) is that Casey is like the Freak at the side show at the circus…the person who swallows knives, or blows fire, or a woman with a beard, or six limbs. She is an incredible Freak: what she did, how she handled it, her lack of grief, her joy with freedom, etc. etc. Beyond belief. And the saga continues having been found not guilty. Beyond belief.

    You also stated you felt embarrassed for people who would do anything to get a ticket or get a glimpse of Casey. Yet, in a way, that is what us bloggers are all doing. We are obsessed with the life and times of Casey and cannot seem to let her go. I am embarrassed at myself for that.

  10. Aug 14 2011

    Oh my goodness! Heartbroke, I said the very same, and how sad that it takes the loss of a child’s life to make protecting our children a law! And, Offthecuff, gosh, you nailed it. It is human nature, but so hard to bridle the tongue!

  11. Faith
    Aug 15 2011

    Excellent article and comments as usual,and I agree with all.
    I was amazed,when I first saw started following this case,at the stupid lies KC told,going to college,having a job,lies that were so easily proved lies. I was amazed at the verdict also. KC lives in a fantasy world,which continued even in jail,when she wrote letters to another inmate,touring in an RV and adopting an Irish baby,becoming a lawyer? KC is probably still living in that world.
    The jury must have share that fantasy world. How could any reasonable person believe that any mother would NEVER report her child missing? How could any reasonable person believe there would be duct tape found ANYWHERE near the remains of a child? Then the mother and her family lie like rugs? Well it seems the jury didn’t consider anything,except how to fill out the forms,not guilty,so they could go home,on vacation or do whatever they felt they needed to.
    Ok I’m over that! Now I have a question. Would any of us want the life that KC now has? No family that truly cares about you? No friends,except those who want to make/take money from you?
    KC will never know true peace,contentment or love until she faces and repents of what,I believe,she did to Caylee?
    I saw this on the net,interesting.

    Money Isn’t Everything

    It can buy a Bed
    But not Sleep

    It can buy a Clock
    But not Time

    It can buy you a Book
    But not Knowledge

    It can buy you a Position
    But not Respect

    It can buy you Medicine
    But not Health

    It can buy you Blood
    But not Life

    It can buy you Sex
    But not Love

    So you see, money is not everything
    And it often causes pain and suffering

    • CptKD
      Aug 15 2011

      Beautifully said, Faith!

      It’s the ‘root of all evil’ from where I sit!

      And well, Murderer Anthony is just plain EVIL, in addition to that!

      So really – It don’t matter how rich, or broke she is…
      She’ll always be evil –
      Whether she profits from being so, or not – Evil is, as Evil does!

    • Aug 16 2011

      Faith, that is so lovely and so very true in every sense. Thank you for sharing.

      As for wondering who would want to be Casey Anthony? You are right, her her poor life is going to be hell. She may have all the money in the world, but she still has to live with herself. That’s a life sentence. She can’t hide forever, or can she? I hope she will find a way to go on with her life safely away from the wackadoodles that spew the hate.

  12. Aug 15 2011

    I don’t have an issue in regards to her being acquitted. It’s done and cannot change. I do take exception that it is taking this long for her to finish what was ordered for prior conviction. There are already bad vibes about the justice system but to cater to KC with special treatment will send even worse feelings towards the judicial process. If they let her serve parole in another state, that is helping her how? She needs to be held accountable like any other criminal, if not, her thought process will continue to be reinforced that there are no consequences for criminal activity. If her parents and friends never taught her that, the court was the last stop or we will likely see her reoffend in someway before long.

    • Aug 16 2011

      Hi Damagedpets…. Sometimes when a system, judicial or otherwise, tries to appear as if they are not doing Casey Anthony any favors by treating her as they would others, they end up looking as if they are giving her treatment that others would not have. I do feel as if Judge Perry has tried very diligently to not give her special treatment, but because the microscope is so closely focused on her, it makes it look like she’s benefiting in some way. The way the jail handled her release was certainly not how other inmates are released!

      I feel that sometimes they have to do things somewhat differently in this case to ensure her safety and the safety of the community.

      I agree with you that she should serve parole where the crime was committed, but it may be dangerous for her. If the court allows her to serve in another location, I would venture to say that it is because there is already a precedence allowing it…..I believe they allow this in cases where the former inmate is not in a position to serve the sentence locally… I’m not 100% certain, but I do believe that is the case….

  13. Aug 15 2011

    Well, I guess I will put my 2 cents worth in, after thinking about if I should or not.
    I believe Casey Anthony should do her Probation like it was originally ordered by Judge Strickland and then confirmed by Judge Perry.
    I do not understand why she is trying to get out of it, she got away with a Slap on the Wrist for the Check Fraud Charges as it is.
    If it would be any body else than Princess Casey A. there would be no Problem, but in her Case everything seems to be so special! Why?
    Most likely Orlando won’t be the only Place Casey A. has to look over her Shoulders, that’s just Reality.
    It is her own Doing why she in the Place she is in now, no one else is to blame for that.
    Yes she has a Right to live her Life the way she wants too, just like her Daughter Caylee had but we know Casey took that away from her.
    As for Casey having the Right to make Money even if it is because of her murdered Daughter, that also is true.
    At the same time I will do my Part to make sure I will not contribute in any Way for her to be able to make Money from the Death of her Daughter.
    I realize I might not even make a little Dent in the Scheme of Things but it is my Right to do so and it will make me feel better.
    I do wish the Media would stop the continues Coverage of this Saga, most of us are tired of it.
    Injustice has been done when it came to the Trial. I do respect our System at the same time every one here knows by now how I felt about the Jury and the Duty they had. I won’t repeat myself.
    As for me for Example wanting to have the same Justice as Casey got, well
    I would hope I never would put myself in that Situation begin with.
    Also I believe why that Case made so many Headlines and became so big is not just because of Casey’s Looks, more like because All the Lying and covering up and absolutely no Remorse from Casey A. about her only Daughters Demise, we All know the whole Story.
    No, I won’t let Anger eat me up over this Case, not healthy, at the same time
    I do realize when Injustice has been done and I can’t say I won’t have a Smile on my Face when I hear some day that Carma has caught up with Casey A. and All those People who had Part in the Injustice which has been served.
    Don’t worry Andrea, Casey most likely will get out of the Probation again one way or another if it is up to her Attorney’s, which obviously never leave her Site, therefore enabling her any way they can. What is their Gain in all of that, makes You wonder, doesn’t it? JMO

    • Aug 16 2011

      Hilde, as usual, you speak beautifully, truthfully, and from your heart of hearts…..

      • Hilde
        Aug 17 2011

        thanks Andrea 🙂

  14. Lona1
    Aug 16 2011

    If a politician can hold a rally with the phrase, “Lock and Load”, I am almost certain that an obsessed person will look for her and do her harm. It will be someone that can’t get over the autopsy photos of the Baby, or someone with mental issues….or someone that does not want her to profit. The hate on Facebook is real and she will never have a normal life again. Any money she will make will go to legal fees, perhaps drugs and other people. To me that is punishment enough because she will always be on ‘the run’.
    Justice was not served…the jurors were out to profit. She is not innocent and I hope she suffers greatly! She placed her daughter to rot in the swamp and I hope she goes to hell for that.

    • Aug 16 2011

      Hi Lona1 – I couldn’t agree with you more. The “lock and load” mentality is incredibly frightening – and there are thousands of people like that in our communities. I wish people would do something constructive and stop all the hate…. But, what you say is so true in every sense.


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