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August 17, 2011



by Andrea O'Connell

I hear the “Jaws” movie theme in my head as I write this.  Do you remember that threatening music?  Just before the shark is about to take a bite, that music plays and BAM! a poor swimmer gets gobbled up by the toothy monster-shark. oooooh!   The ocean scared me after I saw that movie!

The Great White Florida Bar, aka “JAWS” is hunting again!

Today, the Florida Bar reports it is investigating Jose Baez again!  This time the investigation is a result of Jose Baez, et al, not informing the Court of Casey Anthony serving probation while she was in jail.   (It is not known who filed this most recent Bar complaint.)

When the issue of probation was recently heard by Judge Belvin Perry, the defense claimed it was not its burden to inform the court of any error imposed by the Department of Corrections, or of the Court.  However, the defense KNEW there was an error, and ignored it.

This is akin to purposeful deception, I think.  Why are all lawyers associated with this defense team ethically challenged?

Judge Belvin Perry wrote a scathing response to Baez when he upheld Judge Stan Strickland’s order of probation.

In regards to the defense not informing the Court of the error, Perry wrote:

To additionally seek to use a scrivener’s error to achieve an end that was against the court’s intent, especially where both parties had argued the issue of when probation should commence, strikes at the very foundation of our justice system.

No attorney should conduct himself or herself in a way that impedes an order of the court. …Our system of justice should never be in the position of rewarding someone who willfully hides the ball.

I believe Judge Belvin Perry has had just about enough of this kind of bold disregard of the duties incumbent upon an officer of the court.

Jose Baez AND Perry Foghorn Leghorn Cheney Mason, too, crossed the edge of propriety on so many occasions before, during, and now after the trial.  Too many occasions to list.

Perry said:

The defense should not be able to claim that they are now harmed by having the Defendant serve probation at this time.

This would allow a defendant to take advantage of a scrivener’s error and be rewarded. This is not the message the courts want to send to the public or defendants.

In an interesting coincidence, the defense today entered an emergency motion to have the probation, scheduled to begin August 26th, vacated by a higher court.

I predict, while the motion is considered by the higher court, Casey Anthony will have to begin her probation. When the higher court considers the motion, it will deny it, I believe.

Unfortunately, I think Jose Baez will not even be slapped on the wrist by this most recent Bar complaint.  I hope I am wrong.

More news tomorrow….

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  1. Aug 17 2011

    I don’t bother to hope that Baez will be held accountable for anything unethical he’s done in this case. But one day he will have been so emboldened from “getting away with it” that he may make a huge slip up that will cost him dearly.

    I hear that the emergency motion was sent via email and that the appeals court will do nothing until they receive a written form of it. I guess Felon Anthony best get her rear in Orlando and start serving her probation.

  2. The comments above are right on. The FL Bar seems to look the other way with regard to Mr. Baez’s actions. However, there will be a day when he does something so blatant, that he will have to be properly disciplined. The more one gets away with, the more they push the limits.

  3. Aug 18 2011

    Good morning!! 😀

    Just my opinion, of course, but I don’t think the felon ever left FL. It was all a calculated ruse to create interest aka generate money.

    I also think Baez is learning a life lesson right now and has his hands full with a convict who wants to be free (prowling the streets as before)

  4. Aug 18 2011

    I don’t believe the bar will do anything to Baez either. And it’s sad because he is an officer of the court and he can get by with, oh ummmm “murder” ever if he didn’t do the dirty deed. I would believe that if one keeps getting complaints that they would do SOMETHING about it.

  5. Aug 18 2011

    (DUHNAT! DUHNAT! <- Andrea's musical entry, lol! smiling!) I was surprised to learn that this is Baez's sixth trip before the board, (Judge Strickland had filed one of them). You give a man enough rope, and he will, eventually, hang himself. Judge Perry's findings are legal, merely the legal noose needed for the Bar to hang tight. I am disappointed in Judge Perry for not legally addressing Fryer's statement concerning the honor, integrity and regard for Judge Strickland, that Fryer recklessly brought before the court in the hearing.

  6. Aug 18 2011

    Is there no end to Baez’s contempt for the law and Its judicial officers? I just read, in part, that Baez is also asking the 5th District of Appeals to strip Judge Perry of further jurisdiction in the case. ~simply & totally shocked.

  7. CptKD
    Aug 18 2011


    My favourite all time movie flick!!!!

    Let the ‘tune’ play on…
    And let “those” long overdue in “Pay-ing the Piper”, at long last be forced to start ‘paying up’!

    I won’t say more on that subject, as it only encourages a rise in blood pressure and accelerated heart-rate, and well, I’m trying to get BETTER… LOL!

    I do want to say on the flip side of all that, that I LOVE the new diggs!

    I love the dark colours, the contrasts, and the font, seems to bring it all together richly – Nice work, Andrea!

    Thanks for the change up – It’s quite refreshing actually!!!

    PS – I hope this is not filled with spelling errors, being that the bottom part of my post is STUCK behind my gravatar and my indentifying info!
    Ooops – Not sure what that’s all about, but it’s acting all wierd as I type also…. ????

  8. whistlersmother
    Aug 18 2011

    I’m with all, his character will eventually get him what he deserves. Nothing fazes me about him anymore-he will pay the piper eventually and I am sure it will not be pretty.


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