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August 22, 2011


go away irene, okay?

by Andrea O'Connell

So, Casey Anthony, I just read, has returned to Florida presumably to begin her probation?  That is wise since she certainly would not want to ignore that responsibility.

More importantly, for Florida, there is Irene.

Casey Anthony may be upstaged because Hurricane Irene may be heading to Florida, too.  Hopefully, the Irene story will trump the probation story.

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Will it miss us?

With regards to Irene, they say it is going to be a Category 3, with winds up to 115 mph.  It’s now a Category 2.  But, Category 3 is a bad storm – it could be devastating if or when it hits.

I own a first floor condo, and the smartest thing I ever did was to put the kind of storm shutters on that all you need to do is pull them together and snap them shut in the middle!  The rolling, pull-type shutters are on all the windows and my back door.   The shutters are supposed to stand up to the test of high winds….. I sure hope so!  I’ve never had to use them before.

We had a storm, in October 2006, called Wilma.  Some say it was a Category 1, others say it was a Category 2 when it hit us.

Whatever strength Wilma was, it blew off many roofs in many neighborhoods.  There are still people trying to put their lives back together as a result of the damage from Wilma.

When Wilma came, I took my dog and my cats and my computer and I high-tailed it over to my mom’s.  Wilma happened before I’d put the shutters on, and I didn’t want to be home alone if my windows were going to break!

The worst part of the aftermath of Wilma was the clean-up, and dealing with no electricity for over a week.

Fortunately, my home survived Wilma well.  The roof tiles blew off, and many trees fell, cracked and complained.  But, all in all, it was okay.

The roof was fixed, landscaping is back to being beautiful again, and all is well.  For now.

A Category 3 hit from Irene would be scary!  Say a prayer that she decides to miss Florida and the Carolina’s and winds up out to sea for good, will you?

Hurricanes are just plain scary!


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  1. Aug 22 2011

    Andrea~~I have been checking the projected path of Irene and if it holds on it’s present course, Florida may not be spared. Hurricane Juan did so much devastation to Nova Scotia. I was never so scared in my entire life from a storm. The we had Bill and Earl but they were not too bad. Hurricanes are so unpredictable so that is why I am keeping a watchful eye on it. I do hope it heads out to sea and not make it far enough north to reach us.

    • Aug 23 2011

      Hey Jonathon! Thanks so much,. I tell you what, it sure is scary when you are waiting and waiting for these things to hit. I will never forget when Andrew hit. It missed my area by only 50 miles, but tragically wiped out a lot of Miami. I was scared to death…. I didn’t know you had Bill and Earl, too. Wow! Let’s hope you steer clear of the path too!

  2. colleen
    Aug 22 2011

    Andrea, I will keep my fingers crossed. Just get yourself prepared, water, batteries, etc. We had Bill hit last year, a cat.3 and it wasn’t so bad. It is the waiting that gets me, because you just don’t know what is going to happen, how bad it is going to be.

    • Aug 23 2011

      Hi Colleen! We are being spared, it seems, from this one! I absolutely agree – the waiting is not easy… and they can turn at the last minute, too. That’s what Andrew did when it hit – it was aiming for us, but shifted at the last minute on Miami. it was really awful…

  3. Aug 22 2011

    I will say prayers for you~

    Stay safe, dearheart! 😉

    • Aug 23 2011

      Thanks, Sherry! All is well now that Irene is saying “goodnight” to us, but may bid some other area a most unwelcome morning…. 😦

  4. Hilde
    Aug 23 2011

    Andrea, You will be in my Thoughts and I will include You and Every One there in my Prayers, that You will be save and maybe the Hurricane will not come to Florida.
    I guess Casey A. came back to Florida and the Hurricane is not far behind her 😦
    I hope like You, just maybe Casey will take second when it comes to All the Media Coverage. She really is old News by now.
    Caylee didn’t get her Justice, so really what else is there to say.
    Meanwhile stay save Andrea, we will be following the Course of the Hurricane and thinking of You and Your Safety.

    • Aug 23 2011

      Thanks Hilde, that’s so kind of you. It seems your prayers already had some effect… Irene is blowing by us! Hurricane season is always nerve wracking….Thanks again, Hilde…. 🙂

  5. offthecuff
    Aug 23 2011

    Keep us posted on your area, as you are able.

    What category did you say Casey was?

    • Aug 23 2011

      Thanks OTCuff. We will be free from Irene’s wrath, it seems. As for Casey, well she’s in a Category all her own! LOL!

  6. Aug 23 2011

    Oh my! Is it that dreaded season again? (Andrea, you and your family are in my prayers, ever since when! smile!)

    • Aug 23 2011

      Yay! It seems as though Irene will miss Florida! Oh, but the poor people who will be in its path… I feel badly for them, and hope that it will miraculously turn out to sea and away from land.. It’s now back to a category 1 storm, but they it’s going to be a category 3 or 4 eventually, says the Hurricane Center.
      The eastern part of Florida, where I am, will only feel strong winds and rain. We can deal with that!

  7. Aug 23 2011
  8. Aug 23 2011

    Andrea, Smart move on the condo and it’s placement. I have family that lives near the eastern side in a 4,000 Sq.Ft. home
    that had to invest in a lot of plywood to protect everything. I have only heard the stories of what it is like. Pretty scary stuff! I’m in earthquake country but only comes every 10-20 years. Hopefully it runs up the eastern seaboard but over water….

    • Aug 23 2011

      Hey there… I’m on the eastern side, too. Ft. Lauderdale. Fortunately, Irene looks as if it just may pass us by and miss Fla completely. if we’re lucky, it will miss the entire eastern seaboard and dissolve.

      with luck, we’ll fly through the rest of this hurricane season with not a single story to tell!


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