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August 23, 2011


what if….

by Andrea O'Connell

We found out today that Casey Anthony’s appeal to stop her year-long probation, was denied.  The Higher Court said, no way Jose!

There was never a question in my mind that she would be able to get out of serving probation.   There was never a defense argument that made sense.  Her lawyers tried, but failed in their efforts to get the High Court to overturn the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court decision.

Judge Belvin Perry wrote a wonderfully researched decision when he denied Casey Anthony’s request to Quash Judge Strickland’s amended order for the one year of probation.   Here is a link to the document, if you haven’t read it. 

Probation will be a bumpy ride for Casey Anthony.

This will be an unpopular thing for me to say, but I am going to say it anyway!   I hope that Casey Anthony can be left alone to rehabilitate herself and find her way in the world. 

What if, with all the therapy and guidance that Jose Baez says she will need, in the future she does something great, contributing in a meaningful way to society?  Could we forgive her then?   It’s difficult to say for sure, but I would hope so.

We just don’t know what the future will hold.  What if Casey Anthony is someday in a position to save a child?

OJ Simpson never amounted to anything after his trial and verdict.  His spots never changed, and now he’s in prison where he was meant to be all along.  He never contributed to society one whit!   And, he was given the greatest gift of all, his freedom – he did nothing with it.  His crime was cold blooded and maniacal. It was blood sport to him.  It’s good to know he is out of society.

And then there is Casey Anthony. Granted, no one else could have possibly killed her daughter and toss her in the woods like yesterday’s garbage.  She was responsible, I have no doubt.  However, she had her moment in court was found Not Guilty.

Unfortunately for Casey, the real and hard core jury: Society, will make things very difficult for Casey when she is serving probation.   (Can we say a little prayer that no one gets hurt, not even Casey?)

Maybe, if she gets the help she needs, she will do something in her life that will make a positive impact on society.  She’s very bright. Maybe one day things will turn around for the better for her.

Granted, nothing is ever as rosy as I like to imagine, or dream them to be.  Casey could end up like OJ, right back in jail.  If that happens, so be it, it will be all the more deserved.  But, I hope that is not the case.  One more criminal is one more too many.

For once, I agree with Jose Baez, who recently said, “It’s time for everyone to move on and let everyone who is involved in this case move on and live their life.”

I won’t try to kid myself, or kid you into believing that the media will all of a sudden stop following every morsel of news about Casey Anthony!  That’s not going to happen!  This is big business for the media now.  If the audience wants news, the media will deliver – no doubt about it.

Maybe the news will slow down a bit?  Hah!  Not very likely!

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  1. Aug 24 2011

    “I hope that Casey Anthony can be left alone to rehabilitate herself and find her way in the world.”
    As much as it pains me I have to agree with your thought. I honestly think she will make another mistake because of the way she thought 3 years ago and will have to have the right doctors and a lot of time to become responsible, if possible. She has not been held accountable her entire life so I wouldn’t think things will change quickly for her. Having visited too many sites this evening, I wish people would back off. I don’t care what side of the fence people sit on, the more they blab about it the more fuel they promote this case to stay in the news. When the trial ended I slowed way down and started to research other cases going on. It was a good thing because quite a few people were way too obsessed about Casey and for all the wrong reasons. I was checking in on the news sites to find out the outcome of the appeal for probation and was not surprised to see that Judges Perry and Strickland’s previous rulings were upheld! I believe them to be good judges in the wake of the constitution and laws that are torn apart on a daily basis.
    Quick story before you allow me to rant further: I have been enlightened growing up with stories from my Mother who was a war bride, WWII, from Italy. Another source has been several hundred people I have employed over the 30+ years of being in business that, about 10-15%, came from other countries. The majority, extremely proud, hard working and very thankful. Latino, Russian, Eastern Block, Chinese and a few other places. They all have a common dream that my Mother drummed into us growing up. Freedom and opportunity in The United States of America! The problem stated over and over…….we, the majority of us born here, take for granted what we have in this country. These people humble me because they would gladly kiss the ground we walk on compared to where they came from!
    Some of the stories made me very emotional not to mention thoughts of shame because I have had a good life…yet have found myself in the same merry-go-round of complaining about something in this country…..Hanky Please! Long way to make a point and feel the need for stories in hopes that I might get someone else to think of their surrounding.
    Back to reading the news I went to WFTV, WESH, Clickorlando and the OS for starts. I might read a few comments but try to distance myself or it will make me crazy. So today I decided to go crazy! The amount of people spewing hatred has really gotten out of hand and if that’s not enough they bait each other to see who can get the biggest rise out of someone. I am guessing that about 95% of those people hate Casey with a passion which leads 5% to get hammered on. The funny thing is that they come back to get hammered on. The one thing I can say about the above mentioned….you really have to go out of your way to be banned on those blogs. I have had one(only) problem blogging that happened at the MD site 3 years ago. I was run off by a few of his trusted commenters that were very foul, mean and down right nasty because I wouldn’t kiss their proverbial behind. Actually one of them I befriended and helped out of a jam at the OS when they were being attacked mercilessly. That’s when I first learned about him. It was not long before I found out that people were running good people off his site and didn’t much care to stop it. These few single handily helped to instigate others to open hate sites. Oh well I got over it but still refuse to be run over by people because they feel like they might be replaced as teachers pet…..these are grown people I’m talking about. Now we get to the private blogs and their owners. I love to read Val @ Hinky. She is extremely intelligent and researches mountains of info to write an article. I don’t think I have seen a bad side to Val. Class act and not afraid to kick someone out after great links of reasoning with them. I like coming her to read because I feel we have something in common as far as wanting to get our points across, doing it with out foul language and above all I find you very fair. You have yet to succumb to being the little god blog owner. You treat like you want to be treated. I not finished but have over stayed my welcome once again by using your space. I have stories of other websites having to do with this case in hopes that shared information will help those understand a little more into the blogosphere. I really would like to continue another day but with brutal honesty, not complaints but what has transpired with a few sites that actually stock movement of people that comment and then use it for leverage. That is of course if you will allow me to continue the story.

    My wife would love you because you allow me to express myself and hopefully in a positive manner because she is tired of listening this week already….ha….ha. Thank you ever so much Andrea for sharing and kindness to this wayward blogger..

    • Aug 24 2011

      DamagdPets. I am so grateful to you and would be DELIGHTED if you would finish the story!

      I love reading them so much, so do other bloggers, as evidenced by the nice comments they left you. 🙂

      I will be back to comment further, but I must sign out for a bit…. I just broke down and bought a new computer! Yeeeee! So, here goes – I’m going to see if I can put it together tonight!

      Hello everyone – I’ll be back later, maybe, if not, tomorrow night!

  2. offthecuff
    Aug 24 2011

    With more maturity and hindsight, it would be good for Casey to move on. Perhaps with more accountability and guidance, her deep-seeded, seemingly careless thievery, lying, and self-absorption can be manipulated into something more positive. That is more support than most people get to change their lives, especially those who don’t think they need help. Caylee’s death was the outworking of all her other self-imposed problems.

    But I don’t know if Casey can move on if she doesn’t have to face the truth of what happened. All of her support so far has coddled her innocence. Maybe she can simply move on from here with the right mentor.

    I think she should also change her name, etc.

  3. Aug 24 2011

    Andrea, reluctantly, I am in agreement. Casey owes a hugh debt to society, to herself, even. She needs this chance to make a difference in her life. She will need a support system and a safety net, as the average kid making it on their own. So, double that because she’s Casey. The thing that gets me is she spent 3 years behind bars, and did nothing to improve herself. I would think, DOC would have, at the very least, made her accomplish a G.E.D. as a means of rehabilitation, and satisfy a requirement of her Probation. ~Damagd Pets, again, I find myself fasinated to learn more of your experiences, if you will, please, Sir.

  4. Aug 24 2011

    *Correction: *so called Probation*

  5. colleen
    Aug 24 2011

    Andrea, you are a kind person, a better person then myself. I don’t want Casey to have a smooth probabtion and life. I want her to have a bumpy ride. I want her to have a bumpy probation and a bumpy life. She does not deserve to sail through life. The media will continue because this case just seems to keep going. The trial ends, but..that is not the end of it, then there is the probabtion issue. It just does not seem to go away.

  6. Faith
    Aug 24 2011

    Dearest Andrea
    Another winner,this is really a great blog. I’m in complete agreement with you and the comments too. Now I’ll throw in my two cents.
    I’ll start by saying I don’t hate KC,the A’s or the defense team. I do hate the life and death choices KC has made to date. I do think the A’s are a disgrace as parents and grandparents. I have no sympathy for them as they try to appear as suffering,they have earned suffering by their behavior. The defense team is pretty much just a joke,but also a disgrace to the legal profession with their underhanded tricks.
    That being said,I personally think KC is lazy,three years in jail and she made no attempt to do anything of value for herself or anyone else. Rehabilitation takes work,KC would have to admit,to herself first,that she did in fact do something wrong. I just don’t see KC doing that. She did admit,on tape to lying,and now she says she didn’t?
    I have come to grips with the decision of the jury. I do
    hope no one hurts KC or anyone else involved in this mess. The best that could happen is people just forget about KC and if they see her just turn and walk away. It would be the worst possible punishment KC could get,until she gets in trouble again.
    Damagdpets your comments are always excellent. I too love Val@Hinky,it’s about the only other blog I read.

    • colleen
      Aug 24 2011

      Good comment Faith. I feel the same way, the Anthony;s are a disgrace.

  7. Aug 24 2011

    Andrea, You are a very kind Person.
    I always considered myself as compassionate when it comes to People, especially Children. It hurts me to see what is going on in this World and what kind of heinous Crimes are committed.
    It is no Wonder that there are so many Emotions came out in the Anthony Case, good and bad.
    Myself I watched the Case from Day One,for 3 Years. That is a long time for a Case to be in the Media on a daily Basis.
    I promised myself I will never follow a Case again that closely. It affected me in a Way, I really didn’t like, I got to involved emotionally.
    When the Verdict came in of NOT GUILTY, I was stunned and disappointed.
    You are right it is time to let it go. Justice has not been served for the Victim, an innocent Child, Caylee.
    Casey Anthony will have to live with what she has done to her Daughter.
    Whatever happens to Casey from now on is out of our Hands.
    She got another Chance in Life, more than what Caylee got.
    I do not wish her any Harm, two wrongs don’t make a Right. I do however wish, that she will always have to remember Caylee and her Involvement in what happened to her.
    Myself, I will do my Best to go on with my own Life and appreciate what I do have ,
    my Husband, two beautiful Sons and two precious Grand Children, I am truly blessed and last but not least our beautiful spoiled Dog Cosmo 🙂
    Life is good!

    • Faith
      Aug 24 2011

      You are indeed blessed,especially because you know you are. I too was stunned at the verdict. I simply couldn’t believe it. I agree with everything you’ve said except KC remembering Caylee and her involvement. I think KC forgot Caylee as soon as Caylee was tossed away like trash. I believe KC felt/feels it’s all about KC no one else is of any importance to her. That’s the reason I don’t believe there is any rehabilitation possible for KC.

  8. Aug 24 2011

    Andrea, you are a kind soul, and your thoughts reflect your gentleness. Although I agree with you, it is difficult for me to see Casey Anthony free to have choices in life. Caylee had no chance to grow up and have those same choices. I don’t believe a sociopath like Casey can change. Her behavior in the courtroom was so disturbing. People are born with physical disabilities, and they are born with all types of mental and moral disabilities. Her brain is missing the ability to have empathy for other human beings. She is morally challenged and no amount of therapy will help a sociopath like her change. At best fear of the law and prison will keep her from harming any one again.

    • Aug 28 2011

      Hi Rob! So sorry it has taken me until now to say hi! Sheesh, I’ve been busy. I agree – it does seem as if her brain is incapable of empathy. And in most cases, the brain and the heart are connected, allowing people the ability to feel the pain of another person. And, from all the interviews we’ve seen and heard of her, it is pretty evident that she is morally bankrupt. Caylee never had a chance.

  9. Aug 24 2011

    My dear friend Andrea,

    Again and again you show the world your true spirit. Your kindness is soothing to me. I enjoy reading and being able to comment here.

    I have to move on because it is the way of the world. Casey however, is doomed to live in her deeds for her entire life. I don’t want to see her or her family harmed but I do feel as though they are perpetuating anger by constantly seeking attention. I know some would say that Casey isn’t seeking it but I have to beg to differ. Her attorney is in the news almost daily, seeking attention or forgiveness or something for her. His claims of her being in danger are hypocritical at the very least. He brought this case into the view of the world and continued to do so for the entire duration. If she is in danger I say it is his fault.

    As for Casey moving on, becoming something – I have to be the naysayer. The foundation of her life has been laid. She has been enabled her entire life. Maybe if she joins a convent ….

    • offthecuff
      Aug 24 2011

      Kim, you are on to something. A convent. That should be pretty safe. Think of that therapy. Think of all the goo PR. Baez and folks would be rid of her. She’d also look pretty good in a habit.

      • Aug 25 2011

        A shroud would be preferable

      • Aug 28 2011

        Good one, Kimi

    • Aug 28 2011

      Hi Kim, I agree, the attention seeking is fanning the flames, and yet I don’t think the Anthony’s see it that way.

      Absolutely – Baez created this media monster, I totally agree. It used to infuriate me when he’d cry about the media attention in front of Judge Perry or Judge Strickland! That takes such gall.

      One of the greatest lines of this entire trial, aka, from the perspective of the defense debauchery, was when Judge Strickland wrote, in his recusal order, “The irony is rich, indeed.”

  10. Oct 16 2011

    I do not agree, at all. What Casey got away with is nothing short of murder! Now, there is a little baby girl, missing, and the mother is being looked at as the guilty party.

    Did nobody learn anything from the Casey Anthony debacle? If we fail to prosecute the guilty parties, for their crimes, then we are putting forth a blueprint for other people, who want to be rid of their children, and responsibilities, to follow! It’s apparent that with the above child missing, and the other woman who tried to emulate Casey, by alleging a kidnapping in a park at night, wherein the child’s body was found by the roadside, we are saying that we don’t care.

    Casey does not deserve forgiveness. I don’t care is she every get’s herself straightened out, or not. She allowed Caley to die. And whether or not she directly contributed to Caley’s demise, is not the point. We, as a society, cannot allow this to stand!

    I get the whole ‘forgiveness’ thing. It is the Christian thing to do, but even Christian’s have to draw the line somewhere. I am one, and I have drawn it here. How can anybody say that she acquitted, when I believe the jury was totally incapable of understanding the charges, let alone qualified to hand down a verdict. I.Q. tests should, evidently, be given to prospective jurors, in my opinion. Plus, why did Judge Perry not nullify the jury, when the failed to deliberate the remaining charges, in regard to child abuse/neglect? Under our laws, he had every legal authority, and right, to nullify the jury’s verdict, at that point (rendering of same), and state that he would hand down his own verdict.

    Judge Perry failed the state, and Baez is a bozo, who got lucky. I am shocked that anybody thought that was justice! That was a kangaroo court!!! A three-ring-circus!

    I will tell you this. The general public hates Casey Anthony, as well as the jurors. We hate that an innocent little girl was murdered by her mother. Our children need protecting, and legally, we as parents, or guardians, are required, under the law, to provide it, or go to jail, or worse. The law was disregarded, and the murderer walked! This was not justice!!!

    However, from this point forward, I do not owe Casey, or her family forgiveness,…none of us does. She is a big girl, and she has to learn to deal with her problems. Not try to obfuscate, like CIndy taught her. Again, did we learn nothing from that poor child’s sacrifice?

    Nobody will be able to use Casey Anthony’s case, or fairytale scenario today, and get away with murder! Not if we are decent, good citizens! If this type of heinous, egregious behavior is to be considered our new norm,…we are all dead! Nobody is safe! Our children will become even greater targets than they are!!!

    Karma baby,…I hope it bites Casey and her mom, and bites hard, and deep! There will never be any forgiveness for Casey or Cindy. They did what they did. They are not mentally ill, or physically disabled. We should be careful when we pervert the law! In the law, under our legal system, there is no sliding scale for murder folks! Wake up and smell the stench, or live with it!!! DO NOT allow another parent to dispose of an unwanted child! There are alternatives,…adoption, custody with a grandparent….or,…you know what I am referring to. I don’t agree with the latter, and think birth control should be free to all. If you are capable of producing an child, you need to take responsibility not to have them, if you don’t want them. Casey had all of those choices, but chose to play Cindy, for money, housing, etc. Tell me this monster deserve forgiveness. NOT!

  11. Oct 16 2011

    Please forgive my misspellings in the above post. I wrote it without reviewing same, but I think the intent, and meaning are all still there. If you disagree, please post a response, but I will not suffer trolls, so if your intent is to say something salacious to get a reply,…in other words, post in a dishonest manner, I will not respond. I’ve had enough of the bleeding-hearts. If you don’t all see that this same exact thing could find itself on your doorstep,…then you are living in a dream, when in reality, it is a nightmare. People need to understand the law. It’s does not require a degree. Just use your God-given logic, and think! That’s it. Thank you.


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