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August 25, 2011


just whatever, probation, work and I QUIT! (not really)

by Andrea O'Connell

Tonight I need to scream!  Plug up your ears – here goes!   Yeeeeeeeeeooooowgrrrrrrrhmph!

I feel better now.

My life seems out of control these last couple of weeks – well, not really, but that’s the feeling I have.   I’m so busy at work and it’s getting to me.  I really really really really want to QUIT!  But, I can’t.  I won’t.

I can’t because that would be incredibly stupid and I’d regret it….  I know I’d really miss it, too.   My issue is, I’m stretched too thin.  I told my boss that if I ever tell her again that I feel like quitting, I’d stop what I’m doing and say the Serenity Prayer.  And, then things might be better and then maybe I could chill and not want to quit.

But, I can’t even remember the darn prayer!

“Give me the serenity to (something) the things I cannot change and  (something) when I know the difference?”   But, that’s not it, it sounds wrong.   I can’t think of how it goes, and I couldn’t remember it today either.

Google:  Serenity.

Here it is…. the part I need my lips to remember.

  God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

And it’s Thursday night and I completely forgot my favorite of all time TV show was on! Project Runway – I only missed the first ten or so minutes.  I saw Oliver fall and the running track. And, I saw enough of Bert, too.  I am beginning to hope he’s booted off soon.  He’s such a mean fart!   So, he’s got talent – you have to be a nice person, too!  Talent alone doesn’t do it!

And so, I had to watch Project Runway, which is why I am all over the place writing tonight – no coherent plan.  Just stream of consciousness writing tonight – I’m about to run out of time, too, because if I don’t go to sleep by 11:00 tonight, I will regret it.  Last night I was up until two!  Dumb!  That’s probably why I wanted to quit my job, come to think of it.

And, I read a little bit here and there about the probation issue today, and it infuriated me!   It was a really big deal, we learned today, that Casey Anthony has already checked in to her Probation Officer.  BOMBSHELL!  Casey checked in! Stop the presses!  Woo!  That was really news worthy.

And tonight I read that one of the local Orlando stations, Tony Pipitone of WKMG, is asking, “Why is Casey Anthony getting special treatment?”   That’s a brilliant question, isn’t it?

Tony, she is NOT getting special treatment!  She is being protected from the people who want to murder her!  A better question is, why are you giving her special treatment?  Could it be because your station wants to sell advertising?

 WKMG reporter, Tony Pipitone (who always seemed to be a fairly sane reporter), has gone off the deep end.  He wants the Court to 1) reveal who Casey’s Probation Officer is, 2) release the documents related to probation, 3) provide where she’s reporting for probation, and 4) what classes she’s taking.  (She’s taking online courses.)

First of all, if she’s enrolled in a college or university, information about her course work is off limits, protected by FERPA.

The Family Rights and Privacy Act – FERPA.  This law protects the information of any student taking college or university classes. Look up FERPA, Tony.

Enough is enough.  It’s over, she’s Not Guilty, said the jury.  Respect it and think about why YOU are treating Casey Anthony any differently?

When the media plays these sensational games, it’s no longer journalism (if it ever was journalism in the first place), it’s hype, pure hype that could literally endanger a life!

I don’t understand this continuing madness over anything “Casey Anthony!”

It’s time to move on.  It’s time to wish her well and let her go on her merry way.

I hope she is able to put the shattered pieces that are left of her life, back together and do something for herself.  Enjoy her family – move away, live life, enjoy her parents.

Life is too short to not be happy.

To Tony, and all the other drooling reporters, repeat after me:

“Have a good life, Casey!  Bye, bye.”

OMG – It’s 11:30!  Good night!

(Sorry for any typos, grammar fopaux’s, etc.)

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  1. Aug 26 2011

    First-I completely agree with you about that Bert! I was rooting for him at the beginning but now I want him off! And Anthony peeved me off but I missed what ruffled his feathers. Thanks to the hubs, I missed who got booted off. I’ll have to check the rerun of the show next week.

    No way am I ever going to respect the jury’s decision! They did not do their job and lawyers from both sides have commented on that fact since it was confessed by the first juror speaking to the media. Some left the verdict reading crying-that does not make for reasonable doubt! IMO. I do respect our legal system, though.

    Will I let it get to me? No. Justice delayed is not justice denied in my faith. It just won’t be in this life unless Offender Anthony repents and finds the Way, the Truth and the Life. That’s my prayer that she will.

    Unfortunately, there are nutballs out there. And, yes, Offender Anthony will be treated differently because of her hated status. Sure, it isn’t fair that sex offenders (who are very much so hated!) have to have their info publically available and Offender Anthony doesn’t. Still, of all the probationees, she is most hated. I hope the law is following up on those death threats! 😕

    BTW, speculation has it that she is at Sims private retreat for Buddhist meditation. I’m poohed so, if I remember, tomorrow i will post the link. Does Buddhism deal with a guilty conscience?

    • Aug 28 2011

      Hey Sherry – LOL! I remember we both liked Bert in the first show…Now we see his true colors, and he’s somewhat on the mean and selfish side, I think! LOL. Anthony was mean, too. Must they insist on being mean to each other? I imagine the “drama” is what the producers like – it gets tongues like ours wagging!

      Oh me, no way will I respect the CA jury decision either – it was wrong, they did not do their job, imo, but we have to accept it and move on. That’s what I mean – what I believe. Did you ever find that link about the Buddhist retreat?

      thanks, Sherry!

  2. Aug 26 2011

    I forgot to tell you to make sure you take care of you! do take a day of doing absolutely nothing pertaining to work including housework. Even horses are given a day off from the daily grind. Use the day, or part of it, for some spiritual rejuvenation.

  3. Aug 26 2011

    A day off doing NOTHING?!!!

    Is that even possible, Sherry? Where do I sign up?!!!!


    Seriously, though – Andrea, I know just how you feel! I love my job and the people I work with and what we do. However, being a care giver full time and working full time is grinding me down, especially since I have no vacation time until March 2012!!

    I am woman – so I will make it

    • Aug 28 2011

      Oh my, Kim – you have your hands full, more than I do, that’s for sure! The tough thing is to find space and time to care for “us”.

      I am going to take a week off in September. The really great thing about where I work, I get about five weeks of vacation, and because the university is closed Dec. 24 to Jan 1, I get that time off, too!

  4. Aug 26 2011

    Andrea, that almost sounded like Patchabelle, when I’ve accidently stepped on her tail, lol! A good book and/or great music, hot bubble bath, scented candles works most of the time for me. Then there are those days where taking my shoes off and walking through soft grass helps me reconnect with my senses. Take the time you need, Andrea you’ve done an awesome “joblog” here! ~ “Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as real strength.” ~Ralph W. Sockman

    • Aug 28 2011

      Thank you, RahRah, for that lovely quote! And, I am treating myself well this weekend – did nothing but rest and catch up with life yesterday. Watched a movie, worked on my new computer, and got a good night’s sleep! Today (sunday) will be a good day – it already is a great day, except for hearing the news of all the people being hammered by Irene.

      Anyway, I’m going to see a show – a musical, this afternoon… That’s really my very favorite thing to do!

      I’ll be back later to write something or other! 🙂

  5. Aug 27 2011

    “BTW, speculation has it that she is at Sims private retreat for Buddhist meditation. I’m poohed so, if I remember, tomorrow i will post the link. Does Buddhism deal with a guilty conscience?”

    Because I practice Buddhism in my daily life as well as use it in my Reiki business. We live and let live. It is what it is. It only works if one practices what they learn. Some talk it but don’t walk it.

    In my personal opinion. Shame on Dorthy Sims for allowing herself to try to get a murderer off. That is not what Buddhism is all about. They are for truth and honesty. I never seen it during that trial from any of them.

    • Aug 28 2011

      Hi Shyloh, I wish the people who would harm Casey would do as Buddism teaches and live their lives, and let Casey get on with hers.

      I understand why Sims would want to help her, she became fond of her client. I think it’s in the DNA of Defense attorney’s to want to come to the aid of those who are maligned, and who were accused of a crime. I agree that truth and honesty were lacking in the way the Defense team put on their case – it was just disgusting, and is not at all what most Defense Attorneys do – though there will always be shysters among some – I believe (maybe I’m naïve) that most follow the law. Oy! The CA trial was one for the books!


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