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August 26, 2011


some really good news!

by Andrea O'Connell

It was nearly six weeks ago that I attended a YMCA Board Member Recruitment luncheon.  It was a neat experience, too.

A good friend of mine, a YMCA Board member, invited me to the recruitment luncheon because he knew I was looking for a program to make a difference in kids lives – to promote change, and give back to my community. 

After the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, I felt disappointed, frustrated, and defeated.  That soon changed, though, when I heard what former Orlando Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton had to say.

Jeff Ashton, the passionate Prosecutor in the Casey Anthony v. State trial, appeared on a few television programs to talk about the aftermath of the verdict.

Mr. Ashton talked about taking the anger you feel – a palpable anger was rising in the community – and turn it into action to support children in your community.

It was a perfect idea.   Doing something like this would be a healing and healthy way to diffuse the sense of defeat – turn it into positive energy and action for kids.

I decided right then that I was going to become a force for change for kids.

I emailed and called the “Big Brothers, Big Sisters” program in my area but, sadly,I learned they have more “bigs” than kids.  It is going to take a while to be matched with a kid.

And then, the next day, my buddy Ken invited me to the YMCA Luncheon, and…..

Today, I learned that they chose me for the Board! 

I’m the newest member of the Board!

I am going to put my heart and soul into this opportunity.  I want to make a difference for the kids – for the future, for my niece’s generation.

I will be an Advisory Board member of the Broward County Children’s Advocacy YMCA Family Center.  My first official Board meeting is September 22!

If you click on the YMCA Logo (above), it will take you to the website for the Broward County YMCA.

This will be a great activity to blog about, too!

Speaking of blogging….I broke down Wednesday and purchased a new PC.  And what a difference it makes!  It’s much easier to write when the PC doesn’t crash or freeze on me.

My old computer was loaded with VISTA.  I think I am one of the few people on the planet who liked VISTA!  I really did, but it was buggy, too.

This new PC is unbelievable!  It has Windows 7, and Office 2010.

It has a real good graphics card, 8 GB of memory, and one TB of space.  TB refers to Terabyte, that’s bigger than Gigabyte or GB.

I tell ya what, this PC is blazing fast!

Office 2010 is awesome!  And, I especially LOVE Windows Live, with SkyDrive. 

The university I work for is launching Windows Live with SkyDrive – known as Live@EDU, on Monday to the student population.   And, that’s part of the reason my week was so stressful – I had an incredibly short timeline to put together the training materials for the project, which I delivered today in two classroom sessions.   The trainings went very well, so all the stress paid off.

So, today was the end of a fabulous week!

Thank you, Jeff Ashton!

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  1. Aug 26 2011

    WooHoo! I love good news! You go, girl! 😉

    psst…maybe you could ask one of the kids to teach you to hulahoop when you make a visit to see how the programs are working.

    Looking forward to future articles on the kids and your adventure at the Y~

  2. colleen
    Aug 27 2011


  3. Aug 27 2011

    Congratulation Andrea!
    You will be a positive Influence working with that Program. They couldn’t have picked a better Person than You for the Job!
    I always knew whatever Your Goals are, You will be successful in reaching them, that’s just the kind of Person You are.
    Thanks for sharing this good News with us. God know, we needed to hear something positive.
    You are just such a busy Girl!
    I also believe the Casey Anthony Saga will turn out just the Way it is meant to be, we can take Comfort in that. JMO

    • Aug 27 2011

      Thanks so much, Hilde. I am certainly looking forward to this new adventure! I am anxious to see what projects I’ll be working on… I’ll fit it all in, somehow. I may have to slow down on writing once per day – that’s one of my stressors – writing a post everyday! I hate to give it up now…would love to make it to Jan. 1, 2012 with 365 posts!

      Thank you Colleen, Sherri, too! I will absolutely be blogging about this!

  4. Faith
    Aug 27 2011

    Dearest Andrea
    Congrats! I’m very happy for you,and know you will be a great asset to the Y. I’m glad you had a good day it sure makes the not so good ones easier to bear. I tell friends “at my age any day this side of the grass is a good day. Better looking down at it than up at it”.
    I ran errands yesterday had a mixup at the credit union,they put my money in some other persons account. I should have checked the receipt before I left but someone was behind me at the drive through so I left. Thank the Lord I discovered it and it was corrected right away. By that time I needed a manicure so now I have perfect fingers again. I was exhausted when I got home I hate this heat 95 and feels like 104, and bad me I ordered a pizza last night. Now I have pizzza for breakfast,lunch & dinner today.
    Have a wonderful week-end.

    Love n’ Stuff

    • Aug 27 2011

      Hi Faith! Thank you, dearest! You better keep on looking down at that grass!

      My Friday night was spent exactly as yours! When I got home from work last night, I could barely move and so Papa John’s took good care of me! I got a small pizza and some yummy honey chipolte wings, and a nice cold beer, and it made me perfectly happy! I have leftovers for lunch today, too! In fact, thinking about the left-overs sitting in my fridge is making me pretty hungry!

      So, I’m off to enjoy more of last night’s Papa John’s picnic – hope you enjoy yours, too! 🙂

  5. Aug 27 2011

    There are no coincidences in life, Andrea. Your honesty, hard work, and integrity for the truth and justice brought you to where are. Congratulations! You are awesome, and the board will know they found the best of the best. Well done, my friend! God speed for the desires of your heart!

    • Aug 28 2011

      RahRah, Such a lovely message… thank you for your continued support, friendship and kindness. Big hugs. 🙂


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