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August 28, 2011


prosecutor Jeff Ashton to pen a book; Dr. Phil dangles carrots

by Andrea O'Connell

The Washington Post is reporting that Jeff Ashton is in the process of writing a book about the Casey Anthony case.  According to the Post, the book, aptly titled “Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony,” is due out in November.

This is one book I will read.

I’ve included the Washington Post Story at the bottom of the page.

The Dr. Phil show is already marketing its interview with the Anthony’s.   The show is billed like its got something salacious to say:  Casey Anthony’s Parents Spill Death Secret on My Show!”    Can we believe Dr. Phil will get the Anthony’s to say what they did not say in court?  Anyone’s guess.  I don’t guess there will be much truth told.

The Dr. Phil video promo wants to persuade viewers that the Anthony’s are going to spill some major beans about who they believe killed Caylee.

Dr. Phil obviously thinks people are going to buy into this silly promotional nonsense.  It’s annoying.  When shows or networks try to hype something this way, I think it’s because the show will have little substance at all.

Other innuendos on the video promo have Dr. Phil advising Cindy Anthony that the country “…wants to shake you awake.”  Dr. Phil also says, “You know the truth, don’t you?”

With regards to the drowning story, Dr. Phil asks, “Do you buy it was an accidental drowning?”

The Anthony’s don’t talk in the promo piece.  Heck, they wouldn’t want to give anything away!  Franky, I sincerely doubt there will be very much truth told, nor anything shocking, but I will record the show.  So, if you don’t want to watch it, no worries, I’ll tell you everything!   I have included a link to the story with a video, but not the video itself, at the bottom of this page.

It’s really only about money now.  Maybe it always was.

One last bit of news…. The next hurricane will be named “Jose.”

That’s all we need!

The Washington Post article about the upcoming Jeff Ashton book, Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, is here

The story about the Dr. Phil Show is located here, on TMZ.

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  1. Aug 28 2011

    I don’t like Dr. Phil and I don’t like the Anthonys so I will not be watching the show. It will be interesting to see if you have anything worth writing about from it.

    I’m not sure if I’ll get Ashton’s book but I’m praying for the best for him on sales. Its only $14.95 in US currency so its very reasonably priced. i think he wants to get the story out more than get rich off of it.

    • Aug 28 2011

      I never liked Dr. Phil, either. Never have watched one of his shows in its entirety because he really gets on my nerves…not sure what it is about him, he just irritates me – always has!

      But, darn… I have to be honest and say I am curious and I will watch it. I’d be lying if I said I’d ignore it. It will probably just serve to make me mad, though! LOL! I hate those times when I want to throw something just because I don’t like what the TV has to say! (I don’t have a temper, but I get so mad I want throw something!)

      • Aug 28 2011

        I don’t like his demeanor. if I had someone talk down to me in the name of helping I’d punch them good! 😕

        I understand what you mean about wanting to throw something at the TV. Two words- Nerf. Balls. :mrgreen:

      • Aug 28 2011

        Yes – Nerf balls! Now that’s an idea! I nevah thunk of that! 🙂

        And, that’s what it is – he DOES talk down to folks; maybe it helps his ratings to make people look dumber than he.

      • Aug 28 2011

        Hmmm….maybe he needs to see a doctor? LOL!

    • Aug 29 2011

      Sherry, I agree with You, I believe Mr. Ashton just wants to get his Story out about the Trial and it isn’t so much about him getting rich from it.
      At least coming from him, we know it won’t be Fiction unlike some People we All know.

  2. colleen
    Aug 28 2011

    I cannot stand Dr.Phil either. That will be a double dose of annoying with the Anthonys on the show. I’m not sure if I can handle watching the show, i will be curious just not sure if i will watch it. Like when Baez is on tv, i cannot watch him, i do turn the channel. I will most likely buy Jeff Ashton’s book. Should be very interesting.

  3. Aug 29 2011

    Good for Mr. Ashton! I will read his Book,no Doubt about it. It is probably a Way for Mr.Ashton to put this whole Tragedy behind him and I believe it will help the People like us who wanted Justice for Caylee to also go forward with our Life, realizing like Mr. Ashton put it that Justice sometimes is Imperfect! I wish him Success with his Book.
    As for Dr, Phil, I really don’t care for him what I have seen of him.
    I never watched his Show and won’t start now.
    Dr. Phil can dangle All the Carrots in front of us, it will not convince me to watch that Interview with George and Cindy.
    None of them have anything to say which would be of any Interest to me.
    George and Cindy will as usually push their new Foundation and how they want to help bringing home the missing Children. I am not buying it!
    It’s just another Way for them to make Money without actually having to go to work.
    It is repulsive to People who earn their Money the honest Way by having actually a Job to see how the Anthony’s are making their Money.
    Myself I just wish the Anthony’s crawl back under a Rock where they came from and join their Daughter Casey in Hiding so we never have to hear from them again!
    I for one, like so many have enough of them and their Lies. JMO

  4. Aug 29 2011

    btw if George and Cindy really know what happened to their Grand Daughter than they should be ashamed by not telling the Truth when it counted, at the Trial!
    It doesn’t matter any more at this Point, what they have to say, it is too late, the Damage has been done!

  5. Faith
    Aug 29 2011

    Dearest Andrea
    Excellent article once again and I agree with all the comments also.
    I was wondering if anyone can tell me just what kind of Doctor Dr. Phil is? I don’t watch him and won’t can’t, stand the A’s either so I’ll just wait for your take on the show.
    I think Jeff Ashton is the “cats meow”. He has more class in his pinky than the entire defense team has in their whole body. I’ll definately read his book. Actually I think Jeff is the only one who could write one of any value,we pretty much saw all of KC played out over the last three years, so only a book by someone on the “inside”,who tells the truth,would interest me.
    Have a beautiful day!

  6. offthecuff
    Aug 29 2011

    You’re right, Hilde. There should be no secrets (truth) left. Maybe more details, or more remorse, or warnings or “lessons-learned” for other parents of adult children, but pleeeeeze no more excuses!

    Jeff Ashton can make big bucks off this book and fine with me. He would have a good perspective with his 30 years experience and he had to deal with those defense lawyers daily. I’ve read that defense strategies have changed with the times and that this defense used blogdom to monitor their effectiveness as well as the titillation of graphic molestation in the opening statements. I’m sure Ashton can delve into those aspects as well. It may shed some light on trends and destructive tendencies within our judicial system. Who knows

    However, above all, Aston will attempt to vindicate himself as one of the most adamant defenders of Caylee. He has received so much criticism for going for the DP, chloroform, and duct tape, and yet, just as Dr. G stated and Dr. Vass corroborated, the outrageous evidence was there. He saw the murder as the heinous crime that it was.

    • Aug 29 2011

      offthecuff, You said it well, Mr. Jeff Ashton saw the murder as the heinous crime that it was, therefore the Charges against the Perpetrator Casey Anthony were correct.

  7. Aug 29 2011

    Andrea, this be one of those times where I would respectfully disagree. 1st. Regardless of who, I cannot support anyone making money off this case. 2nd. Ashton & Burdick are directly responsible for the shorting comings on how they prosecuted the case in court. There was a lot more information the jury was not told. 3rd. Ashton makes in the high 5 figures if not 6 figures. If he was donating the proceeds I would reconsider.

    Dr Phil: The trailer played on TV is a typical cut and paste job to get the public to watch. Does anyone honestly believe that the good doctor would be able to squeeze information from G&C that they could be prosecuted for? Sorry, this is all about ratings and money. The public continues to seek answers and Casey is the main player that could answer without being tried again. Good luck with that.

    • Aug 29 2011

      Hi DP,
      It’s funny you mention donating proceedings from the book; I was wondering / hoping the same thing – that he would donate proceeds, especially if the $$ is not the motivator for him.

      As for the good doctor, I think it’s highly unlikely that he will have any luck getting anything out of the Anthony’s. It’s too bad the Anthony’s insist on putting themselves out in the public eye; it seems that each time they do, their credibility is driven further into the ground.

    • offthecuff
      Aug 29 2011

      Good points. Which information do you think was left out that would have clinched the prosecution’s case for the jury?

      Concerning Casey, what answers do you think the public are still seeking? Or, does the public just want a confession?

  8. Linda
    Aug 29 2011

    Hilde the Anthonys have no shame…… its always been about whats good for them. If I thought for one minute that they would tell the truth on Dr Phil then it wouldn;t bother me about them making money……but we all know thats not going to happen…… Their att. flew with them out to Texas to tape the show, so we know they won’t tell us anything new they could still be charged with lying to police if they change their story…He probably coach them good……. I don’t watch Dr Phil show anyway……. This might make you mad but I heard tonight on Dr Drew someone said they Ants were paid 1 Million $$$$$ for this interview.YIKES I think he is a hollywood reporter….. Andrea if thats true and they are a nonprofit do they have to pay taxes on this money? I guess this means George will finally have a steady paycheck…….. I hope he gambles it all away……LOL

  9. Aug 30 2011

    Andrea, Mr. Ashton’s book is on my list. Infact, I have preordered the book from Barnes & Nobel. At least it will be truthful, and honest. Any book by the Anthony family would nothing but lies. As for Dr. Phil, there is no way I will view the show. The Anthony’s had the opportunity during the investigation and trial to tell the truth. They will keep on lying until the end of time.

  10. Aug 30 2011

    The sad thing about the Anthony Case is not just that the Person who was responsible for Caylee’s Death is walking free but that other Cases similar to this Case are taking Pointers from it, meaning how to get away with Murder.
    There is a Case at this time, young Mother, Elizabeth Johnson, she was last seen with her little Infant Boy Gabriel back in 2009 on the Day after Christmas.
    She also has told different Stories to what happened to little Gabriel, who was 8 month old when he was last seen with his Mother.
    Elizabeth Johnson is in Jail at this time, her Attorney claiming she is incompetent to stand trial. Baby Gabriel still hasn’t been found. Elizabeth Johnson gave different Stories to what happened to Gabriel, none of them can be confirmed as of now.
    By following this Case You can see Similarities between the Anthony Case and Elizabeth Johnson Case.
    Sadly there will be more tragic Cases like that, trying to copy Casey Anthony Methods in Order to get away with the Crime. JMO
    Imperfect Justice indeed… JMO

  11. Aug 30 2011

    I too often wondered why some of the Evidence wasn’t brought in at the Anthony Trial, I thought it might would have made a Difference in the Outcome.
    I do know some Evidence was not aloud to come in although the Prosecution wanted it in, however I do believe the Prosecution had enough Evidence to get a Conviction. It is what it is, can’t be changed.
    I do look forward to read Mr. Ashton’s Book and maybe get more Insight from his Perspective.
    I also agree, No One needs to get rich of this Tragedy but in Reality it doesn’t work that Way. I rather see Mr. Ashton to be successful with his Book than any
    of the Anthony’s and their Gang.
    The right Thing would be for any Money gained from this Tragedy to donate it to a legitimate Organization which will help to fight Crime against Children/Adults.
    In a perfect World that is how it should be but we All know we don’t live in a perfect World. JMO

  12. offthecuff
    Aug 31 2011

    In my estimate, there was a lot of info left out of trial, legal reasons. In hindsight, however, it seems what would have helped the jury the most is an understanding of incriminating circumstantial evidence. The jury did not seem to have a handle on the fact that circumstantial evidence can spell out someone’s guilt. They read that evidence as not proof enough.

    However, even if the prosecutors “babied” them along further with this comprehension, they still seemed stuck, and I mean stuck, on George Anthony having a hand in the death. They were so blinded by the opening statements that they didn’t seem to pull in the scientific data presented to them.

    That is why when people criticize the state for not establishing their case well enough to the jury, I wonder, “What else could they have said or done to drastically, emphatically, intellectually change the way the jury was taking in this case?” Even if Ashton showed a video of Casey committing the crime, the jury would probably conclude that George or someone set her up due to the “video” the defense painted them.


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