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Anthony news – a few tidbits

So I thought I’d read up on what is happening with the coverage on the never-ending Casey Anthony & Company story.   There were, as usual, a few stories out there about what is  still going on in the aftermath of the trial.  Lately what has made news, is non-news, but that’s okay.  Inquiring minds want to know, right?!

One bit of news I was glad to read; Roy Kronk is suing the National Enquirer!  Kronk claims the tabloid reported that he is the one who could have murdered Caylee.  I would want to sue over that, too!

The weird thing about this news, Channel News 13 reports that Kronk is suing for “more” than $15,000.  Perhaps it’s a typo?  It hardly seems worth it to sue for $15,000!  The lawyer will cost that much.  And then I saw that the Orlando Sentinel  also reported on this story.  The Sentinel reports that the suit is for $15 million, which makes much more sense.

Roy Kronk, I wish you luck – you deserve it! (Will you give any of the award to your rotten son?)

In other Casey Anthony news,  there have hearings regarding the October deposition in the civil lawsuit (regarding Zenaida, aka the Nanny).

Casey’s attorney advises that she will plead the Fifth in the depo.   The reason?  Anthony is attempting to have the four charges of lying to law enforcement thrown out, and she does not want to say anything to compromise that appeal.   I sincerely doubt the four charges regarding lying to law enforcement will be thrown out.

There will be a lot of attention if a video-taping of the civil deposition of Casey is taken.   Of course, the plaintiff and her attorneys would like nothing better than to televise the deposition.  However, the judge already said the deposition will take place in a privately, thus keeping the media at bay.  I hope the media has to stay away, it would be best for everyone if that happens.

It’s best to keep the maddening crowds away from Casey Anthony.  There are too many nutty people who could do something violent.  I think a repeat of the media madness of the recent trial, would be a mistake.  The behavior pf some people – the wild fringe – is perverse.  So, I hope no one gives these people anything to hoot and holler about.

And…… That’s all the Anthony news I have.

I’m heading to dreamland……..zzzzzzzzz

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