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September 2, 2011


cute X two

by Andrea O'Connell

This video of twin babies talking and laughing with each other is wonderful!   Ellen DeGeneres added cute dialog to the second video.  I watched this first one over and over tonight – can’t get enough of how adorable these babies are – how cute they are as they communicate and laugh together.

Here’s The Ellen Show Translation (cute!)

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  1. Sep 2 2011

    I’ve seen these-Two cute, er, too cute! Being a twin I’ve had relatives tell us that we had a language all of our own before we learned to talk well. LOL! We knew what we were saying to each other!

  2. Sep 3 2011

    Really, Sherry? You’re a twin?! How wonderful and lucky you are! I remember as a very little kid thinking that I had a twin who was lost. I thought that my parents didn’t know my sister was out there in the world because I believed she must be! LOL! I was 5 or 6 and thought Stork’s brought babies!

    • Sep 3 2011


      My twin is a brother and there have been many a drawback-not from the twindom though, lol!


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