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September 4, 2011


Sour grapes, huh?

by Andrea O'Connell

After the recent hearing to decide the amount of money Casey Anthony will have to pay back to the State of Florida for the pointless search for her “missing”  daughter Caylee Anthony, attorney Cheney Mason claimed it was sour grapes resulting from the State losing the case.

Sour grapes, huh?

Casey Anthony, just like any other citizen, will have to pay the State of Florida back its investigative costs. (Note:  The costs are not related to the trial/prosecution of Casey Anthony.)

Sure, the State of Florida wants to recoup the nearly $517,000 they spent to investigate a “missing” child they later learned had “drowned”.

Yes, these are absolute costs that Casey Anthony rightfully owes for the hours and hours and weeks and weeks of law enforcement investigation that, of course, was all a ruse.  The costs cover the dates of the deception, which were July 15, 2008 until December 11, 2008, when Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains were found.

Lady Justice: Don't fool with me!

You defraud the public, you pay the public back.


End of story.

We will find out the amount that Casey Anthony will have to pay in about three weeks when Judge Perry submits an order with the amount due.

Now, about that sour taste in your mouth, Mr. Mason?   Just go ahead and gargle with strong mouthwash because I do believe your client may have to put up and shut up.  Only my opinion, of course.

Perhaps Mr. Jose  Baez neglected to consider the impacts his bold opening statement during the trial would have in the long run?

When Baez said, “Caylee was never missing, but drowned” and when his client was found  guilty of lying, cha-chings started adding up.  And well they should have.

Despite the jury finding Casey Anthony not guilty, she was found guilty of lying to law enforcement and will have to pay a hefty sum for those lies.

That will satisfy Lady Justice just fine.

To Mr. Cheney Mason

So your client was found not-guilty of Murder.  It is  no matter here.  Of significance now?  Her lying bilked thousands of dollars out of the Florida coffers.  Had she told investigators that Caylee “drowned” at the outset, the investigation costs would have totaled about six hours, according to witness Lt. Paul Zamboris.

Mr. Mason, as you well know, when people defraud the public and get caught, pay-back is a bitch.  Well, this is nothing new.  And, no one is singling our your “indigent” client! 

Are you living in the past?   You must still believe that your Southern Gentleman-like charm, and that  Old-Florida drawl you put on as thick as Aunt Jemima syrup on hot pancakes, will work in this case.   Ain’t gonna work.   But, heck, you can resort to name-calling and obscene hand gestures all you want, it ain’t gonna amount to a hill of full of beans.  Throwing sophomoric hissy-fits will not persuade the Honorable Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., either.

But, I do have advice, Mr. Mason.  Don’t continue with that mean and cantankerous Ole Florida Coot act.   It only makes you look like you’re eating the sour grapes.  And it’s unbecoming.   You won the war, and jolly good for you.   You may not win the battle, so prepare yourself.

Remember the Runaway Bride story and how that ended?

The Runaway Bride, Jennifer Wilbanks, was running away from her fiancée, John Mason, (whose name, coincidentally is Mason, though I know of no connection), and also had to pay a sum of money as restitution.

Runaway Bride, Jennifer Wilbanks / BBC photo

As a result of her fraud, the Runaway Bride plead guilty to, a felony.  She got two years of probation, and a bill for nearly $43,000.

That story was a media circus, too.  Jennifer Wilbanks, like Casey Anthony, defrauded the public and had to pay.

According to the BBC, Jennifer Wilbanks sold the media rights to her story to a New York City company for $500,000.  Wilbanks did not offer to repay the whole cost of the search for her, which totaled almost $43,000.  BBC, June 5, 200

I think the penniless Casey Anthony should start counting those pennies.

I don’t believe a plea of “sour grapes” will convince the court to let Casey Anthony off scot-free.

Um, I’m sure you know that, Mr. Mason.



Read Hal Boedeker story here.

BBC article:  Read here.

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  1. offthecuff
    Sep 4 2011

    Hopefully this will not only satisfy Lady Justice to any extent it can, but it will also be a deterrent to others (another purpose for justice) who want to play coy in life and death situations.

    I certainly would like to see a three-way repayment in that C & G “supported” their daughter’s lies and added some of their own all along the way. But that ain’t gonna happen, just like Baez is untouchable for his big contribution in the mess.

    • Sep 5 2011

      Hey Offthecuff…. I agree – the untouchables are wrapped in Teflon now. I wonder if Casey Anthony will ever see a big pay day? It’s possible no media outlet will touch her for fear of the back lash. It will be interesting to see how the passage of time treats this situation.

  2. Sep 4 2011

    Well said as only as a true Floridian taxpayer could say it. I like that you observed that Mason was acting as though he was eating those very same sour grapes! lol!

    Enjoy your Sunday!~

    • Sep 5 2011

      Hi Sherry! Yes, that’s what is so weird and confusing….he’s the one munching on those grapes now! Strange!

  3. Sep 4 2011

    Andrea, Mason is such a fool. He makes the most asinine comments. His client caused so much misery for so many people that the monetary costs to the state pale in comparison. Do not Mason, Baez and his felon client owe an apology to all the men and woman who searched for Caylee? They should agree to pay the state the money spent looking for Caylee, and disappear from the face of this planet. Casey, George, Cindy, and Baez all knew that Caylee was never missing. They knew Casey was responsible for her death…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    • Sep 5 2011

      Hey Rob, I couldn’t agree with you more. An apology would go a long way for this group – some people would appreciate their gesture, others may not. They are damned if they do, damned if they don’t! But, they put themselves in that position.

      I was talking to my brothers about this case, and my lawyer brother said that if this were any other case with a real criminal defense attorney who knew what he was doing, it would have been plead out.

      This case is an anomaly – the criminal justice system doesn’t always work like it did in the CA case.

      The fact remains, CA got a damn good trial, and the system worked in that sense.

  4. Sep 5 2011

    If there is a bad taste in one’s mouth from sour grapes….it may have been provided by the public out cry to network television and publishers that no way will Casey or the defense team will make money from the death of a little girl. It may not matter to Mason because he has earned some kind of living from being a defense attorney. Baez on the other hand may have considered KC to be a cash cow. I have to say that Mason makes me chuckle because he did win the case but then comes across as a sore winner!

    • Sep 5 2011

      LOL DP!!

      You said it! It’s IS as if he’s a sore winner!

      It’s really kind of funny when you think of it. It seems like he is either very insecure, or is just an angry & nasty man. But, he was right – he said he’d walk arm-in-arm with Casey when all was said and done – but I am also certain that he KNEW she was going to get convicted!

      He was like Robert Shapiro and Kardashian after the OJ verdict – stunned with that deer in the headlights look….

  5. Sep 5 2011

    hello all no one won thuis case we just had a a stupid jury that wanted to go home okay.from the first day jury selection bozo has paid someone for this dirty trick he has played.the verdict was not in the mix as we were thinking knowing actually that it was a MURDER does not matter what the jury think there could have been a lesser charge.for those of you that think caylee drowned thats not true eithier.the whole family knows and has known from the beginning even the dogs knew what happened trust me..hi sherry and andrea so sad we will never know what really happened .l will not buy books from no one other than jeff ashton my hero.everythinh else is a lie and she wont make money bozo can keep waiting wf wont get any money from no one period.she is a lyer,.one day wf will pay a price like oj did. watch and see.


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