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watching project runway

It happens every Thursday.   I sit down to write then remember that the show Project Runway is on!  I’m writing during commercials breaks but that doesn’t work and so I’m throwing in the towel on this one.  And, I like watching commercials!  Oy.

The designers on the show tonight have to work in two teams of five.  It’s interesting to see how they work – or don’t work – together.   It’s not easy for some people to be on a team and I think it’s because it’s difficult for some people who are high-performing perfectionists.

On a team, it’s about loosing individual attitudes and egos to focus on how individual strengths come together to support the end product.  When it works, it’s like an orchestra, in harmony – no discord.

Now, it’s back to Project Runway – some of the players have a few things to learn about teamwork!


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