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September 9, 2011


a seizure excuse?

by Andrea O'Connell

There have been a few purposeful “leaks” about George and Cindy Anthony’s appearance on an upcoming Dr. Phil Show.   By the way, the air date of the show has been moved from Monday, Sept. 12th to Tuesday, September 13.  And, there are two  segments – Tuesday & Wednesday of next week.

The leaks reported by TMZ have Cindy Anthony telling Dr. Phil that Caylee “drowned” because Casey was having a seizure while Caylee climbed into the pool.  Okay!

Granted, I don’t find this plausible.   But, then again, it doesn’t matter what I believe – if it makes Cindy feel better by believing this, so be it.   If believing this helps Cindy put one foot in front of the other and get through the day,  so be it.   The story is just too out there and simply lacks that ringing sound of truth.

The  real problem with this new story?  How is a person able to wrap a baby in duct tape and triple bag her while having, or recovering from, a seizure???  Or, am I missing something?

To tell you the truth, I always wondered about the seizure that Jesse Grund, Casey’s former fiancee, described to the Detectives on the case.  Could this be what made Casey change so drastically, as so many of her friends described?  (I don’t really think so, but I thought I’d mention it!)

Jesse described to Detective Yuri Mellich, that he saw Casey Anthony having what he called a Grand Mal Seizure.  According to Jesse, Casey was in bad shape, foaming at the mouth, unresponsive to any stimuli.

When the incident happened, Jesse immediately called 911.  Casey admitted into the hospital for testing, but tests were all negative.   There were no indications from the doctor that she’d be in danger of having more seizures.

George and Cindy never made too much about the seizure incident with Jesse, and they never discussed then what they now say were a few seizures.  Therefore,  it’s odd this is brought to light now.  Perhaps Cindy is trying to soften Casey’s image?  Maybe.  I think this excuse as a protective mechanism for Cindy – to maintain her sanity and avoid the devastating truth.

It could be that Cindy needs to place blame on something other than her daughter,  and the seizure story fits that bill (for her).   I hope Dr. Phil reminds her that this does not comport with Caylee being thrown away like garbage, in a swamp.  I hope he challenges her about that.

It doesn’t make sense that a person could have a seizure, come out of it, and then do something horrible to their own child.   I know people will blame “sleep-walking” for criminal behavior.  It’s been a defense in a couple of murder cases, but a seizure excuse?  Why wouldn’t Jose Baez grabbed this theory if there was any truth to it?

Cindy Anthony has experienced a hell that none of us can imagine or understand, and so I can almost forgive her for wanting to believe anything but the truth…….

If it brings Cindy a sense of peace to believe this, so be it.

Cindy and George Anthony have been through a hell on earth that not one of us could possibly comprehend.   They lived it.  God help them.

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  1. Sep 10 2011

    Well said.

    God help the Anthonys-amen to that because they are deluding themselves something terrible! 😕

  2. Njgirl713
    Sep 10 2011

    I’m a paramedic & I personally believe Casey Anthony “faked” her seizures. Especially because every single test was negative. Most people who really have multiple Grand Mals show some kind of abnormal brain activity…somewhere.
    I’ve seen people, mostly women too, fake seizure many times. And I strongly believe C.A. was one of them!

  3. Mindy
    Sep 10 2011

    No way will any kind of seizue cause someone to do this. It runs in my family, after a grand mal seizure you sleep. These people need serious help & not be on TV telling us what they think happened.

  4. colleen
    Sep 10 2011

    A good post Andrea! Cindy is just trying to make herself feel better, and probably is trying to soften Casey’s image. However, you reap what you sow. She raised Casey to be the person that she is.

  5. Sep 10 2011

    Great post Andrea, The Anthony’s need to stay out of the media. Cindy and George are profiting from going on Dr. Phil, and using their foundation as a front to make money. Cindy should keep her delusions to herself. Personally I believe they have lied from day one; why the police never charged them is a mystery to me. Who cleans a car and washes the clothes found in that vehicle ……when you know a crime has been committed? They confused everyone, including the jury. They are guilty of covering up a crime for their felon daughter.

  6. Sep 10 2011

    Lying and deceiving is an Anthony “normal” trait. But! Dr. Phil paid for this lie-what’s his problem? He has let this slide else he wouldn’t be padding the Scamthony fraudation after hearing such delusional crap. Maybe he shouldn’t be a doctor…

  7. offthecuff
    Sep 10 2011

    Maybe Cindy’s remarks were leaked to get more of an audience. Is this what she really said?

    my question is WHEN did she learn or determine that this seizure took place. Post trial perhaps? And how was this learned or determined? Does Cindy think George is still involved?

    All this doesn’t really matter. It still doesn’t answer all the questions or make sense. It actually makes everything worse because it would imply that Cindy and Casey knew about this condition but took no precautions with Caylee and they wasted much FL money on an accidental drowning/medical condition that could’ve been dealt with by August “08.

    Keep dangling those carrots!

    • Sep 11 2011

      It is a bogus claim. We all know it. If casey had seizures they would have manifested in jail. They didn’t

      • CptKD
        Sep 11 2011

        I agree – Stressful events such as JAIL, COURT, JURY SELECTION, and the actual TRIAL, would have definately made her more prone to seizures…

        She never had a one while in custody, or during the throes of any of the above events!

        I think that it speaks volumes to the lengths these fools will go, to try and have her suddenly declared a “NON-NURDERER”!

        Good luck is all I can say!


      • offthecuff
        Sep 12 2011

        “non-murderer” —lol. I’d love a dictionary/legal definition for that!

        Stressful events? jail, court, trial? Outside of perhaps her dilemma of how she’d wear her hair any particular day, I did not see Casey stressed!! Neither did the jailhouse monitors who considered her a model inmate (happy-go-lucky)

    • Sep 13 2011

      Cuff – this was no ACCIDENT. It was deliberate and we all know it now and since we heard the 31 days with NO REPORT to family or authorities. It doesn’t take a wizard to add those two items and come up with 2. The only tragedy is the hurried jury and the hurried choosing of one. That’s just as criminal as the deed itself.

  8. Faith
    Sep 10 2011

    Dearest Andrea
    This is another great post. However I respectfully disagree with C&G living a hell. I have absolutely no sympathy for them. They never ever showed any concern for Caylee in her very short life. They knew KC was a thief and a liar,yet chose to believe she had a job and a nanny. They werenn’t interested in having contact information on who was supposed to be caring for Caylee. Cindy especially didn’t want to upset KC.
    As to the seizures,just more lies from the A’s and I truly believe KC faked one with Jesse.
    JMHO but the Anthony’s are a disgrace as parents and grandparents and an affront to any and all missing children’s parents and grandparents.

    I believe scripture where it’s says you can judge a person by their works, as you judge a tree by it’s fruits,and what you sow,also shall you reap.

    Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matt.7:20 KJV

    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Gal 6:7 KJV

    I also believe this:

    To me belongeth vengeance and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste. Deut.32:35 KJV

    Hope your week-end is beautiful as well as restful.

    • Sep 13 2011

      Faith; Unfortunately, Caylee is gone, never to return, so as humans we need to learn lessons from this terrible tragedy. Never hide the truth from your children. Always treat them with respect but also discipline them in a way that they understand you deserve respect too. If we are the teachers to our youth, we need to set the example of honesty, morality and compassion. I think George and Cindy are trying to find out where they went wrong. After all, they DID NOT KILL Caylee, they were the victims of their daughter’s psychotic behaviour. We have not lived under their roof, but I’m sure there were a lot of mistakes that both Cindy and George would like to rectify if they could. Perhaps Lee and his wife to be will help heal some of the horrible memories left behind by Casey.

  9. offthecuff
    Sep 10 2011

    I think Andrea is trying to be compassionate for C&G in this bad situation, one which they are partially responsible for, and one they continue to feed off of.

    All of us are accountable for our deeds, but no one is good enough to meet the heavenly standard. That’s why we need Christ as our substitute.

    That is not to say that evil should go unattended or not called out for what it is.

    C&G have claimed to have this Christ. That means they have access to healing, hope, and truth. Their continued stances of deception and monetarily-driven grief in light of whom they claim allegiance to (Christ) are things I find most offensive.

    They have an opportunity to spread peace, hope, and healing while embracing the truth. They can openly ask for prayer, healing, and compassion for Casey while facing the truth of who she is and what she did, if they indeed want to soften her image.

    But I suppose this is not exactly what Dr. Phil is looking for.

    • Sep 10 2011

      Nicely said, Faith and offthecuff!~

      I keep them in my prayers that they will come to know the true God, the true Christ, who can set them free from the bondage of their deception.

  10. Sep 12 2011

    My best girlfriend has seizures almost daily, even on a high dosage of anti seizure meds. There would have been medical records to prove or disprove of this condition. You can’t tell me she had a grand mal seizure and noone called for medical assistance. The first one would have scared her and them. This is just a bunch of b.s. Lie upon lie is the only thing that Casey does well, because her parents have taught her to do this from an infant’s age. As cute as Caylee was, I think she would have been given the same lessons. Lessons that would have only made her a walking image of Casey. George and Cindy as pathetic as they are, have a duty to come clean but THEY WON’T and they CAN’T!!!! ven though Casey has thrown them away like TRASH, it’s not in them to tell the truth – even for money and cars.

  11. dee
    Sep 12 2011


  12. Sep 13 2011

    Well, I just had the distinct pleasure of watching Dr. Phil in his question and answer session with George & Cindy. Well, nothing new really. It’s quite disturbing how Cindy can excuse everything away, and yet she blew the whistle on Casey for stealing and for missing Caylee. George answered the question delicately about Casey doing the unspeakable, because he just couldn’t say it out loud for fear of Cindy’s reprisal.
    Thank you Dr. Phil for asking the hard questions that everyone wanted answered. He is trying to find out the truth but I’m not certain it will ever come.

  13. la
    Sep 19 2011

    All liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire! Yes! Hell is a real place..whether you believe it or not!

    • Sep 19 2011

      Yup. That’s the thing about the Truth-our beliefs don’t alter it a smidgeon!

  14. la
    Sep 19 2011

    Can people with epilepsy sue Casy Anthony for her excusing remarks on television?
    How many people are going to mistrust other people with epilepsy?

    • Sep 19 2011

      None. I think people, sans the Pinellas 12/14/whatever, knows who the ones are to mistrust in this fiasco.


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