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September 10, 2011


Weekly Photo Challenge: Florida Bobcat

by Andrea O'Connell

I took the photo of this fine fellow – a Florida Bobcat – at Flamingo Gardens, in Davie, Florida.  All of the animals at Flamingo Gardens are being rehabilitated due to an injury they’d suffered in the wild.   However, I’m not sure why this regal guy needs to be rehabilitated.

Many times Flamingo Gardens rescue animals that had been pets, until they got too big or unruly to handle.  This creates a problem for the once domesticated, but born to be wild, animal. They lose the ability to act like a wild animal.    They they don’t know how to hunt for themselves and if left alone, could die in the wild.

There are two Bobcats on hand at Flamingo Gardens.  Their habitat is lush and green and there are plenty of trees for shade.  When it’s hot, they have a cave to cool off in, and a little pond to play and bathe in.  It’s quite the life they have!

It’s fun to see the two Bobcats play together; they are just like kids rough-housing together.  When the weather is cool, they are especially frisky!  It’s such a treat to see them.

This is my entry for the weekly photo challenge by WordPress.

Florida Bobcat

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  1. Sep 10 2011

    My late fiancee’s cousin had a mountain lion as a pet. They had to feed him vegetables and cooked meat. If he were to eat raw meat of any kind it would cause him to want to hunt down live animals. Well, they owned a bar and the big cat was the bouncer. (He was my foot massager because he purred all of the time-aaahhh…) Anyways, a drunk fed it raw meat knowing it would mean that the cat would have to be taken away for fear it could get loose and hurt or kill someone or some animal, like a pet. It was heartbreaking. I really wish that big cats were not allowed to be pets for anyone for any reason. Its not fair to them.

  2. Sep 12 2011

    He looks ferocious but I’m sure if he was held as a pet, he knows people and would not shy away from them. It’s a lovely shot Andrea. Thanks

  3. Mike
    Mar 11 2012

    That’s no bobcat…It’s his big brother, the Cougar.

  4. bwb
    Jan 4 2017

    That’s not a bobcat, it’s a panther/cougar/catamount/puma/mountain lion.


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