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September 13, 2011


da’ nile river

by Andrea O'Connell

I recorded the Dr. Phil interview with the Anthony’s today.  Anxious to see it, I sat on the couch to watch it and…. fell asleep about ten minutes into the show.

From what I saw, Cindy Anthony is still paddling down da’ Nile river.

Like her daughter insisted on the Nanny story with clenched jaw determination; Cindy has a strangle-hold on denial.

I heard more excuses than ever.  I truly believe that Cindy cannot live with the idea that her daughter is capable of murder.  Maybe she accepts the truth privately?  Otherwise how can she and George stay together given the fact they are on totally different wave lengths on this issue.   You would think there is incredible tension between the two.  That’s why I wonder if, privately Cindy knows what’s true, but publicly,  she must deny it to save face.

Cindy blamed seizures, postpartum schizophrenia, and a possible a brain tumor as excuses for Casey’s behavior.  I kid you not. She said brain tumor.

Of course, with all the excuses, she is also telling us that she knows Casey is responsible. If she believed Casey had no part in Caylee’s murder, there would be no need for excuses, right?

I wonder if it was Cindy who came up with the idea, when Casey was pregnant, that the bulge in Casey’s tummy was a tumor, not a pregnancy?   When Casey was appearing pregnant, her brother Rick said that Cindy said to him, and I paraphrase, “Casey is not pregnant. She’d have to have sex to be pregnant.”

Oh dear.

In the ten minutes of the interview that I was able to see, it seemed to me that George was more forthcoming with the truth- though he did side-step – he attempted to lay it out there.

George was also quite rigid, I thought.  Almost cold.

Cindy was pleasant, her blue eyes are lovely, but that constant deception that comes out when Cindy speaks, even though she repeats  phrases like: “To be honest,” or “honestly” or “truthfully,” she is not being honest.  She is saying what she wants to believe, nothing beyond her fairy tale idea of what occurred.

Maybe she needs da’ Nile river to maintain her sanity?

The second installation of the show is tomorrow.  I’ll try to watch both, but can’t promise I won’t fall asleep!

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  1. colleen
    Sep 14 2011

    Although, I certainly don’t support the Anthonys, however, I can understand where they are coming from, it would be terrible knowing that your child, or someone you love was some how responsible for the death of someone else and to make it even worse, someone you loved.

    The interview is basically the same old garbage. Really nothing new.

  2. Sep 14 2011

    Andrea, Cindy suffers from “cognitive dissonance”; she refuses to accept the obvious fact that Casey was responsible for Caylee’s death. If we do not want to see the truth, it is difficult to see it. For Cindy it is too upsetting to face reality. She distorts reality because she fears and needs Casey. Her emotions and neediness will not let her see the obvious. George knows the truth and still struggles to answer in a manner that is forthright. In addition, they are not covered by the double jeopardy rule. If they change their answers from what they said in court, they could face perjury charges.

  3. Sep 14 2011

    I got the feeling/impression (and I’ve had it previously, as well) that if George was not with Cindy, we’d be hearing a lot more from George. And that what we’d hear would be as close to the truth as it would ever get. It seemed to me as if George could easily spill his guts. It also seemed to me as if he wants to/needs to. But then, I’m not a body language expert. Heck, most times I’m not even good at just “reading” people!

    • Sep 14 2011

      I’ve had the same feeling. Hopefully, George will tell the honest-to-God’s truth.

      • Sep 14 2011


    • Sep 14 2011

      Obviously then his need to tell the truth is not stronger than his sad need to be taken care of

  4. Sep 14 2011

    Well said. I do believe Cindy knows privately that Casey murdered Caylee. I don’t think its that she can’t handle the truth of it so much as what it looks like to others and what she believes others think of her because of it. She is doing damage control for appearances’ sake.

    I like what you brought up:
    Of course, with all the excuses, she is also telling us that she knows Casey is responsible. If she believed Casey had no part in Caylee’s murder, there would be no need for excuses, right?
    That’s right.

    Good point about the perjury possibility, RobRob. I doubt we’d ever see that day even if Cindy were to dance naked singing and shouting about her lying. All across the state of Florida there are grandparents grieving the loss of grandchildren at their children’s hands and yet, these grandparents were and are treated with kid gloves.

    • Sep 14 2011


      I have always felt that Cindy’s behavior is because she can not tolerate other people thinking for even one second she didn’t raise a perfect family. Even now, with the entire world knowing her husband is a liar and cheat who gambles with family funds and is lazy to boot as well as her daughter is a sociopathic murderer she has to hold onto her ‘delusions’. (One can’t call them lies per Cindy – mis truths or half truths MAYBE)

  5. Sep 14 2011

    the best thing Cindy and George could be doing is keep their Mouth shut.
    Nothing but Lies and Excuses for their Daughter comes out anyway.
    We All have heard it before, the only thing different is they come out with more Lies and Excuses.
    Enough is enough, the Majority doesn’t believe their Stories anyway and the Rest of People who fall for their BS it’s their Right to do so, who really cares anymore.
    The only Reason C & G keep on reappearing in the Media is because of Money they get paid, they definitely are not doing it for free in spite of what Dr. Phil likes to make People believe.
    G & C will keep on doing what they are doing till the Money Trail will run dry and No One will pay Attention to them anymore till that time Both of them will be laughing all the Way to the Bank and live the good Life they became accustomed to.
    Shame on All those People who help those two to disrespect the Victim Caylee Marie in such a Manner.
    There are many legit Organizations which would really need the Donations
    ,Caylee’s Fund is NOT one of them! JMO

    • Sep 14 2011

      Well said, Hilde! {as usual, may I add~ 😉 }

  6. offthecuff
    Sep 14 2011

    From what I’ve read about the show, if the Doc had a laugh-track feed-in with each of Cindy’s comments, we’d have us a good comedy. If she stood up while speaking, she’s be a stand-up comedian. THAT is how crazy some of these comments sound. Dr. Phil should have some kind of big-bong to hit every time her excuses just DON’T ring true, sane, or even possible. As it stands now, she can say anything and not get CALLED on anything.

    • Sep 14 2011

      Now THAT I would watch!!!
      A laugh track!!! Brilliant!!

    • Sep 14 2011

      If I would have had a big bong I would have watched…. :mrgreen:

      • Sep 14 2011


        or gong?


      • Sep 14 2011

        Definately…bong! 😛

  7. Sep 14 2011

    The lying started right away when Dr Phil asked Cindy when she found out Casey was pregnant…..Cindy claimed she found out at 5 months when in all other interviews and in court it was 7 months. The interview slid down hill from there. I am not a body language expert but in watching the interview you will notice a few of the questions asked of Cindy, she looks down and avoids eye contact….Big Tell in the industry.

    I tried very hard to be objective but I have to relate one other thing. Several times the camera focused on Cindy and she had that patent pending Smart Ass Look on her face like the one from the Morgan & Morgan deposition. You know the look…it’s the one where she claimed to do her homework and knows more than anyone else. Sorry Andrea but I would give anything to slap that look off her face. Everytime they show up and speak they dig a deeper hole into a subject that should be left alone.

  8. Sep 14 2011

    Now for a comedic interlude…….The Nancy Grace Idiocy Syndrome. For the 3 years reading this case I have enjoyed the side splitting laughter of the people that watch Nancy Grace. Her viewership is just over 600K but the people that love to hate her claims all America watches. I have to admit that HLN gained a few million up and until the verdict was read. Today the counts are back to where they were. I tried to convince a few on another website to look up the info but nothing doing. They were adamant Nancy Grace will one day destroy the Earth! I stopped trying to convince but laugh more now. You have to admit that NG and JVM spin the tabloid side of visual media and there is a market for it. What I don’t get is why they continue to watch just to complain. It reminds me of a story told by a minister in church.

    ” My fellow worshippers we live in troubled times…why just the other day a young man brought me DVDs that had very graphic sexual content…. fellow parishoners this was the worst example of what society has become. I watched in Horror for 3 hours….twice.”

    • Sep 14 2011

      ROTFLMBO! Good one-and true.

      I watched the NG show when she was covering the case but now, its over. I don’t like her ‘tude, never have. I loved JVM when she first came on the scene but then she started screaming and brought out that gavel. It has to be a case I’m interested in in order to watch either of them, and even then its iffy.


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