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troubled times for the Anthony’s?

George and Cindy Anthony are no longer of one mind.   What the Dr. Phil interview of the Anthony’s has proved is, the jig is up.  George is no longer singing in Cindy’s choir.  He knows Casey was responsible, and he cannot fathom how he could have raised a monster capable of killing another human being.

Cindy and George Anthony have totally divergent beliefs with regards to what happened to Caylee.   Of significance is the fact that George Anthony is now telling more of the truth.  Perhaps the suffering he went though (the blame of abuse of Casey, and being complicit in the “accident”), has caused him to face the truth and now say publicly, “Yes, Casey did this.”

How George and Cindy manage to stay together is anyone’s guess.  I sense real trouble between them.

The camera repeatedly caught George glaring at Cindy with a clear look of contempt during both interviews.  He seemed to snarl at her.  The friction between them was quite clear.

George spoke about Casey’s culpability (he is no longer pretending to agree with Cindy); it was clear Cindy did not like what George was saying.

Cindy lives in an alternate reality.  In one of her most absurd statements she said, if Casey was found not guilty, it was a sign from God that Caylee died accidentallyCaylee would never want Casey to suffer or take the blame for something she didn’t do, Cindy said.

George, however, said if it had been an accident, why use duct tape, garbage bags, and a swamp as a grave?  George also said he thought Casey may have drugged Caylee in the past when she wanted to go out on the town.

I continue to believe that Cindy Anthony is in a very deep denial.  She cannot bring herself to accept that Casey had anything to do with the crime.

It’s possible the next thing we learn with regards to this family is to hear that Cindy and George are going their separate ways.

I don’t see how they will be able go on now that George is no longer drinking Cindy’s Koolaid.



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