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September 14, 2011


troubled times for the Anthony’s?

by Andrea O'Connell

George and Cindy Anthony are no longer of one mind.   What the Dr. Phil interview of the Anthony’s has proved is, the jig is up.  George is no longer singing in Cindy’s choir.  He knows Casey was responsible, and he cannot fathom how he could have raised a monster capable of killing another human being.

Cindy and George Anthony have totally divergent beliefs with regards to what happened to Caylee.   Of significance is the fact that George Anthony is now telling more of the truth.  Perhaps the suffering he went though (the blame of abuse of Casey, and being complicit in the “accident”), has caused him to face the truth and now say publicly, “Yes, Casey did this.”

How George and Cindy manage to stay together is anyone’s guess.  I sense real trouble between them.

The camera repeatedly caught George glaring at Cindy with a clear look of contempt during both interviews.  He seemed to snarl at her.  The friction between them was quite clear.

George spoke about Casey’s culpability (he is no longer pretending to agree with Cindy); it was clear Cindy did not like what George was saying.

Cindy lives in an alternate reality.  In one of her most absurd statements she said, if Casey was found not guilty, it was a sign from God that Caylee died accidentallyCaylee would never want Casey to suffer or take the blame for something she didn’t do, Cindy said.

George, however, said if it had been an accident, why use duct tape, garbage bags, and a swamp as a grave?  George also said he thought Casey may have drugged Caylee in the past when she wanted to go out on the town.

I continue to believe that Cindy Anthony is in a very deep denial.  She cannot bring herself to accept that Casey had anything to do with the crime.

It’s possible the next thing we learn with regards to this family is to hear that Cindy and George are going their separate ways.

I don’t see how they will be able go on now that George is no longer drinking Cindy’s Koolaid.



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  1. Sep 14 2011

    I read where a body language expert read into George’s body language that he may not be staying with Cindy much longer. She saw divorce language between them. Sorry, I have no link but it was in one of Hal Boedecker’s posts. I think Cindy was angered at what people were saying about the two of them and she is trying like hell to make them (those who remarked on their marriage in the negative) all out to be liars. Its not holding up from what many are seeing.

    Cindy lives in an alternate reality. In one of her most absurd statements she said, if Casey was found not guilty, it was a sign from God that Caylee died accidentally. Caylee would never want Casey to suffer or take the blame for something she didn’t do, Cindy said.

    I tell ya, this is what is called tempting God. When one does this it is a practice of divining-a search for an omen. This is a practice that should only be done when coming to a fork in the road, so to speak, when either way could be of God and have His blessing on it. This is not a sign from God that Casey is innocent or that it was an accident. Had there been no lying, no deception then I would be apt to agree with her. Cindy mentions God because she thinks that that will make her more credible. But her god is of her own image and not the true God.

    ‘nother great post, Andrea! Thanks for the show’s recap. Did you happen to hear if Cindy mentioned about why Casey was able to dump Caylee in the woods-something about the body not mattering…? Just curious as to what that was all about.

  2. Linda
    Sep 15 2011

    Hi Sherry and Andrea…… Cindy is a bigger nut case that I thought.. Cindy says her and Casey believe that when you die that the soul leaves the body right away, so what she said was it was JUST the shell of Caylee. In other words so what she was already DEAD…….And we wonder why Casey is nuts…….

    • Sep 15 2011


      Thanks, Linda.

      Isn’t that something? It’s been a human tradition since the begining of history to give a dead body a respectful burial or such as a particular culture does to honor the dead and here, all of this time, we’ve been doing it wrong according to the gospel of Cindy and Casey. And the tears that have been shed, even by Jesus at Lazarus’ tomb, was for nought. Everyone should have been going to the nearest hot spot to party instead. 😕

      I just feel so snarky tonight. ~

      • Sep 15 2011

        “And the tears that have been shed, even by Jesus at Lazarus’ tomb, was for nought. Everyone should have been going to the nearest hot spot to party instead”

        Ok – this is brilliant!

      • Sep 21 2011

        Yes i understand Sherry. Just imagine how George felt, walking out of that final interview!!!! Snarky would be very mild in comparison.

  3. Linda
    Sep 15 2011

    Andrea I think your right.. There is no doubt in my mind that Cindy wants Casey to come back home.. I can see Cindy throwing George out if thats what it takes..George said that Casey will never come back home as long as he’s there.
    Cindy aready KNOWS Casey will be back….Where is Casey going to go? She has no job, no money, no friends…….The dream team will get tired of flipping the bill for her… Casy will always be HATED…..
    Cindy KNOWS Casey killed Caylee but will Never admit it…….because it is a bad reflection on HER…….and she knows WHY too…….Cindy will NEVER take any blame just like HER Evil spawn……….. Cindy said she prayed for closure and when the pin heads set her free then God had given it to her…….Judge Strickland was on NG tonight and he said when he heard that he said.” I didn’t know God lived in Pinella County”. giggle

    • Sep 21 2011

      So now we get to read two books instead of just one penned by Cindy. George would be a lot better off if they did split. He can still pick up a younger woman and actually get a life. He’s terrified of Cindy going to the other side, actually accusing George of molestation. Wanna bet. Cindy would stoop that low to get back at George if he even thought of leaving. He’s in a tough spot.

  4. Linda
    Sep 15 2011

    Sherry that exactly what Casey did.. She went to a Hot Body party spot…….

  5. offthecuff
    Sep 15 2011

    I understand people watching Dr.Phil. They are looking and looking for resolve. Who knows but that someone will say something that works??

    But for me, I am in denial.
    I am in denial that Dr. Phil will make things all better and make sense.
    I am in denial of Cindy’s denial, even tho’ there are those to pat her hand.
    I am in denial that Casey is not guilty, even tho’ 12 of flesh and blood and MFM agree that Casey should be free.
    I am in denial that Baez is a good lawyer, even tho’ his pockets and new jobs are lined up.

    • Sep 15 2011

      hehehe @ MfM

      I think this is yet another ply between them to make money. They know controversy creates interests which generates cash flow.

      They will contradict each other until it is no longer lucrative. Then they will ‘be divorcing’ until that doesn’t pay any more either. hopefully by that time Casey will be back on the band wagon and she can generate family income

      that be so clever 😉

  6. Sep 15 2011

    I think it’s fair to say where Casey learned the art of manipulation. Cindy continues to put spin after spin on questions asked before. Nothing new in the Dr Phil interview other than he is enjoying the ratings they thought they would get. I admit that I contributed to the ratings out of curiosity but get mad at myself thinking there might be a new tidbit. Cindy’s denial is beyond denial to the point she will need help the rest of her life. I don’t see them splitting up because they are both so greedy. The longer they stay together the longer they can milk the story. Them being at odds over what they think just makes people sit a little closer to the end of the chair. What respect I had for Dr Phil is pretty much gone now. It would have been more appropriate for the Anthony’s to be on Jerry Springer…..if the shoe fits……

    I loved the way Dr Phil said he wouldn’t do an interview with Casey. Like he had a shot! He did OK though by getting two supporting actors, I mean liars, from the same movie.

  7. Faith
    Sep 15 2011

    Dearest Andrea
    You have such a good heart,and I appreciate that,however I do disagree with you on what Cindy is in denial about. Cindy from the very beginning has tried to give people the impression of a perfect American family,loving and kind. The truth being the exact opposite,a husband who cheats and works the system so he doesn’t have to work,a son with no ambition to even get a decent job,a daughter who lies and steals from family and friends to lazy to even finish school. I think C&G will stay married because the cost of divorce is not worth it to them. If they should split I’d be willing to bet there’s some slow witted,soft hearted woman who will take George in,of course she would have to be wealthy.
    All of the comments here are right on point and excellent.
    Have a beautiful day!

  8. Sep 15 2011

    there is nothing new about Cindy and George we haven’t heard before the Way I see it.
    Yes George believes Casey is responsible one way or another for what happened to Caylee, well it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure that one out!
    Whatever they are saying now, it’s too little too late. The Damage has been done and can’t be reversed.
    As for Cindy and George having most likely marital Problems, that doesn’t surprise me at all.
    They already had Problems before all this happened and this Tragedy didn’t help. Will they eventually split up, very possible but than again they might stay together just to enjoy the Money coming in from this Tragedy, all in the name of Caylee. After All, according to Cindy, Caylee went to Heaven as soon as she died.
    Caylee’s little Body dumped in the Woods was just a Shell, I guess that is how Cindy rationalizes how her beautiful Caylee was found.
    I do agree once You die, Your Soul leaves Your Body and all is left is a Shell of Your Body, at the same time in a civilized World in which we live in, we do give the deceased Person a respectful Burial and don’t just dispose of it triple bagged in Garbage Bags in the Swamp somewhere out in the Woods, besides it is also against the Law, I am sure Cindy even knows that.
    According to Cindy she was waiting for a Sign from God to see what should happen to Casey, when Casey was found not guilty, she took it as a Sign from God that Justice has been served for Caylee.
    Very delusional if You ask me but than again Cindy has an Explanation for just about everything.
    She can’t and won’t allow herself to accept that her own Daughter is responsible for her Grand Daughter Caylee’s Death.
    Cindy in my Opinion needs to realize it is NOT her Fault what Casey did to Caylee that fateful Day back in June of 2008. Casey made that Decision all on her own, no one else is to blame for that.
    Lots of People grow up in a very dysfunctional family, it is no Excuse to kill.

    • Sep 21 2011

      Hilde. Your last sentence is so right on. Cindy will never admit Casey’s guilt in Caylee’s death, never. It’s just not in her to admit she did something to her. IF she ever agreed with George, then they would have to grieve all over again in another form. I think she’s done with all of this and wants to just move on as if Casey will come home and she will make it up to her daughter what she feels guilty about in her rearing of Casey. Denial is her only refuge and here we all are condeming her behaviour. It’s Casey that should be blamed, just as you said.


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