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paying the piper

The Honorable Judge Belvin Perry today released his decision about the amount of money Casey Anthony should pay to reimburse law enforcement.

Casey Anthony is officially ordered to pay $97,000 in restitution to Orange County law enforcement agencies.

Judge Perry: Casey Anthony will repay $97,000!

The amount is less than the $500,000 that the State of Florida requested, but it will do.

It is only just that she covers a good part of the costs of what her lies cost the county to investigate Caylee’s “kidnapping” and disappearance.

This is a good and just ruling.

I heart Judge Perry!



a nice and random thursday

It’s Thursday night that means I’m glued to Project Runway!

After work tonight, I went to a chapter meeting of the South Florida Chapter of the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI).

It was absolutely wonderful because our guest speaker was Dr. Sivasailam Thiagarajan, fondly known in the Training and Performance Improvement industry as Thiagi.  He is a professor at Indiana University, author, and one of the world’s most celebrated and creative performance improvement guru’s.

He appeared at our dinner meeting via Skype and discussed how to successfully and strategically use Rapid Instructional Design techniques in the classroom.

What a dear, funny, and humble man.  He even made sure we got a copy of his recent book.

And so, my day ended in the best way, but it’s time to say good night…  Just as soon as Project Runway is over, of course!

So, goodnight all!

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