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September 15, 2011


paying the piper

by Andrea O'Connell

The Honorable Judge Belvin Perry today released his decision about the amount of money Casey Anthony should pay to reimburse law enforcement.

Casey Anthony is officially ordered to pay $97,000 in restitution to Orange County law enforcement agencies.

Judge Perry: Casey Anthony will repay $97,000!

The amount is less than the $500,000 that the State of Florida requested, but it will do.

It is only just that she covers a good part of the costs of what her lies cost the county to investigate Caylee’s “kidnapping” and disappearance.

This is a good and just ruling.

I heart Judge Perry!


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  1. Trubisha
    Sep 16 2011

    Wow, I wonder if Dr.Phil or The National Enquirer or the Anthony’s Charity will chip in to cover this cost for KC?

    • Sep 20 2011

      I wouldn’t doubt that Cindy would give Casey what ever money she needed. It’s so absurd.

  2. Lona1
    Sep 20 2011

    This comment should be framed and pasted.


    September 19, 2011 – 11:23 pm

    Cindy Anthony, I know you come on here to find the pulse of the people…..Well, here is my story & I’m sticking to it……My story is so much more beliveable than yours……You could not believe that Casey had written over 150 checks on your account…..but she did…..So you went to your bank & fixed it to where Casey had no access to your acct. any more… did……This was in March of 2008…….really pizzed Casey off, so here comes the stealing from friends, grandma & grandpa……she did…….Now we come to the net searches on how to kill, you were no longer a money tree for Casey…..When Casey no longer needs someone she gets rid of them…..makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, it should yours, you were supposed to be her first killing….you were…What to do? ….What to do?….So you go for a visit with your mental health expert,provided by Gentiva…….She tells you to make it clear to Casey that you will not put up with her lying, stealing,not taking the role of mother in rearing Caylee…..Here comes the straw that breaks the camel’s back,[ your own words]….Father’s day you & Caylee visit your dad…….your mom lets you know Casey has written cks.on your dad’s nursing home money……last straw….You & Casey have it out, Casey leaves with Caylee in a rage..,…sad so sad, but Casey really did hate you more than she loved baby Caylee…..she did…The only way she could hurt you was to kill Caylee……she did….here is where your guilt comes in…..the made up dates of the 8th & 9nh of June….You think now …I should have just let every thing stand….not said, or done anything….wrong… would happen anyway…..because Cindy, Casey did not need Caylee any longer….she was not a bargining chip any more….what Casey no longer needs she gets rid of…….she does….Your beautiful grandbaby is dead, your not so beautiful daughter murdered her…….you do know this ….because you cleaned up her decomposition fluids….remember Cindy?…..the smell you will always remember… are having a very long dance with the devil….Karma may take awhile, but it will come…all the blood money you are raking in will not bring you peace or happiness….being pure evil is not a mental illness……yes Cindy , your daughter is evil……

    • Sep 20 2011

      Wow…. Very sad, but sadly, very true. Thanks Lona1 for sharing this!


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