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September 21, 2011


a stay for Troy Davis’ execution is only temporary

by Andrea O'Connell

Supporters of Troy Davis, who was scheduled for execution this evening at 7:00pm, erupted in joy at the news that a stay had been granted at the eleventh hour for Troy.

Unfortunately, it is a temporary stay so the Supreme Court has an opportunity to review additional issues brought forth by Troy Davis’ defense attorneys

The “warrant” for Troy’s death is still valid until September 28, 2011.  Until then, there is still hope.

The torture of waiting to die

All in all, Troy has gotten a total of 4 stays since being on Death Row.  Three times before, Troy has had to ready himself emotionally and psychologically,  to die.

Ed Pilkington, writing for The Guardian, reflects upon what this “torture” does to a person in his article for The Guardian.  The article lists 10 reasons why Troy should not be executed, below is reason number ten:

Even if you set aside the issue of Davis’s innocence or guilt, the manner of his execution tonight is cruel and unnatural. If the execution goes ahead as expected, it would be the fourth scheduled execution date for this prisoner. In 2008 he was given a stay just 90 minutes before he was set to die. Experts in death row say such multiple experiences with imminent death is tantamount to torture.

ReadTroy Davis: 10 reasons why he should not be executed

Texas kills – again

Tonight, Texas murdered another prisoner.  It happened at 6:21 Texas time.  Lawrence Russell Brewer, 44, was on death row for the racially charged murder of James Byrd, Jr.

The murder of Mr. Byrd is so heinous that I don’t wish to discuss it.

Suffice it to say that someone like Lawrence Russell Brewer is no better than an animal – no, most animals behave better.  This murderer is the worst of the worst, but not worthy of state sponsored murder.

No one should be willfully executed – ever.   It is barbaric and the United States is, or should be, better than this.

Civil societies do not murder their people, therefore the US states that sponsor the death penalty are uncivilized, barbaric and clearly mad.

A comment left today by Colleen on another of my posts about the death penalty, reminded me that in order to put the practice of the death penalty into focus, you should consider this:  There are four other countries that impose the death penalty on its people:  Iran, Yeman, North Korea, and the United States.  That’s the company we keep.   Update: there are quite a few other countries that allow the death penalty.  According to Amnesty International, this list reflects areas where the death penalty is in place:   See

Those of us who want to act and change how laws are applied in this country need to speak out about it. Protest. Get involved. Stop the death penalty!  It has proved over and over again that it is NOT a deterrent for criminal behavior, and it costs millions of dollars to impose.  The costs are much extensive than keeping a prisoner locked up for life.

I joined the NAACP and Amnesty International because I am sick of allowing state governments to trample on our basic human rights.  I think now is the time to speak loud about the death penalty.

With every execution that is allowed to occur in our country, we chip away at the civil rights that others fought or died for.  Individuals such as  Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Rosa Parks, The Little Rock Nine, Thurgood Marshall, and the example of the famous case, Brown v. The Board of Education, must not be forgotten.   We are doomed to repeat history if the lessons from it are forgotten.

For those who cannot appreciate the struggle for equality that some groups face, I would say:  Who will stop that hate-train when your rights are trampled on?  Trouble for one is trouble for all when it comes to freedom, equality and choice.

Speak out!

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  1. Sep 21 2011

    WTH happened? 😥

    JACKSON, Ga. (AP) — Georgia executed Troy Davis on Wednesday night for the murder of an off-duty police officer, a crime he denied committing right to the end as supporters around the world mourned and declared that an innocent man was put to death.

    Defiant to the end, he told relatives of Mark MacPhail that his 1989 slaying was not his fault. “I did not have a gun,” he insisted.

    “For those about to take my life,” he told prison officials, “may God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls.”

    Davis was declared dead at 11:08. The lethal injection began about 15 minutes earlier, after the Supreme Court rejected an 11th-hour request for a stay.

    RIP, Troy Davis
    I will see you in our Father’s House in eternity~

    • Sep 22 2011

      President Barack Obama deflected calls for him to get involved.

      What a dirty damn shame…

  2. Sep 21 2011

    Just a note about being among countries that have the death penalty: we can also be among the countries that do not have it since there are more states who do not have it than those who do. The Federal Government has no say what the states do.

    • colleen
      Sep 22 2011

      Not true! More states have the death penalty than not.

      • Sep 22 2011

        Whaddya know! This is the second eye-opening revelation for me today~

        The first one was finding out how violent liberals really are and have been throughout their history~

        I believe Georgia best get rid of their Death Penalty punishment if they are going to be abusive with it. How clear the case was that this execution should never have happened and that’s even if he did pull the trigger and this was a ruse by his defense. The eyewitnesses changed their testimony, and the real shooter confessed to being the guilty one. That’s more than enough reason to have stopped it.

  3. Sep 22 2011

    “The state of Georgia is about to demonstrate why government can’t be trusted with the power over life and death,” she said.

  4. Sep 22 2011

    Unfortunately Troy Davis has lost his life this evening. I cannot imagine the feelings he felt as he waited for mercy. I have such mixed feelings about the death penalty. I believe that this case was not concrete, so there should have not been the ultimate judgement. But when you mention the other execution in Texas, I feel that guy deserved worse than the death penalty. What kind of person drags someone to their death? I cannot explain how I feel that the decision should be made about the death penalty, all I can say is that Troy Davis deserved better than this country gave him. He was poor,black and a thug…and in this country that means you get the ultimate.

  5. colleen
    Sep 22 2011

    Hi Andrea, what I was saying was that, of all the countries that have the DP, United States is in the top 4 for executions!

    • Sep 22 2011

      Oh dear God. US among top 4. Now that is really tragic. There are no words to express how sad I feel this morning – I feel ashamed of my own country. I hate that feeling.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. Sep 22 2011

    I don’t know if anyone watched CNN last night as events unfolded but…..
    the reference to “IT” was used instead of Troy’s name and “KILLED” not murdered was another acronym for what was the saddest scene in American History. Troy is now the poster boy for what will start a huge debate on Dealth Penalty in the U.S. It might very well take over the ever pressing issue of the deficit. Everyone of those people across the road, who came to support Troy’s effort to stay the execution, were civil while quietly praying for this unknown man on a guerny. Then in a thunderous display of power hungry police, 20 vehicles came rushing in with sirens blaring, lights spinning, to what….. save the prison from a brutal uprising? They looked foolish and if they were there to make a statement about the murdered policeman 20 years ago, then they did not succeed in either venue.
    So, if any of us thought Casey deserved the Death Penalty, this poor man had only eye witnesses who recanted their story. Wheeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww I sure am glad my country abolished DP years ago.

  7. colleen
    Sep 22 2011

    Execution is not justice. I won’t even get into the race issues!

    • Sep 22 2011

      I could not agree with you more,Colleen, execution is murder, plain and simple. I don’t like abortion but it is not murder. Women own their body and no government or man or woman should be permitted to tell a woman what to do with it. We are a people with a violent past when it comes to women and race and religion and it should chill every American to the bone.

      • Sep 23 2011

        I guess we best get rid of all the laws on the books then with that kind of logic. The old adage is that my fist belongs to me but that ownership ends at your nose…

        I have a comment in spam?

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