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September 24, 2011


weekly photo challenge: Fall

by Andrea O'Connell

It was the first day of fall, at about noon in South Florida, and the temperature dipped to a cool 84 degrees!  A cool front came in with the rain causing the temperature outside to dip from about 95 degrees to 84 degrees.  It was nice.  And for a minute it seemed as if Fall was on its way!

It was short-lived though.  About an hour later the temperature was back up to the mid 90’s.

My Fall in South Florida was nice while it lasted.

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  1. Sep 25 2011

    Hello Autumn!!! Here in the Willamette Valley, our late afternoons/evenings have been almost unbearably hot & humid. Sticky, suffocating humidity. Last night I took a much-needed break from kitten duty and went outdoors for some fresh air, since it had begun cooling down for the evening. I was happy and excited to see some dark clouds coming in from the southwest. Could it mean rain? (I’d missed the forecast) Woke up this morning to cool, fresh air. Took my dog out and found that it had rained!!! Yippee!! I do love the rain! My dog stepped gingerly onto the paved driveway, sniffing the wetness, as if she’d forgotton what rain is! I hope we get some more.

    • Sep 27 2011

      Oh, I sure hope you get some rain! We’ve had evening rains for the last couple of days. Last night, after a rain, my car reflected 77 degrees! I got home to find the temp to be just lovely and my dog sure enjoyed his walk in the cool air. Of course, this morning’s sun wiped out the cold as quick as can be – it was so bloody hot today! But, mom and I were inside shopping then dropping! We found bargains galore, too!

  2. Sep 25 2011

    We have remained steadily in the mid 90’s here in Houston for about 2 weeks now. I am not complaining (much) since the previous 3 months were steady at 105 +

    • Sep 27 2011

      Hey Kimmie! Oh, I know how horrible the heat can be in Texas… yuck!
      Fortunately, South Florida’s weather doesn’t get into the 100’s, but my car has registered that temperature before, thankfully that kind of heat doesn’t last for us. Whew – I couldn’t take it…

  3. Sep 26 2011

    Sometimes that may be all for now. It’s also still in the high 90’s in Houston. Every now and then there are signs of subtle changes but pretty much part of Summer is still holding on. I can’t wait to visit the Hill country at the peak of Autumn, I was told it can be as beautiful as the Fall changes as see in the colder states. Oh, well, for now I’ll content myself with a pumpkin flavored coffee. Wonderful story and photo.

    • Sep 27 2011

      Hello island traveler! Thank you for visiting! My mouth is watering (again), as a result of pumpkin pie coffee! Well, I’m really thinking of the pumpkin pie… I do envy you to be able to go to the hill country for Autumn! What heaven that must be! In the past i have celebrated Thanksgiving with my dear friends who have a home in the Poconos… Although it often snows then, I have seen the remnants of the rich fall colors…. We don’t have that in South Florida…. 😦

  4. Sep 26 2011

    Well like all of you the humidity has been somewhat strange this summer, but i have to admit now that Fall is here in eastern Canada (Ontario) it has started to cool down and become a beautiful Fall lovingly breezey warm day and night. I am in heaven. I don’t look forward to the freezing Winter but just the same, I love FALL….. it’s the best.

    • Sep 27 2011

      Oh how lovely for you! I have never been to Canada…I had a business trip to Toronto scheduled a few years back, but it was cancelled…. that was the closest I ever came to visiting Canada… One of these days, I’ll get there!

  5. Sep 28 2011

    Hi dear friend. If you ever do, you have a great spare (kingsize) bedroom, your own bathroom and sitting room. You can stay here and take the Go train, a 20 minute ride to downtown Toronto. We live in a lovely outskirted community of Pickering. Our backyard is like the country will tall pine trees and a river running below. You definately don’t want to have a car in Toronto. The traffic is terrible, parking is enormously expensive. It’s a great place to check out so come in early Summer onwards. If you wanted to really do it up, you can stay here and then do an overnight at a downtown hotel and have 2 glorious days to explore. There is plenty to do and see. It has a small New York flavour about it. We have different areas like Yorkville, where all the stars co habit during the Film Festival – held annualy in September. It is a shopping and luncheoning delight. We have a huge waterfront development, many tall buildings, the CN tower where you can have lunch or dinner at the top, as well as other high sky restaruants looking over Lake Ontario, lots of live theatre and 1,000’s of restaurants, clubs and bars. We have a Chinese community, St. Lawrence Market – a 2 story food building and many other ethnic areas – Greektown included. There is so much to do I can’t name it all. Come any time. We love the company.

    • Sep 29 2011

      Hi Weezie! Thank you so much for your loving and kind offer! If I do visit Toronto, I would love to take you up on that!! I didn’t realize you were close to Toronto! I understand there is good theatre in the city, too. I’ve also heard and read that it is a beautiful place to visit. You make it sound so appealing, too! I will do it one day, Weezie – I promise!

      • Sep 29 2011

        I really mean it too. It’s expensive to travel these days. So if you have a place to stay, it allows you to pay for other things like theatre, dinner, travelling to say Niagara Falls (1 1/2 hours west of Toronto). That’s pretty fun too. Anyway usually one likes to be given a breakfast so that’s on the house and then you are set for the day. I can help you a lot if and when you decide to come up here. It’s pretty amazing but you want to be here when the weather is good. Meaning forget Winter it’s the pits. Glad to hear you might do this. I may even come your way one day.

      • Sep 30 2011

        Thank you, Weezie! That is so nice of you, and I’d certainly love to visit Canada – especially Toronto for the culture especially.
        If you decide to visit Florida, you MUST let me know! The winter is a wonderful time to visit, too! 🙂

  6. Sep 30 2011

    Yes I love Florida. My parents had a home in Venice, south of Sarasota on a Golf course – THE OAKS, but sadly they are both in heaven and that dream vacation that we used to take is not here anymore. We used to see the circus in Sarasota, and of course walk the beaches in the area. They loved it so, and made many friends there during their winter stays. It’s a life that most people would love to have. I’m not quite in that financial category, but I would always think of Florida as a destination in the future. Oh, tired and going to bed. Yippeee hubby is going up north this weekend so I have the house to myself and am I ever looking forward to the freedom. I have many bulbs to plant and a few movies in my repetoire that need a viewing. ha ha. Take care till the weekend.


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