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September 27, 2011


random vacation stuff

by Andrea O'Connell

Vacation feels like what heaven must be made of.

I enjoy doing nothing so much as spreading out on the couch with my dog under one arm, and my Nook cradled in the other. That’s what I plan to do most of the day tomorrow, too.

I’m not one to spend much time in shopping malls, though some of them are fun to visit, malls are not my thing.  But, I do love to find bargains.  I have a friend who knows every thrift and consignment shop in Broward County, Florida, and I love tagging along with her to find treasures.

We have a Talbot’s clearance store nearby that has amazing bargains.  My Mom and I went there today, after I took her to the eye doctor and to Sears to get a new battery for her watch, we tackled Talbots.

And what bargains we got!  I purchased a lovely salmon colored light sweater that was originally $55.00, marked down twice, and then the cashier took 60 percent off, and the final price was $7.98!  I purchased two lovely sweaters and a blouse for less than forty dollars!

Mom did even better than me.  She got six items for less than fifty dollars!

Shopping is exhausting…. The best part of shopping is when it’s over.

I’m thinking of taking a little trip to Naples, which is on the other coast, or I may just enjoy my vacation at home!

Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane-Burdick Photo credit:

I finally caught up with the Casey Anthony case this evening.  I was curious to see what the news of late happened to be, and I saw some interesting tidbits that I will write about tomorrow, but there is one quick story to tell you…  Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton, it is rumored, is running for Orlando State Attorney!  Well, it’s still a rumor, but I kinda think it’s true.  And, what a great idea!  I hope he makes Linda Drane-Burdick his right hand person, what ever that role would be…. What a pair they’d be!

I would surely vote for him!

I found this picture on the WESH website – click on the picture above to read the accompanying story.

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  1. colleen
    Sep 28 2011

    HI Andrea, speaking of vacations….we are taking our kids (finally) to Orlando the last week of October to do the Disney and Universal thing. As a resident of Orlando anything else you would recommend doing, seeing, that isn’t a theme park??

    • Sep 29 2011

      Hi Collen! The last week of October is a perfect time to visit Orlando because (usually) the temps will hover in the 60 to 75 degree range during the day, cooler at night.

      I live in South Florida, about 4 hours south of Orlando… 🙂 I’m not very familiar with Orlando, other than the touristy theme-parks.

      That said, I bet your kids would enjoy seeing NASA. It’s not very far from Orlando, if memory serves me. I think NASA is maybe an hour drive (Southeast) from Orlando…

      Another thing that I love to do… head east an hour, or so, to St. Augustine. it’s an interesting and fun thing to do and so much to see. I believe it’s the oldest city in the nation, with so much history. It’s lovely.

      Now, if you head south to the Palm Beaches or Broward of Miami-Dade, I would point you to all kinds of fun things to do and see! 🙂

      • colleen
        Sep 29 2011

        Thank you so much for your recommendations. NASA is something the kids would especially like!

  2. Sep 28 2011

    Andrea-this guy is my hero! What a hard working guy he is! yes he had his facial expressions during the trial but geez I had some too! lol Orlando would be very blessed if he runs!

    • Sep 29 2011

      Hi there Whistler! I really like him, too. What I have seen and learned about his work makes me respect him… I sure had some facial expressions too – and they weren’t pretty.!! 😦

  3. Sep 28 2011

    Andrea…Thanks for the kind words from my last comment. I enjoy reading your posts. They always seem to have something to do with life experiences I have lived or know others that have. I learned a lot of history 1st hand through the eyes of much older people I have come to know. I could listen for hours to some of the 80 year olds. Because I started listening when I was young helped me to get further ahead in this world. I beat the retirement thing 3 years ago at the age of 55. I still own businesses but have the best people running them for me. I still go in once and a while but let them run them as if their own. So I guess I’m vacationing alot these days. I caught 4 more salmon this morning, cut them up and ran them to my employees.

    Ashton: I hope he does not run. His attitude in court showed the years might have caught up with him. He has a great history but will forever be known because of the Anthony case and maybe not the best light. I am also a little disappointed with him writing a book about the case. Not playing any favorites, I would not like to see anyone make money from this case. If he had said that the money or portion would be donated I might have a change of heart. I’m guessing but think he was probably making six figures as a lead prosecuting attorney.

    Shopping: I can’t stand going to the mall! I’m a man for God’s sakes! Now that I know my feet won’t grow anymore I do all of my shopping online. My wife taught me how to shop online for anything I needed but then told me I don’t need anything…lol

    • Sep 29 2011

      Hey damagdpets! How nice that you are retired at such a young age! Every time I take a vacation I’m reminded of how much I would really like retirement….it would suit me just fine! I would never be bored, either! (My plan is to retire early enough – while I still have enough energy to work in the theatre again.)

      I understand where you’re coming from re: Ashton. My first reaction at learning about his possible run was the same as yours. I thought, he has the name recognition, but that may be a hindrance, too, given the outcome of the Anthony case. Then again, he was very well liked, so it could work to his advantage. Would he make a good State Attorney? I haven’t the foggiest idea! It will be interesting to see what his platform will be when (and if) he runs for that office.

      I tend to agree about the aspect of making money off of the case – it is a taboo issue for me. However, I doubt it will be a huge money maker…unless it’s a tell-all book that reveals new information about the case. It would be all the better if he donates some of the proceeds…. perhaps he plans to use the proceeds to finance his campaign.. I bet that’s the plan!

      I have the shopping online bug, too. And i honestly cannot think of one thing I want that I don’t have. Well, that’s not entirely true either…. I’m a woman therefore am born to shop – but not in gianormous malls!! 🙂


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