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September 29, 2011


judge perry considers the jail video

by Andrea O'Connell

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the Casey Anthony case – I haven’t been reading very much about it lately.  That’s not to say the case has disappeared from the media!  Nope, the story is still generating interest despite the dearth of information to report.

Yesterday (Wednesday) there was a hearing about the previously sealed jail video of Casey Anthony’s reaction to learning that her daughter’s remains had been located.  Inquiring media-minds want to publish this video for the  obvious ratings bonanza.

The media will have a field day with this.   They will likely remind us about when, early in the case, searchers thought they’d found Caylee’s remains at Blanchard Park, in Orlando, Casey had no reaction versus her extremely emotional reaction when she learned that remains of a small child were located near her home.  In a swamp.

Judge Belvin Perry, Jr., heard arguments from the media about why the video should be released; and Jose Baez, Anthony’s defense attorney, argued that the video should not be released because it would violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), which protects unauthorized access to medial records, ensuring privacy.   Baez contends that, at the time of the video taping, Casey was administered medication.  This, argues Baez, would compromise Casey’s right to privacy via HIPPA.

The HIPPA argument may give Judge Perry something tangible to hang his ruling on, providing him good cause to deny the video release.

It would be interesting to see, sure, but it should be kept sealed.   Why must we bring back more of the Casey Anthony drama?  The video is likely to incense people anew, giving them greater reason to issue their horrible messages of hate.  Casey Anthony is not enjoying the good life, though she is free and that is what sticks in our collective craws.

There is no good reason to release this video now.  Can we move on and let this old dog lie?   Releasing it will benefit TV ratings, but is it news worthy?  I don’t think so.

How will releasing this video benefit the public?  It’s likely to anger us to see it!  And, what good will that do – it will not change anything.


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  1. offthecuff
    Sep 30 2011

    You make very good points. I’m rather surprised that in light of the media and this case the sunshine laws in Florida haven’t been given more scrutiny. I think this free access is the root of the issue here.

    While in other states in other cases nothing can seemingly be learned about on-going investigations, even by the immediate families involved, in the Casey case all was pretty much open and bare. I personally learned a lot about all the work involved in investigations.

    You are right. This tape is unnecessary for all the reasons you mentioned. If Casey were found guilty, it may not even have been brought up.

    However, though she has been aquitted, I think people would like the opportunity to see her reveal some first-hand measure of guilt. Why? Perhaps, because there was so much left out of the trial, such as this tape, that would indeed incriminate Casey.

    It would be like watching OJ in a secret video putting on that glove and watching how nicely it fit!

    Injustice leaves such dissatisfaction in its wake.

    By the way, I think Casey is living the good life quite nicely. Only the tabloids are saying otherwise. There are many people I know who would love to have things as “rough” as she has them right now, including many on death row.

    • Oct 1 2011

      Hi Off-the-cuff,

      Well, the video is out there now – Judge Perry of course sided with the First Amendment, as is necessary especially with the Florida Sunshine Laws.

      I have heard musings about the Florida Sunshine Law – that it needs to be looked at again, but I doubt it will change as so many outlets find it necessary for a transparent government. And, now that Florida has a rotten-egg of a Governor who “oops” erases emails, it’s good to have – keeps people honest, sort of……

      Back to the video… within a video. Yes, it’s clear she gets upset, no histrionics though. Baez is in the last part of the video. I wonder what the heck he’s saying to Casey as he seems to be a bit perplexed yet very attentive to her. She doesn’t look at him, though. Perhaps he didn’t know that Caylee was disposed of that way? Could be that Casey is pretending, still at this point, that she didn’t know where Caylee was up until this news broke? Who knows! Whatever the case, the video is anti-climatic and just brings home the sadness that goes along with this story.

  2. Sep 30 2011

    Hey friend I sorrowly disagree here. If it’s the truth showing Casey’s reaction, then noone should be sheltered from that. She can never be found guilty again. Now that’s more of a travesty than the TRUTH of her reaction. I believe after all of the 3 year rangling and lots of lies by all the Anthony’s, the only truth about her knowledge of where Caylee was, is on THAT TAPE. Why should Belvin Perry, once again rule in her favour? Uh did anyone think that he wants to move up the ladder? He has been so admired over all of this trial but when you really stop to think about it, was justice served? She pays 93,000 dollars, she walks free, gets security, vilifies her father in court and to the world, lies her way through all of the LE’s staff, and what’s left but her protection regarding a medical loophole….. I think not. If anyone’s computer can get hacked, rest assured this video will come out one way or the other. GET IT OVER and let it be released and scorned or judged, she’s still FREE FOREVER.

    • Oct 1 2011

      Hi Weezie, Yeah, it should come out, and it did… 🙂 I just think it brings back the sadness of this story – like picking off a scab…. yuck – why go there!

  3. Sep 30 2011

    I could care less one way or another. I am sick to death of her and her family. I don’t watch anything about it anymore. Casey knows the truth and so do we. I don’t need a closed minded jury to tell me Casey killed her daughter. It pretty much came out of her own mouth. And I do agree the video will just anger people all over again. Let sleeping dogs lie. Or is that lay haha. Good article Andrea.

    • Faith
      Sep 30 2011

      ITA I too am sich unto death of KC and that entire family. To my way of thinking KC will never,ever be free as we know freedom. She is the most hated woman on the planet and will probably remain such even not in the number one spot. I very much doubt she will ever know the love of a decent man and have a loving family and friends,no matter how much money she makes from the death of Caylee. None of us would give up our family and friends for KC’s life.
      BTW I think Baez is wrong KC didn’t ask for meds until after she reacted to the news. JMHO of course.

      • Oct 1 2011

        Hi Shyloh, Hi Faith…. I agree with both of you…. and the thing about the medications ahd the video being protected because of the HIPPA laws, that was just an argument, his only argument because he probably knew the First Amendment would trump everything, which is what happened, in the end.

        Oh well….. life goes on….

  4. Sep 30 2011

    ‘Why must we bring back more of the Casey Anthony drama”?
    The subject has brought out the deepest, darkest thoughts of the American public. No matter how small the article about her brings bloggers out of the woodwork that cannot let it go. The amount of discovery released in this case made everyone a Private Investigator. The Web was the perfect avenue for a world wide forum to discuss this case with passion. The flip side to this is passion and arguing go hand in hand. Sitting behind one’s keyboard “passion” was anonymous and less physical for those that do not control themselves well. I started following the case on July 18, 2008 and invested more time that I would like to admit but following court cases was just another hobby since the OJ trial. The amount of new people commenting skyrocketed just before the case began and continue to see new bloggers coming on board to date. I do get frustrated time to time in the way people comment when all the discovery was online and easy to access. The case over now and I believe the only two things that were under seal was approximately $200K spent by Baez that was discussed in camera with Strickland. This came about when they were trying to have KC declared indigent. In open court Baez claimed to have taken $92K and Lyon received around $22K. This left close to $200K in monies that was part of the ABC and private donations given. Strickland was satisfied how Baez spent the funds and kept it sealed. The second being the video out side the infirmary of breaking news that remains were found on Suburban Drive. According to the interpretation of the Sunshine laws as I have been able to decipher, there is no reason to not release the additional information withheld at trial. To date I read personal opinion on why it should or should not be released but understand the media attorneys legal approach to have the info unsealed. I have selfish reasons why it should be released. I would like the jurors to have full knowledge of all the information not presented in court or kept under seal so they might understand why the American public turned so ugly.

    • Oct 1 2011

      Hey my friend…. You are completely right… and we sure did become private investigators and arm-chair lawyers, too!

      I followed the OJ trial closely, too. It haunted me for a long time, especially when I saw the Goldmans…. that poor family – what they went through.

      Thank you for sharing so much of your thoughts! 🙂

  5. Sep 30 2011

    Surprise, Surprise, I have more….releasing the video will only enhance what we already know. The statements by jail personnel were available long before trial. I don’t believe there was an incentive for the guards to embellish on what took place. I am really playing the 1st Amendment card. Andrea , please do not take offense because this is not directed at you. You are one of the few I have respect for because you do not resort to childish behavior in the name of 1st Amendment rights. I love to blog and read thoughts from others. The wrath of bloggers and blog owners is like anything else in this society. Give them a little power and at some point they will hang themselves with it. I have been beat to death over the last 3 years with the interpretation of freedom of speech. The old sayings “Do as I say and not as I do” and ” I am not always right but I’m never wrong” ring any bells? I would laugh more if I could get through some of the anger that manifests. It is no one’s fault but my own. Free and willing to admit that I don’t have to turn on the computer and blog. The same goes for the TV. People complain about many things on TV yet they tune in. My dear old Italian Mother with here broken English had the answer for something bad on TV, ” Changa da pitch.”

    • Oct 1 2011

      Yes, I sort of figured the First Amendment would prevail, as it should – you were absolutely correcto!

      I didn’t realize you, of all people, may have been hurt by the odd behavior of some of the bloggers? That’s horrible; at least it’s over now (I hope). I rarely read other blogs, though there are many that I admire (the ones I admire are on my blogroll), since I barely have time to write on this blog, I have less of a chance to read what others have to say…mostly, I don’t want the opinion of others to influence my own.

      I read what your Mom used to say to my Mom, and she roared! She is absolutely right! We had a good laugh about that.

  6. Sep 30 2011

    damagdpets: Wow I certainly agree with you on your last statement. I am worried that Perry will not release it. Why? I have always felt he sided more to the Defence due to the notoriety of it, and that his predescesor got muddied in the media and was put in a position of stepping down. I think he has high aspirations to getting promoted. I am betting he won’t release it, but from my point of view, it can not hurt her any more than what is out there now. In fact it might help her because we only have heresay as to her reaction. Let’s see it for ourselves to make that judgement call. What are they hiding? GUILT, that’s all.

    • Oct 1 2011

      I’m happy to say that I was wrong. I was in shock when Vinni Politan announced yesterday that we would be seeing the tape for the first time, once the MJ trial took its’ next break. Wow, it shows plenty.

  7. Sep 30 2011


  8. Oct 1 2011

    To me watching those tapes was a waste “A HUGE WASTE” I didn’t see the reaction that everyone was talking about. Poor video taping to begin with. She didn’t toss herself backward etc. I didn’t see any nurse rushing to her side. Again. “A HUGE WASTE.”

    • Oct 1 2011

      LOL Shyloh! I tend to think similarly! There was much ado over nuttin! No histrionics, no emotional scenes. She was upset, that is clear, but like the State said, the jury could have taken the video two ways: They could have seen a grieving Casey Anthony, or if they’d known about her non reaction during the Blanchard Park speculation, they may have thought guilty conscious. But, bringing in the Blanchard Park reaction would have required Robyn Adams to testify – and that would have been risky….. .

  9. Oct 1 2011

    Shyloh; I disagree. She is totally shocked and amazed. She didn’t fall foward and clasp her head, shake and ask for drugs for no reason. Add that to the first discovery of bones in Blanchford Park where she didnt react at all. Well I think it speaks volumes that her gig was up and she couldn’t play the lying game, that Caylee was taken and she’s still alive somewhere. As long as there was no body, she would be home free and in shorter time than 3 years. She’s evil but not dumb.

    • Oct 1 2011

      Hi Weezie – Yes, from the perspective of all the discovery and the evidence we were able to read, I believe you’re right, especially juxtaposed with the Blanchard Park reaction. I don’t think this video would have meant anything to the jurors, and it could have the opposite affect, making her look like a grieving mom, which I believe she was not.

      I feel that this video is anticlimactic, and it’s clear she is upset.

      Who cares now? The trial is yesterday’s news. That’s my feeling, anyway.

    • Oct 2 2011

      Hi Louise Fell, I guess the tape is open to interpretation. To me see looked bored of sitting there by her lonesome. I haven’t killed anyone, and I have sit in a chair and rocked like that myself haha. But you are correct and I agree about the two different occasions. Hardly any evidence was allowed by the pros. Which sucks. I personally believe this jury had their minds made up anyway. It wouldn’t of mattered. Even if they see it today. They are most likely going to view it the way I did without knowing about Jay Blanchard Park story. That’s just mho.

  10. Oct 5 2011

    Baez cannot use HIPPA. Casey was only sitting in the infirmary, watching the television that was on in the room. She had not been seen by a doctor, nurse, etc. Therefore she is not protected by the HIPPA act.

    I heard a lot of talk about this video, and I agree in my opinion, it shows consciousness of guilt. Her antsy behavior indicated that she knew Caley’s body had been found.


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