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October 3, 2011


good night, sweet knight owl

by Andrea O'Connell

Social Media has taken over, in one way or another, so many aspects of our daily lives.

Today almost everyone engages in some form of Social Media.  Corporations, students, professors, even university Presidents have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or a blog.  We communicate with friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, and Internet friends, nearly every day – I do, anyway.

I have an iPhone that is connected to my body by an invisible string.  I can blog from my phone, surf the web, Tweet, check out Facebook, text, email, talk, and so many more tasks from the palm of my hand.

And, now the Xoom, which is Motorola’s smart answer to the iPad, makes it even easier to stay connected and on the go, when necessary.   (I am one of those people who would be lost without access to the Internet.)

Blogging has become a way of life for me.  I started this blog a little over two years ago, and it’s been a joy, and a terrific learning experience, especially now that I’ve committed to the WordPress POST A DAY challenge.

Goodnight, sweet Knight Owl. May flights of angels sing you to your rest.

Blogging has introduced me to a wide circle of friends that I “speak” to on a regular basis.  I “see” these friends, though we’ve never met, and we “talk” without sound.

I’ve formed Internet relationships and bonds as a result of blogging.  It’s wonderful on the one hand; on the other hand, it’s rather lonely, and sometimes, sad – especially when people move on, for whatever reason, and you don’t know why.  Generally, Internet friends will keep in touch, but sometimes, they just “poof” and you never hear from them again; and you’re left wondering.

Today, Kim and Sherry told me that a very dear Internet friend of many bloggers here and elsewhere, passed away this past August.   Her WordPress screen name was “Knight Owl”.

We are told she passed away in August of this year.  The last blog post she made here was August 8th, and she sounded so chipper….Was she getting on in age?  Was she young?  There is so much I don’t know.

Knight Owl, like many of us, followed the Casey Anthony case from the beginning to the very bitter end.  She’d post rather frequently, then all of a sudden she stopped posting here.

I have been wondering about her – it was not like her to disappear for months at a time.  Now we know that her sweet soul has taken its next journey to the great beyond.  But, I don’t know why.  Was she sick?  Was it sudden?  Was she in pain?  What happened?  The funny and loving Knight Owl – why did you go?   I want to know…. but I know I will probably never know.  I should be grateful to know this much.

This is why Internet friendships are lonely.

Rest in Peace dearest Knight Owl.

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  1. Oct 4 2011

    So very well said, Andrea. Your questions have also been mine today. I’m so glad my hubby was busy in the garage and I was busy with laundry because I stopped and teared up a number of times. How would he understand my tears over the loss of a dear online friend whom I’ve never met in person?

    I hope Louie will be OK. I think he was a feral cat that she took care of without actually adopting him. Animals know about these things and grieve, too.

    This is still a stunner for me. I just figured she was done with the Anthony case and had left us behind-doesn’t sound like her but the verdict did make alot of commentors on the case step back some on the blogging.

    Knight Owl will surely be missed by all of us.

    • Oct 4 2011

      I have been tearing up as well, Sherry. I wish I could say I know more but unfortunately I don’t. I am at a loss for words. I just hope she knew how she was treasured by so many.

      She will surely be missed


    • Oct 4 2011

      I read, just this second on Niecey’s blog Knight passed from a heart attack.

    • Oct 4 2011

      Sherry; Well said and I agree, we all did kind of take a deep breath after the verdict. It didn’t seem odd that a few were missing from the everyday rants. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s like missing a sidebar photo, with a post on most things and also to people directly. I feel like I knew her too. We are all better for knowing such a loving woman of many things in life.

  2. Oct 4 2011

    Andrea, like always very well put.
    All the Questions You have about KnightOwl’s passing, I too asked myself.
    When I looked at that adorable Picture of Louie I had Tears in my Eyes.
    What a Loss!
    Even if we never met NightOwl in Person, we got to know her sweet and caring Personality through her Style of communicating with us over the last 3 Years.
    She was always very passionate about what she believed in and I always enjoyed reading her Comments and looking at Louie the Cat, he is so adorable and meant a lot to KnightOwl.
    We will always remember her as the sweet Lady she was and we will miss her a lot.
    I will be thinking of her family and may they find Peace in knowing KnightOwl was a positive Influence in this Online Community and we will always keep her close in our Thoughts, she is with the Rest of the Angels now and well taken care of in a wonderful Place called Heaven. :heart:

    • Faith
      Oct 4 2011

      What a truly great post!
      Thank you!

      For Night Owl

      • Oct 4 2011

        Thanks Faith – it’s a lovely video and I do love that song! ::}

  3. Faith
    Oct 4 2011

    Dearest Andrea
    I too teared up at this post. I never knew Knight Owl but like some of us she was a “cat person” so she must have been special. My motto “Never trust anyone who doesn’t like cats”. I think I’ll tell you now,if you’re interested. If I ever just disappear it’s because I’ve been taken really sick or I’m dead. I’m up in years,74 in February and reasonably healthy. You know my first and last name and I’m a member of the church of Christ, so it wouldn’t be to difficult to find out about me.
    Sure hope your first day back at work went well.
    Love n’ stuff

    • Oct 4 2011

      Well, first day back at work was okay, but tiring….now, I’m back in the swing of things again, facing the craziness!
      Now, Faith…being 74 is like 54 now, so you are young!

      And, I agree that there are cat people and there are “the others” who don’t know what they’re missing….. snuggling with a warm cat is wonderful, wonderful!

      • Oct 4 2011

        I am a dog person – my allergies don’t allow me within 50 feet of cats

  4. Oct 4 2011

    Andrea, I agree with Faith, people who love animals are special, and………………………those who love cats are the most special of all. One does wonder about the many friends who are a part of our blogs. I love Emily Dickinson’s poem. “This world is not conclusion ~ A sequel stands beyond, Invisible, as music, But positive, as sound.”

    • Oct 4 2011

      Hi Rob, That is my favorite Emily Dickinson quote of all time! I have read nearly everything she’s written – I’ve always been fascinated with her and that quote fits perfectly, too….

  5. Oct 4 2011

    naturally anytime you mention anything having to do with social media warning signs go off in my pea brain…Having learned the hard way in trusting people on the Internet continues to heighten my senses. I’m not sure how old you are but I wondered about something well known if you are of age. Do you remember during the 50’s and early 60’s….”Party Lines?” If you do you would remember having to wait your turn to make a phone call if others were on the line. I remember as a kid picking up the phone and hearing other peoples conversations. Yikes!!! The things you might have heard as a youngster. OMG the gossip. I see where blogging in a fair amount of situations relates to the same. I read a lot of articles, different subjects, across the Internet and then find myself reading the comments. Many will start out on topic but before too long turns into either a bitch session or gossip. I come to believe that men and women are the same in that department. I really do get concerned over people and their common sense. Too many will post information about themselves that can come back to haunt them because of the gossip factor. I noticed this with the Anthony and Cummings case, mostly because of the passion involved. I noticed it on a furniture forum the other day because someone asked a question about finishes. It showed they were a beginner but two people on there were irritated for some reason and answered with less than help. I don’t know why it has to be that way but I have gotten used to it by realizing that is part of our world and social makeup today. I don’t think that the state of our economy and jobs are helpful just more stress and it seems to come out where anonymity is involved.

    God’s Speed NightOwl…

    • Oct 4 2011

      Hi Damagd Pets,

      I do remember my mom talking about party lines, and I have a vague memory of her saying that the phone was a party line, and it took years for me to figure out what the heck that meant…. I remember thinking, Party? …That’s why I remember it, I guess.

      Also, I was born in the late fifties,,,I hate to reveal my age because I feel so old when I say it out loud. And, I often forget how old I really am. I just had a birthday and I have to do the math to remember how old I really am. I swear, it’s true!

      And, I understand what you mean about nasty cyber bullies who taunt and ridicule people they don’t even know. It’s easy to sit in behind a computer screen and beat up on people. I’ve had it happen to me and it’s not fun. I am able to avoid it now because I sort of keep to myself – with the exception of my WordPress buddies, of course.

      Thankfully, the mean riff-raff has stayed away from here, for the most part. (I’ve only had to ban one person, and I hated to do it, but s/he was ridiculously mean and condescending to other posters and it was unfair to others, so I banned him/her…..

      Anyway, no one will give anyone a bad time here….though it’s good to have differences of opinion – that’s a good thing!

  6. Oct 4 2011

    Hi friends. I thought you all would like to see the obit that Marinade sent to me on OWL

    (Edited for privacy)

    • Oct 4 2011

      Weezie! Thank you for sharing that with us. For privacy, it was best to edit the link out.

  7. Mystic323
    Oct 4 2011


  8. Mystic323
    Oct 4 2011

    Knight Owl was my aunt and I would like to say a huge “thank you” to the online world for all of the wonderful things that you have said about her. She is truly missed. To answer some of your questions, she died of a massive heart attack. She had some warning signs but like so many women, she didn’t pay attention to them. On the day she passed, My mother and I had spoken to her earlier that day. She was cutting up with me on the phone and we were laughing. Her husband is a great man and loved her dearly. Here is what happened, around 10;00 on that Saturday night she was cleaning one of her bathrooms and started feeling sick. She compained of feeling nauseated. Her husband got her a wet cloth and fan to make her feel better. Her arm was also hurting. She and her husband thought that she was feeling sick from the cleaning supplies that she was using-this had happened before. She complained of her arm hurting, but she had been scrubbing the bathroom. This went on for about an hour. Her husband put her to bed and went back downstairs to watch a little more t.v. He said that he sat next to her on the bed and they chatted for about five minutes. He went back downstairs, watched about 15 minutes of t.v. and when he went upstairs to go to bed, she had already passed! Her heart just stopped!! I can not explain in words the shock when I received the phone call at 7;00 am the next morning from my mother. I answered the phone and my mother was screaming and crying in shock!!! My poor grandmother, well needless to say, is absolutely heart broken.

    • Oct 4 2011

      Mystic! Thank you so much for visiting here! I am so sorry that you were in the moderation queue, that happens the first time anyone posts….. now, you can post without being held up.

      Now, let me say that I am so sorry for your loss, and what a loss it is. What a joy she was. And what fun we had with her. Such a generous soul – so kind and so sweet with everyone. I always looked forward to hearing from her.

      She was too young! Perhaps If other women read what you have said here and as a result are more educated and can take precautions…. well, that would be a gift that the angels would give.

      I wish I could find the right words to say how sorry I am. Knight Owl’s poor mother…there can be nothing worse than a mother outliving their child.

      Thank you again for explaining so beautifully what happened.

      All the best to you and to your family.

  9. Mystic323
    Oct 4 2011

    By the way, she was 61 years old!!

  10. Oct 4 2011

    I remember Knight Owl, tho I don’t think I ever interacted with her personally. Bless her soul, and may she rest in peace. And thank you, Mystic323, for your thoughtfulness in letting us know what happened. Sixty-one is so YOUNG! Her family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    On a different note…I remember the “party line” back in the day. I grew up out in the country on a farm, and there were a couple of ladies who seemed to be on the phone every time I picked it up. Most times, I would say “Excuse me, I’m sorry.” Other times, if I was quiet enough, I could get on the line and they didn’t know. But if my mother walked in and caught me eavesdropping, she would not be very happy with me. For one thing, I wasn’t quite old enough to be using the phone without permission, and another thing…there was only 1 friend that I was allowed to call. Man, that seems like a whole different lifetime ago!

  11. Oct 5 2011

    I, too, was very saddened to learn of Knight Owl’s sudden death. For nearly 3 years, we communicated with people we didn’t really know, yet we grew attached because of one thing – we cared – and still do. Although we didn’t necessarily agree with each other 100% of the time on aspects of the Anthony case, it was a fascinating study in human interaction. In its wake, genuine friendships blossomed.

    Of one thing I am certain; Knight Owl was beloved by all, and she will be sorely missed. My heartfelt condolences go out to you, Mystic323, to her immediate family, and to all of her friends and relatives.

    Thank you, Andrea, and to all, a good Knight.

    • Oct 5 2011

      Hi Dave! Thank you for your comments; and you hit the nail on the proverbial head – we do care about each other and the people we meet here, and she was loved by so many because she was refreshing and fun…

      Dave, thank you again for your kind words. 🙂

      • Oct 6 2011

        Mystic323: You are so brave to come here and post how Knight Owl left our world. Of course we were all concerned and saddened as you can see by the posts. It is such a tragedy, that even though the signs had been there, the heart gave out when she thought it was due to something else altogether. This is so common, and now it seems among women, the most. Your shared story has enlightened so many of us, reading your story, related and made as a major post by Andrea. It’s that important to share. So Knight Owl’s experience and ultimate demise should really be sent everywhere, talked about and shared to all of us women who always think we should “NOT MAKE A FUSS” about our feeling bad, awful, or sick. I’m sure your Uncle is feeling guilty and at a loss. This is why the internet is so powerful. I would never have thought about these signs without your shared story, |I thank you Mystic. Your Aunt should always have a place of honour for here, as we all feel her absence. I pray you will continue the education of heart attack in women, THE WARNING SIGNS;

  12. Mystic323
    Oct 6 2011

    After reading Andrea and Louise Fell’s post, it has really made me stop and think that you are so right! More women need to be aware of the warning signs for Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Disease. There is a strong genetic link and if this runs in your family, be aware and don’t wait until it is to late. Heart Disease is known as the silent killer and my family is having to face this now on a daily basis. If I can give any advice to anyone, it would be…don’t procrastinate! If you have a family history of heart disease in your family, start early. Don’t wait around and think that you can wait until you are over 60! My grandfather died of a massive heart attack at age 53. My mother caught her’s in time and she had quadruple bypass surgery at age 61. My aunt died at age 61! I am 42 and I have already gone to the doctor for them to start collecting baseline data. One of my mothers arteries had a 100% blockage and it had already formed it’s own bypass. The doctor said that blockage had been there for over 10 years. If you experience any of these warning signs, go for a check-up.
    1. Family History
    2. Extreme Fatigue
    3. Shortness of breath
    4. Sweating
    5. Nausea
    6. Pain in the arm

    The extreme fatigue and shortness of breath are two early warning signs. Don’t write it off as “oh I’m just getting older”, “I don’t get much exercise”. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. More women than men ignore the warning signs, don’t be one of them.

    • Oct 7 2011

      I would add that extreme fatigue and pain in an extremity were the warning signs I had for my mild stroke. I kept feeling sick if I didn’t lay down to nap and this went on for a few months. I would be in the middle of gardening or some project and feel suddenly tired and sick. Once up from the nap I was fine. That was a few years ago and I checked out OK for everything including BP but now I am dealing with HBP.

      Thanks, Mystic323

      • Oct 7 2011

        Geez Sherry; I learn something new everyday. How severe was your stroke? I’m sure you had a time of it afterwards. Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated. We have a friend who had a stroke, and seriously I thought he was going to die. He has made quite a remarkable recovery, but it took from Feb. to now to see a remarkedly improved man, that will never have control of a lot of things as in the past. I admire his determination and find his partner to be extrodinary in her efforts to keep him going, and going and going.

      • Oct 7 2011

        It was mild but still scary. I checked out OK on all fronts which was why I had to have a battery of tests for MS which I don’t have, whew! I also was diagnosed with fatigue syndrome and osteoarthritis (yes, my bones hurt!). There was just a tiny speck of plaque in my brain but it hasn’t moved-I’m told that is normal for older folks (I realized when the doctor said that that I am getting old…er). My heart was fine and as of a year ago its still fine but my blood pressure is up and I have a family history of HD so I have to watch it carefully and be a good girl about my health.

        And I feel fantastic since quitting smoking! Oh, ladies! Do quit that bad habit! You will never regret it! And you can do it, I promise you!

      • Oct 8 2011

        Sherry, I quit smoking 3 years ago this month. It’s one of the few things I did that requried determination and hard work. lol. It’s also the wisest decision I have ever made. If you smoke, QUIT. Because it’s hard to do, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. There is no negative to doing this one very crucial thing for your health. It took me a whole year of being diagnosed with breast cancer before I did quit. Can you imagine how stupid I was to not have been shocked enough by that news, to get rid of the one thing that likely caused it? Geez I can’t imagine how people would look at me today if I still smoked having had treatments etc. No sympathy for my plight, no doubt. I can tell you I feel a whole lot better ever since quitting. I hated that the cigs controlled me in every aspect of my life. I looked for my cigs many more times than my car keys, eyeglasses, wallet, purse, or anything else that I misplaced. I never went anywhere without them. If I was out at 2:00 a.m., I would go out and buy more at an all night gas station. I am ashamed of that. But I am very proud too, because I would never have a puff again, no matter what the stress level was put before me. NEVER.

  13. Mystic323
    Oct 6 2011

    It is my wish that through me sharing my aunt’s story, she will continue to touch and change lives just as she did before she passed! Hopefully, she can continue to touch lives by using my voice. Or should I say my fingers! LOL

    • Oct 6 2011

      THANK YOU MYSTIC; Your courage and sharing your very hurtful and sorrowful recent experience of loss is power enough for all of us to take heed. Please keep your message going, fingers, photos, volunteerism, written articles to your local newspapers etc. just keep the momentum going in Owl’s honour. That’s how you can really serve your Aunt’s life.

  14. Robin Payant
    Aug 14 2012

    Today is the one year anniversary of Knight Owls untimely death. I still have not come to terms with her death. As I read over the comments from her online family, it just reminds me of how she touched so many peoples lives. She truly was an extraordinary person and a piece of me died with her one year ago today.

    Her Niece,

  15. Tom
    Aug 15 2012

    I am Knight Owls brother. I just have to let you know how touched I am by all of the beautiful comments. Thank you seems so insufficient but it is the best I can offer. I know that Knight Owl would be humbled. She was a very special person. We still miss her so much. Your beautiful tributes to her makes the sorrow feel a bit less heavy. Again from me and on behalf of the family, thank you so very much.

    • Aug 15 2012

      Big hugs to Knight Owl’s family during this time of sad and happy remembrances.

    • Oct 25 2012

      Hi Tom, Thank you for stopping by and sharing your love for your sister – which we shared. I will never forget how fun and loving she was – I enjoyed her so much. Sending warm (although belated) love and blessings to you and your family. Andrea


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