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October 5, 2011


steve jobs has died. he was 56

by Andrea O'Connell

Steve Jobs, the creative and visionary force – the heart and soul behind Apple Computers and Apple products – has died.  He was only 56.

Steve Jobs - Graphic / Photo Credit: ABC News

It’s been said that Jobs will be thought of as the Thomas Edison of our generation.

I am sorry for the computer industry and what he may have produced in the future.

Geniuses like Jobs are far and few between.  I am glad we had him for as long as we have.

He was a devoted family man – passionately protective of his private life.

He married in 1991.  His wife Laurene was the love of his life, as were the three children they had together.  He also has a daughter, born earlier, out of wedlock in 1978.

He was given up for adoption at birth. He met his biological sister later in life, when they were adults.  I am not certain if he’d met his biological parents.  I do know his father learned only a few years ago that the baby they gave up was named Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers, Inc.

I cannot imagine that shock.  I cannot imagine how a person lives with that.  After so many years, on a day like any other, you find out that your first-born, given up for adoption in 1955, grew up to be not only a genius, but also one of the wealthiest persons on the planet.

Yesterday, the latest iPhone 4S was launched, and it’s a thing of beauty.  Steve Jobs, in one of his rare interviews with George Stephanopoulos, of ABC, said, “We make what we think people will want and like.”

Yes they do.

People do want and like Apple products.  I certainly do.

Steve Jobs recently (August 2011) stepped down as CEO of Apple.  It was a shocking announcement though now we know why.  His poor body was unable to keep up the fight.

I wish the man who could make the perfect iPhone, iPad, iPod, and computer, could have created a human upgrade that would have lasted just long enough – 30 years, maybe – so the world could benefit from his next big things.

This is a very sad day.

Rest in Peace, Steve.

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  1. Oct 6 2011

    He was way too young. I wish there was a law of nature that says no one dies until after the age of 80-

    Here is a list of those that Jobs admired and its fascinating to read why he did:

  2. Oct 6 2011

    The world has lost a very incredible man. The name Steve Jobs brings Yankee Ingenuity to mind. There are few in a century that leaves behind dreams that come true. From his idea to a soldering iron to history. What else might he have done?

    God’s Speed Steve and Thank You…..

  3. Faith
    Oct 7 2011

    Dearest Andrea
    Thhis may well be the most unpopular comment I have ever made,but here goes. To give up a child is,to me the greatest sacrifice a mother can make. If you have a child you cannot care for,feed,educate or cloth then adoption is the thing to do. If you have family and friends willing to help you,that’s one thing and then adoption woould probably not be a considerattion.
    During that terrible time of Caylee Anthony being missing/murdered I couldn’t help but think what would she might have become had she been put up for adoption? Instead she was forced on a woman would didn’t want her and who used her as a tool between herself & the grandmother. Then she was murdered and tossed away like so much trash. Today there are way too many babies being abused and murdered because they were never wanted by their mothers,fathers or boy-friends. So too me adoption is a worthwhile option.
    JMHO of course
    Have a beautiful week-end

    • Oct 7 2011

      Hi Faith!

      I agree 100 percent. Adoption is a terrific alternative. I did read where his bio-dad said they were too young and inexperienced to take care of a baby. And the young mother’s father did not approve of the union between the two young people. The sister was not adopted, she came later and at a time when they were able to care for a child.

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. Faith
    Oct 7 2011

    Sorry I should have finished that comment by saying I think Steve’s mother would/ should be very proud of him. I hope the love people had for him gives her comfort.

    If she did not willingly give up Steve and his sister then I say this time the system worked and that’s a good thing too.


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