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October 6, 2011


occupy wall street – will it have sticking power?

by Andrea O'Connell
2011 02 26 - Save the American Dream Rally (Ol...

Image by seiuhealthcare775nw via Flickr

There’s a great deal more I would like to learn about this movement called Occupy Wall Street.  

It’s gaining momentum and gaining protestors in other parts of the country, especially at universities.

It is making the uber wealthy of America nervous even if they are loath to admit it.

Poster for Occupy Wall Street - The movement that is gaining momentum

People are talking about it, some are laughing about it, as if it’s just a passing fancy.  Others are taking it seriously.

It’s a movement, and it has a lot of people excited.  Others, nervous.  Very nervous.

Occupy Wall Street, to hit the banks where it hurts, are calling for a Buy Nothing Day in November, usually reserved as Black Friday.  In December, Occupy Wall-street is calling for a Buy Nothing Christmas.  If it works, there could be no better way to kick consumerism in the groin.


Could this movement be the beginning of something important?

The GOP refuses to accept what’s happening.  In my opinion, the wealthy and the GOP simply prefer that people stay complacent somnambulists, as if drugged to never wake up.

The Academics are supporting Occupy Wall Street.  According to Will Oremus, writing for Slate, Princeton Professor Cornel West is applauding the protestors because they are raging against “the greed of Wall Street oligarchs and corporate plutocrats who squeeze the democratic juices out of this country.”

And, the Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University, writes Will Oremus, surprised protestors by appearing with them in support of what they are trying to do.   Stiglitz told the protestors:

You are right to be indignant. The fact is the system is not working right. It is not right that we have so many people without jobs when we have so many needs that we have to fulfill. It’s not right that we are throwing people out of their houses when we have so many homeless people.

Our financial markets have an important role to play. They’re supposed to allocate capital, manage risks. But they misallocated capital, and they created risk. We are bearing the cost of their misdeeds. There’s a system where we’ve socialized losses and privatized gains. That’s not capitalism; that’s not a market economy. That’s a distorted economy, and if we continue with that, we won’t succeed in growing, and we won’t succeed in creating a just society.

And then Lawerence Lessig, of Harvard University, joined the protestors and urged them to continue to move forward.   He said:

The arrest of hundreds of tired and unwashed kids, denied the freedom of a bullhorn, and the right to protest on public streets, may well be the first real green-shoots of this, the American spring. And if nurtured right, it could well begin real change.

Will the American people, who have been so complacent for the last half century, rise up and demand change?   People are desperate.  No jobs, no money, no home, no food.  Poverty is everywhere.  And yet, a GOP presidential hopeful is calling it “Class warfare.”  Jonathon Alter, in a recent column in Bloomberg Business Week, writes that Mitt Romney, when asked about the movement, had this to say:  “I think it’s dangerous, this class warfare.”
Jonathon Alter goes on to write about the movement to say:

With the help of unions and social networking, the movement has at least some chance of re-energizing Democrats in 2012 and pushing back against the phenomenal progress Republicans have made in suppressing voter turnout in several states.

Why? Because the tectonic plates of U.S. politics are shifting in ways we don’t yet fully understand. We don’t know whether Occupy Wall Street is a carnival party — a piece of left-wing street theater that gets old fast — or a nascent political party that revives a long-dormant tradition of class- based politics.

It’s possible that these demonstrations, which have now spread to about 150 cities and campuses, will be hijacked by extremists or dissipated by obnoxiousness; the American left has practice in committing suicide. The whole thing could fade as young people find a better way of hanging out offline.

Will this movement be the magic potion for real change in America?   What do you think?

Reference article:  Academics Help Wall Street Protests Gain Credibility. by Will Oremus.  The Slatest, Oct. 5, 2011
Reference article:  Why Occupy Wall Street Should Scare Republicans: Jonathan Alter by Jonathan Alter, writing for Bloomberg Business Week, Oct. 6, 2011
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  1. Oct 7 2011

    I’m sure we all know the word CANCER. Yes Europe has captured the imagination of the idol youth even in North America. I’m just waiting for the WAVE to hit Canada. It’s so predictable.

  2. Oct 7 2011

    Sigh…demonize the wealthy…except George Soros iwho s behind it. That is one billionaire that everyone loves, I guess. He’s a known philanthropist. But what about the other wealthy people that are being demonized? I bet they are givers and not the greedy types.

    I just saw the news of this protest last night and I am still learning about it. So far, it looks like liberal hypocrisy once again. And, it looks to me like these young people are being used as sock puppets for the liberal left’s agenda.

    I wonder why they don’t like the TEA Party? Its almost the same-neither likes the bailouts from Obama’s administration…

    Here is a list from Bill Ayers:

    So, is this a bunch of whining about ills or is their any solutions to these ills being offered up? I’d like to know.

    Here is what i found interesting about young liberals and re-distribution of wealth, er, their GPA’s to the less fortunate college students:

    What I think is funny is that they are pissed about the bailouts that Obama has handed out to the banks (just the very thing that started the TEA Party)-yet, George Soros is behind this movement!
    Sigh. Liberal hypocrisy-we need a third party-the dems and repubs are the same except one is liberal and the other is conservative during campaign time.

    • Oct 7 2011

      This is very interesting, this discussion. We are sooooooo USED to a minimum 3 PARTY race, that it’s kind of funny to hear all of the uproar south of our border. Of course way back when the NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY was seen as the grifters, the rebellious, the hippies if you will, the absolute poison of the political landscape. However, just recently the leader of the party died of cancer and has been the martyr and hero of our generation. He was such a great human caring person, and dressed like he was going to a very fancy affair, every day of his life. Our whole country mourned his passing as much as we did for a very flamboyant past Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who anyone in the world, would know his name and fame. He even dated Barbara Streisand!!! yuk. Here is the photo of Pierre and JACK LAYTON=NDP leader and champion of the underdog.
      TRUDEAU =,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=cc32f2b93570b6a5&biw=1026&bih=442

    • Oct 7 2011

      The demonization of the wealthy only contributes to more unrest. These are the job creators!!

      I am stunned by the lack of awareness – read! become educated about who is really in charge! I promise you it isn’t who you think it is!!

  3. Oct 7 2011

    BTW, All of the reading I’ve done today shows me that the Republicans are laughing their tails off because what is being priotested has been because of the doings of this administration for the most part. They fully accept what is going on. They can see how educated these students are by looking at their misspelled signs-one of the signs had a peace symbol but it looked like the Mercedez Benz symbol. What a fine edjumacation they got!

    • Oct 7 2011

      Isn’t it wonderful that students, and old people are free to protest in times where they are more of a hinder than a prize, but remember way back when that protesting was an everyday event!!!! I am happy that the students have enough energy to leave their gizmos and actually walk the boulevard!!!!

      • Oct 7 2011

        LOL! Weezie, I saw a picture of a protestor protesting Big Corporation while he was tapping away on his Apple. 😆

        They need to be educated on the proper way to protest. Closing down Brooklyn Bridge where non-protestors are hindered and caused to be late for their jobs is not legal.

        At first i thought these were young conservatives until I saw a young lady topless. I got confused because they were sounding like conservatives but acting like liberals. 😯
        I poke fun but this is one of the reasons to love the USA-the right to peacably assemble (which they are doing for the most part). I just hope they aren’t being used as Soros’ and’s sock puppets for the purpose of re-electing Obama.

  4. Oct 7 2011

    BTW. Here is Jack LAYTON, Just for a political notation. Jack Layton became, for the first time in the history of New Democrats, the OFFICIAL OPPOSITION to the Conservative Party that has held power for the last 8 years. It was always Liberal or Conservative that held the majority or minority in Parliament since Confederation (1876). Your equivalent to the President and whoever he answers to (Congress or the Senate)????? I don’t think you have the same system as we do. Our Prime Minister goes to Parliament and debates with all the parties when he isn’t travelling. I’m not sure if Obama does that? I would like to know how it works. Here is a video of Jack Layton our recent hero. His wife Olivia Chow has always been in politics too, so she has a profile for public service as well. She is a Counsel woman for our City of Toronto.

  5. Oct 7 2011

    This was Jack Layton’s press conference, shortly after his well deserved victory. He had to declare a temporary absence, knowing that he would never return. He became more than a hero to our Country, he gave us a template on courage, perservence in the face of such bad odds, and most importantly, never to say your are giving up to those you love and love you. That’s why we all cried at the very thought of someone who fought so hard for his beliefs, won a great victory, and was handed the evil cancer wand, where he would never live to fulfill what he worked for all his life. Even as he campaigned, with cane in hand, loosing weight, under the camera lights, he championed his way to the podium. We saw in living colour how the mighty and everyday man/woman is ravaged by cancer. It’s a god damned greek tragedy and a huge loss to our Country.
    So having said that, someone who is very worthy from the Tea Party just might surprise the American public.–jack-layton-press-conference

    • Oct 7 2011

      That’s what i like about the Tea Party-they aren’t repubs/conservatives only but every party has members in it.At least in my neck of the woods. There are blacks and all races, too. So, the rhetoric that they are racists is a figment of some lib’s imagination that took flight. Like the old proverb says, What a mighty fire there is from a tiny spark.

      Being neither ultra conservative or liberal I’m looking for that candidate that just uses common sense (that ol’ lost art). Looks like your Canada had that in Layton~

      • Oct 7 2011

        The TEA party is We the People who have had enough of paying for every other country and cause on this planet. We the People – who WORK for a LIVING and PAY our taxes are TIRED of carrying these whiny babies who still live at home and now demand even more

      • Faith
        Oct 8 2011

        ITA when I was young we worked for what we needed we didn’t have new gadgets coming out every other day that we just had to have. We washed clothes and hung them out to dry,we made do with what we had until we could afford to update. We taught our children not to be ashamed of hard work. O f course wellfare was almost unheard of,as were illegal aliens,who won’t learn English and except & demand benefits they haven’t earned.
        As a country we need to take care of our own problems and not concern ourselves with what’s wrong with other nations,especially those that have had the same types of government for hundreds of years.

        JMHO of course

      • weezie
        Oct 11 2011

        Kim; You have my vote friend. You just nailed it.

      • Oct 11 2011

        Mine, too. …and Faith, your humble opinion is mine.

      • weezie
        Oct 11 2011

        Sherry; One thing to be observed. It took Jack Layton and many hundreds of NDP (New Democratic Party elected), to get that far. It was a momentous occasion, to see a third string party move up the ranks. It takes time for the general populous to understand that a 3 party or more system keeps a better balance in the passing of laws. In some ways your government moves more slowly because of the bickering that is so prevelant between the two. The more teams there are on the platform, it means there you can count on less graft like behaviour. It’s something that the Americans are not used to, but over time, with a lot of effort on the Tea Party’s part, you might see a change in the juvenile politics that seem to prevail. Don’t get me wrong it still is sadly a political junk food, to behave like a spoiled brat, however, would you want the job? lol

  6. Oct 7 2011

    My most sincere apologies, Andrea. I feel very passionate about the future of our America.

    I will not bring my views here unless you ask me to. I will of course respect your space

    • Oct 7 2011

      Oh my goodness, Kim! I am very happy to hear what you have to say. Don’t for a moment think otherwise. All points of view have merit. Especially mine! hahahahahaha!! I am only kidding! 🙂

      • Oct 8 2011

        I just get very stirred up, Andrea – my intention is not to offend but to inform.

        Hugs to you and your wide open mind

  7. Oct 8 2011

    It seems that Joseph Stiglitz cannot even be true to his own beliefs-they change as he sees fit:

    While the mathematical validity of Stiglitz et al. theorems are not in question, their practical implications in political economy and their application in real life economic policies have been subject to considerable disagreement and debate. Stiglitz himself seems to be continuously adapting his own political-economic discourse, as we can see from the evolution in his positions as initially stated in Whither Socialism? (1994) to his own new positions held on his most recent publications.

    If we are going to become a new or changed nation in the socialists’ bent then I’d like one of the nation’s foremost economic advisor/philosopher to be a little bit on the stabler side. His beliefs are built on shifting sand and not a solid foundation.

    • Oct 8 2011

      As Clinton’s advisor I commend him for his work back then. That was one thing that I could find no fault with where Clinton was concerned-he did well in the economic sense. Its too bad that Obama has not listened to this man but that’s only if his philosophy was as it was in Clinton’s era (I tend to think not).

  8. Oct 8 2011

    Republicans are suppressing votes? Hahahaha! Wasn’t it the Dems/Libs who gave us ACORN? What hypocrits liberals are. ROTFLMBO!

  9. Faith
    Oct 8 2011

    Please don’t malign old people who protest,we’ve paid our dues.We worked for our daily bread and paid our taxes,now what we paid into SS has been taken/borrowed to pay debt that we had nothing to do with. We have many older people who live way below the poverty level and are told we’re looking for hand outs. I was 70 before I finally retired,my job was high stress and my BP was going off the charts. My tax bill in 2008 was $36,706.00 (way more than I’ll ever collect in SS) which I paid,I’d sold some stock to pay off my house and that was added to my income that year,then my SS check was reduced by $154.00 a month for all of 2009 because my earnings had been increased by the stock sale. Yes I own my home and my CR-V but the insurance and taxes keep going up as does everything else. I’m very concerned about where this country is headed and very grateful that I KNOW God is in control He can and has always taken good care of me. I continue to pray for this country and it’s leaders.
    Okay I’m off my soap box.



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