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October 9, 2011


browsing for a browser

by Andrea O'Connell

I’m having a tough time settling on a browser that I really like.  I’ve been using Firefox for a long time and I like it except when it crashes, and it does – often.

Today, I was talking to “Dork” (he said his name was “Dork” I am not making that up!), he’s was the Hewlett-Packard (HP), Tech Support person who today was helping me figure out why my laptop lags on the Internet – and it’s a new laptop, too!  (Yes, I broke down and bought the little HP DM1, 11 inches, and ultra-portable – light as a feather.)   I love the little lap top, but am a tad disappointed with its performance.

So Dork looked at the laptop specs, and now I know why the performance is not as blazing fast as my desktop.  The new laptop processor speed is only 1.60 GHz, which is “okay” but not top-dog.   I never really looked at the processor speed – dope that I am, I thought RAM and hard-drive were the important things.   Heck, the laptop has 4 Gigs of RAM, and just ordered 8 more Gigs to add to that, which should make it blazing fast, said Dork.   The hard-drive size is 500 Gigs – that’s pretty good, I thought.   The processor is an AMD E-350, which was my only option for the HP Pavilion DM1.  Dork doesn’t like AMD, he said Intel dual core is the way to go.  Oh well, but that wasn’t an option on my little dog.  Plus, this little DM1 has won tons of awards.  HP can’t make them fast enough – I waited a month to receive mine.

To make a long story longer, as I was talking to Dork, he suggested I try a different browser.  He suggested I test how Internet Explorer (IE) versus Firefox responds.  And, sure enough, there was a difference!

IE loaded fast, whereas Firefox was sluggish.   I uninstalled Firefox and went back to IE, but then Dork – who by now is my fast friend – told me I might prefer Google Chrome above IE.  So, I said, “Hmmmm.”  And installed Chrome.

Chrome is okay, but my blog looks different in Chrome.  I don’t like how it looks!  The text is really light – kind of muted.  And, I don’t like that.

What I’m leading up to here is to find what the best browser is.  I don’t really like IE, though it was fast.   And, I forgot to ask Dork what browser he likes best.  I need a Techie person to give me pointers…. though, I will also do a bit of research.  Maybe IE is the best?  I just don’t know…..

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  1. Oct 10 2011

    I have been using Firefox seems forever. I have tried a lot of them as well. But I am going to stick with it. I hate IE. I don’t see a lot of ads with Firefox like the rest of them. So it’s the Firefox. Did I mention Firefox?

  2. Oct 10 2011

    PS. Also wanted to leave you this link…


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