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morgan’s golden egg

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...

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Last evening I learned about the two new bar complaints against Jose Baez; tonight I’ve learned that the video deposition that the Orlando Morgan and Morgan law firm conducted of the disguised Casey Anthony is going to be released to the public very soon.

The media is clamorous over this video, despite the fact that Casey Anthony’s only response during the deposition was to repeat her Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination.   That doesn’t sound very interesting, but since this will be the first we’ve seen of her since being released from jail,  there is interest from the public.

Of course, Morgan and Morgan, who are sucking the Zenaida Gonzales case for every last ounce of media attention they can get, will surely use this video to their advantage.  Will their press conference on this issue be “first at five?”

In regards to that civil case, I do have a problem with it.  The problem I have with Zenaida Gonzales possibly profiting from a situation in which she claims her good name was sullied, is really a stretch.   Granted,  she lost her job as a result, hence her income – through no fault of her own.  But, now that her name and face is commonly seen in the media, infers that Zenaida is not really concerned about being over-exposed in the media.  She is now completely recognizable.

She will no longer be able to enjoy the favor of anonymity in the Orlando area.  And, isn’t her anonymity part of her complaint?

As a result of her law suit, and the dogged determination of Morgan and Morgan, her face and her name now ensures her notoriety.

Her claim that she was fired because her employer though she could be “the” kidnapper of Caylee Anthony, always seemed weak to me.   If she was fired from her job as a result of being falsely accused, the agency to heal that issue is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  They would have ensured she regained her job.

You’d think if she was really harmed by her good name being associated with the Anthony case, you’d never know it now.  The visibility that the Morgan and Morgan law firm has provided her ensures she will be always be exclusively aligned with the case.  No more anonymity.

I can’t really put my finger on it, but there is something disingenuous about the big and powerful Morgan and Morgan firm (Former Governor Charlie Crist is employed there), going to bat for this small civil case.  No doubt the work they’ve done  up to this point has been very expensive – I’d imagine their rates are not cheap!  The transparency of  what Morgan and Morgan is really after couldn’t be more clear – I guess that’s what bothers me.

The media attention and name recognition for Morgan and Morgan is golden.

Well, they act as if they’ve laid the golden egg, anyway.


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