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October 13, 2011


a true hollywood story??

by Andrea O'Connell

I always enjoy reading Hal Boedeker, the Orlando Sentinel “TV Guy.”   I enjoy how he gets so many thoughts and ideas into his stories while keeping them relatively short.

His most recent story on the Casey Anthony saga  is very interesting.  Like Hal, I wonder how the Casey Anthony story could be categorized by the E! network as a “True Hollywood Story.”

Photo credit: Wikepedia

Hollywood?  Does it even make sense?

There is something very tasteless about positioning this tragedy as a Hollywood scandal – assuming “scandal” is the angle they use.   If this the Casey Anthony story is “Hollywood” then King Kong is Swan Lake.

Hal provided quotes from some of Anthony’s former friends, Dorothy Sims, Michelle Bart, Zenaida Gonzalez, and others.

I want to include the quote Hal used from Zenaida because last night I wrote a post that was somewhat critical of the civil lawsuit, mostly because Morgan and Morgan have pushed the publicity envelope in such a dramatic way and it feels like it’s a theatrical event geared more toward advertising than a legitimate case.

But then I read this quote from Zenaida:

 It started going down like, ‘You’re a baby killer, you killed that baby.’ They were going to kidnap my daughters and see how I like [it] and then they started saying that they [were] going to kill them and they [were] going to send them to me in pieces in a box to my house and yeah. … I hate that part.

I didn’t realize the extent of the misery she suffered at the hands of horrible attacks.  I never realized that she was attacked to that extent.  It’s not easy to wrap my brain around people who would get their kicks out of attacking her in that way.   So, I am now of the mind that yes, Zenaida must be compensated.  However, if she did loose her job, I hope she pursues a lawsuit there, too.

Continued thanks to Hal the TV Guy, for his excellent reporting about the madness in this sad saga.


READ Hal Boedeker:

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  1. Oct 14 2011

    See? She has a good cause for the lawsuit. I think its the attorneys that people have the distaste for, moreso than Zenaida’s cause. They seem to have an opportunist’s reputation and that, of course, extends to their client in some people’s minds, mine included, at times. 😮

    Lie I said, good bloggers have written articles both pro and con about this lawsuit that have had me convinced either way.

    Que sera, sera…? lol

    • Oct 14 2011

      I have always felt Zenaida had a reasonable case.

      I hope she wins. Somehow, some way the family needs to face some form of justice

      Hiya Andrea! (waving to Sherry!)

      I have been so so so busy recently but I wanted to let you know I still read here very often!!!

  2. offthecuff
    Oct 14 2011

    Wow! Casey is somehow missing in her own Hollywood saga! I guess this is one way of doing the Casey story without paying Casey a mint. They should at least have her decked out in her disguise for a comment or two, maybe to plead the fifth.

    I think the Casey story reeks of Hollywood drama (unfortunately). Just flip through the channels some night or check out some of the popular movies. Parts of The Wizard of Oz even comes to mind. Yes, someone could post a picture of the Witch next to Casey’s and you’d know what I mean.

  3. Faith
    Oct 14 2011

    With all the crazy stuff that came out at the time of the trial and KC getting off I don’t understand why anyone would be surprised at what Zenaida was subjected to. Many people protested on both sides of the case,some at the A’s house,some at the courthouse,and some against Zenaida. I too hope she sues her employer,if she was fired and I hope she gets a judgement against KC & the A’s.
    Thanks Andrea for another excellent post.
    Hope you have a great week-end.
    I just burned dinner so I guess I’ll order pizza and have that all week-end.

  4. Oct 16 2011

    I have been a proponent of this lawsuit from the beginning. The statement by Zenaida is similar if not the same from interviews. It’s not like she was making a ton of money to begin with, it’s what befell her once the media found out she was being investigated. She was a single mother struggling to provide for her children which is hard to begin with. The suit asked for $15k in damages. This is not a huge windfall as much as it would be vindication for her and the money sure would help. Naturally any attorney she could get would go after the thousands of dollars in free advertisement. I would bet anyone put in the same situation would seek satisfaction.


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