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weekly photo challenge: Possibility

The WordPress photo challenge this week is possibility and I thought of this photo right away.   It was a rainy day at Fern Forest, in South Florida, and getting rainier.  Because of the rain, there was just no way I’d be able to explore the possibilities beyond that wooden path.  I didn’t want to get my camera wet, but I really wanted to capture the path before I left.

And then I saw it.  A HUGE spider – so huge and hanging on a wild and complicated web inches from me.  Apparently it was a female spider because there’s a baby spider hanging on the web just behind the female.   The baby spider is brown and not easy to see.  Had I not been so unnerved, I may have taken more pictures.    Needless to say, I hate spiders, but glad I got at least one picture before the rain really came down.

Later I was informed it’s a Banana Spider and is harmless. Harmless, huh?  Well…. Don’t spiders have teeth??

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