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October 14, 2011


weekly photo challenge: Possibility

by Andrea O'Connell

The WordPress photo challenge this week is possibility and I thought of this photo right away.   It was a rainy day at Fern Forest, in South Florida, and getting rainier.  Because of the rain, there was just no way I’d be able to explore the possibilities beyond that wooden path.  I didn’t want to get my camera wet, but I really wanted to capture the path before I left.

And then I saw it.  A HUGE spider – so huge and hanging on a wild and complicated web inches from me.  Apparently it was a female spider because there’s a baby spider hanging on the web just behind the female.   The baby spider is brown and not easy to see.  Had I not been so unnerved, I may have taken more pictures.    Needless to say, I hate spiders, but glad I got at least one picture before the rain really came down.

Later I was informed it’s a Banana Spider and is harmless. Harmless, huh?  Well…. Don’t spiders have teeth??

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  1. Oct 14 2011

    The path is inviting, rain or shine. I love the spider and her wee baby… harmless and very talented, with the web making and all..

    • Oct 16 2011

      Hi Maggie… Oh my yes, the web making is brilliant – very intricate and I’m very glad I didn’t step through it – I’m getting shivers right now just thinking of it!

  2. Oct 15 2011

    I made a puzzle out of your wooden path photo. Very inviting. Perhaps you will go down that path for us and share your photos of what is beyond what we see. And the little baby is cute.

    I get those banana spiders in my garden all of the time. They must hitch a ride on the bananas I buy. I toss the peels in the compost. I had one that spread its web across my strawberry patch making it quite the feat to pick the berries that year. They are good sized but I owned a tarantula once-named her Harriet. My brother was allergic to her and many people are. Thing is, don’t blow on a tarantula! They will rub off their “fur” as a defense and it is itchy! 😯

    • Oct 16 2011

      Sherreeeeeeeee? You had a tarantula? Holy cow! I tell you what, I’ve seen those hairy monsters behind a glass cage at Butterfly World, and it’s not easy for me to even look at them – my skin crawls just thinking of them! Yikes!

      I keep meaning to get back to the park and go down that path. The weather is getting cooler here, so I absolutely will share my photos. 🙂

      • Oct 16 2011

        I will look forward to seeing them! Its a stress buster for me to peruse photos like yours-scenic or playful, like ones of Jazz and the those ugly ducks, lol. I enjoy making them into jigsaw puzzles and working on them.

      • Oct 16 2011

        I forgot that that bridge photo is one I’ve used for wallpaper. Your camera takes clear, sharp shots and its beautiful in full screen.

  3. Oct 15 2011

    Great photos. That bridge is beautiful, and the spider, well it’s a great photo. 🙂

    • Oct 16 2011

      Hi Katie – Thank you so much…. I wish I’d had my macro lens to get a better shot of the baby… But, it’s not all that pleasant to be in such close proximity to a spider….. 🙂

  4. Oct 15 2011

    Sherry…very interesting about the tarantula. One of my brothers used to have one and he insisted that I hold it. I’m not afraid of spiders, but this was the largest spider I’d ever seen in my life. I let it crawl up my arm and onto my shoulder, but when it started to crawl on the back of my neck and into my hair…I was done with it! I didn’t blow on it, but I do remember how itchy I was afterward. Thanks for that interesting factoid!

    Andrea, beautiful photos! I have a collection of spider photos, taken with my 60mm macro lens. I love to get up-close & personal. Not all spiders are cool with that!

    • Oct 16 2011

      Hey Kitt! Well, you’re so much braver than I am, Kitt! I wish I’d had the macro lens that day – it’s my favorite lens! I do plan to go back, but I must say, those banana spiders do not look nice – I cannot believe they are harmless! They don’t look harmless to me! I don’t mind other creatures at all. And, as a kid I was not at all afraid of snakes and would hold them with no trouble, but roaches and spiders I cannot deal with. Seeing roaches make me feel sick to my stomach but spiders – they just scare the hell outta me!


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