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October 18, 2011


anthony case news

by Andrea O'Connell

Andrea - only dreamin'

Before discussing the news of the day, I want to tell you about my new blog look!  It’s the newest WordPress blog theme – just released today.

The theme is called iTheme2; created in appreciation for Steve Jobs, and Apple.

What do you think?  Do you like it?

I’d love to hear your constructive feedback.  Is it easy to read and navigate in?  My favorite thing about this blog is the sliding post feature at the top of the Home page!

Now for the news of the day

The Orlando Sentinel’s Anthony Colarossi, is reporting that the Florida Bar has disclosed the nature of the two (2) complaints against attorney Jose Baez.

Complaint One:  As expected, one of the Florida Bar complaints against Jose Baez is regarding his failure to produce expert witness discovery.   This took place in January of 2011, when Judge Belvin Perry ordered the defense to produce expert witness discovery by a certain deadline date.  When the defense failed to comply, Judge Perry concluded that the defense willfully violated its court order and ordered sanctions.

Prosecutor, Jeff Ashton, frustrated by the refusal of  Jose Baez to follow the rules of discovery and the court, advised the court that the defense had a history of deliberately skirting deadlines, and contempt or sanctions should be imposed.

Jose Baez was sanctioned by the court – ordered to pay $583 as penalty.

This is the very issue now up for review by the Florida Bar.

I wonder if the Bar is also looking at a similar violation that occurred in June 2011, during the trial, over defense witness Dr. William Rodriquez.

This was another typical scenario in which Baez attempted to hide certain aspects of Dr. Rodriquez’ testimony, clearly to ambush Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton.  Baez must think that “Perry Mason Moments” are a make it or break it strategy in the courtroom.  The truth is, defense lawyers want to win, and some of them will do whatever it takes to get a leg up –  rules be damned.

If the Florida Bar fails to act, it will set a bad precedent, perhaps encouraging other lawyers to bend the laws, too.  We can’t have that!

Complaint Two:  This complaint surrounds the felony check fraud charges that Casey Anthony was found guilty of prior to the murder trial.

The Honorable Judge Stan Strickland found Anthony guilty on 6 of the 13 charges of check fraud.

Judge Strickland sentenced Anthony to time-served, and one year probation to be served after the murder case is concluded.  Judge Strickland, who, by the way, is retiring at the end of this year, was very clear in his ruling, but a court clerks written report erred in its description of how the probation was to be served.  The error only came to light at the conclusion of the murder trial.  Judge Strickland realized his court order was not followed and resubmitted the probation order.

The defense fought hard to throw out the probation. They were desperate to prove that applying probation would be akin to double jeopardy, since Anthony served probation while in jail.

That argument, so weak, went no where and Judge Perry ordered Anthony to serve her probation as Judge Strickland originally ordered.

During the hearing concerning this issue, it came to light that Baez knew she was serving probation in jail, but didn’t correct the situation.

It’s against the law for you and I to violate a court order.  When a lawyer willfully disobeys a court order, there should be consequences.  If a lawyer cannot follow the basic rules of procedure required for an officer of the court, the system is in trouble.  Let’s hope the Florida Bar agrees.

Early retirement for my favorite Judge 

I just read this evening that the Honorable Stan Strickland is retiring from the Bench beginning December 31, 2011.

Judge Strickland has served Central Florida in the 9th Circuit Court for 21 years.   He spoke briefly to Anthony Colarossi, reporter for the Orlando Sentinel today, and said:

Once it becomes tedium, it’s hard to continue on.  It’s hard to explain: You just know when it’s time, and it’s time.  ~Judge Stan Strickland

Reporter Colarossi asked Judge Strickland if the Casey Anthony case had anything to do with his decision to resign, the Judge said:

Did that have a part in the wearing process? Sure.  But not a part in the ultimate decision.

I am happy for the Judge, but sorry for the people of Central Florida who are losing one of its finest.

So many of us – everyone visiting this blog – have shared their thoughts regarding Judge Strickland’s nonpareil service to the Casey Anthony case; he is held in hight regard here.

I have the highest regard for Judge Strickland. Not only is he an excellent Jurist, he’s a very nice man.

Socrates, writing in approximately 470 B.C., wrote the following, which I think sums up perfectly who Judge Strickland is:

Four things belong to a judge:

to hear courteously,
to answer wisely,
to consider soberly, and
to decide impartially.  ~ Socrates

It’s as if  Socrates had Judge Strickland in mind here, don’t you think?!

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  1. Oct 18 2011

    Love the look-and the new butterfly!

    All the best to Judge Strickland~
    Sorry. I can’t say the same for Baez…

  2. Oct 19 2011

    God Andrea, just when I got use to your page, I thought I stumbled on to another. I hate the new page…..but I’m used to it now…lol.
    I have nothing but admiration for Judge Strickland. He maintained high scores in his reviews on the bench for fairness and knowledge. I didn’t know of him before the Anthony case but I do know the system is loosing a great Judge. I hope him and his wife do well in the upcoming venture. As far as Baez……I have a gut feeling that a year or so from now the question will be, “Baez who?” A person usually has to have a redeeming quality to be remembered. Oh God! Now I forgot who I was………

    • Oct 19 2011

      Damaged, do you really hate it, or is it because its such a big change and you needed to adjust to it? Lol I don’t want to dissapoint anyone.least of al you!

  3. Hilde
    Oct 19 2011

    Andrea, I know You like experiencing with new Backgrounds 🙂
    I am sure this one won’t be the last. It’s nice, if You like it, that really is all that matters! 😉
    As for Judge Strickland, I only wish him the best in his Retirement.
    He is a fair Man and didn’t deserve what Baez and Gang did to him.
    Baez needs to be held responsible for his unethical Behavior at the Trial.
    It was wrong on so many Levels how he achieved winning that Case!

  4. OhWell
    Oct 19 2011

    Your Blog is aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. It is also a nice salute to Steve Jobs, not to mention butterflies. I must admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for both.
    As for Baez…agree, agree, agree… I have a feeling he is about to get a dose of humble pie, served to his face…(LOL)

  5. Oct 19 2011

    Andrea, The new look of your blog is gorgeous. I find it very appealing, and the colors are great. As for Judge Strickland, he is a good man, and a superb judge. The Anthony case has caused many decent men and woman to say enough is enough. Baez and his client are morally bankrupt, and do not care how many people they throw under the bus. It has been reported Baez was seen with Barbara Walters in New York. If the ABC broadcasting company puts this corrupt attorney or his felon client on a TV, I hope the public boycotts them. With any luck the Florida bar will show some spunk and punish Baez. Don’t hold your breath!

  6. Oct 19 2011

    I love the look but I can’t see the names of the posters, only the gravatars! Is it only me?

    • Oct 19 2011

      Not just you, Kim!

      • Oct 19 2011

        Oh dear! Is it better now Sherry?

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Oct 19 2011

        No. I wonder why it is like that? It seems mighty odd.

    • Oct 19 2011

      Hi Kim! I think I fixed the issue about font size? Is it better?

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Oct 19 2011

        I don’t see any names at all yet. The entire thing is lovely and makes me want to look at a new theme for mine – I dunno tho

  7. Linda
    Oct 20 2011

    Hi Andrea, I like the new place except the writing is a little small.. Some of us are old you know…..LOL
    I think the Florida bar is taking notice of the 2 complaints because I’d bet they are both from judges….. Maybe one from Perry( Cheif Justice) and the other from Strickland. As far as Mr. Baeeezzzzzzzz I doubt we will be seeing him anytime soon in a courtroom…..After everyone watching him at Caseys trial what jury would ever believe him? And I hope the same goes for the rest of the DREAM TEAM.

  8. Oct 21 2011

    Love the new look.
    I’m not seeing posters names, as well.
    It took me forever to find where/how to post a comment, but now that I’ve found it, it’s all good!


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