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October 19, 2011


civil lawsuit news in the anthony case

by Andrea O'Connell

The Florida vs. Casey Anthony murder trial is long over, but I am still very interested in the legal ramifications, and the civil case fallout, which continues to fall out.

Now, that Anthony has civil lawsuits to contend with, this interesting but bizarre story will continue to draw a media audience.

It was reported in the media just today that a Orlando Judge refused to throw out the lawsuit filed by Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch.  As you know, Tim Miller is trying to recoup thousands of dollars worth of time and resources that were poured into finding Caylee.

Tim Miller should have his day in court, especially since Baez admitted in his opening statement that  Caylee was never missing but drowned on July 16th.  And since Anthony was found not guilty, she has to answer for her  fraudulent claims.

She’s got Baez to thank for that.  Since, as a result of Baez’ telling the jury that Caylee was “never missing,” and because Anthony was found not guilty, Baez has essentially confirmed that Casey Anthony fraudulently duped the public and the public servants into believing that Caylee was alive.

Not for a moment do I believe that Baez thought Anthony would be cleared of the murder charges.   If he actually thought he had a chance to win the case, I doubt he’d ever admit that Anthony knew all along that Caylee drowned.

I wonder if this story and the George and Lee Anthony abuse allegations were just a last-ditch Hail Mary?  I can’t imagine that Baez would go out on a limb with such stories had he known there would be financial consequences, or perhaps those impacts never entered his mind.

If Anthony had been found guilty, she’d not be responsible these tremendous costs that will continue to pile up.  That’s one reason I honestly don’t believe Baez thought he’d prevail in this case.

The State Attorney had more than enough evidence to convict – everyone believed it, too.  No one in their right mind thought Baez could or would win this case!  But then, no one counted on his ability to connect so well with the jurors, who to the defense’s benefit, turned out to be spineless followers only interested in getting out of Dodge.

Everyone was sure Casey was going to spend many years behind bars.

Until the perfect storm blew in from Clearwater, Florida.

On another note, Charles Greene, Anthony’s Civil Attorney, has a motion on the table to stop the release of the Morgan and Morgan recent video deposition of Anthony.   Greene filed an emergency motion to seal the video.  A Judge will hear arguments tomorrow.

Let’s face it, if the video is released, and I’m sure it will be, it will only serve to rekindle the public’s  anger toward Anthony.

It’s time to end the hate – that does not mean forget, it means public vitriol against Anthony is uncivilized.  Just my opinion.

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  1. Oct 19 2011

    I agree about Baez believing Felon Anthony would get sent up. It took him by surprise. I wonder if the reason they celebrated was because they needed a drink after being given that not guilty verdict?

    I think Ms. Anthony will soon be wishing she were in prison-the real one.

  2. Linda
    Oct 20 2011

    Andrea, Baez is Caseys own worst enemy…. Why won’t he just let her get on with her life? He is ONLY looking out for himself.. He thinks he’s gonna hit the jackpot with her first photos or interview. Believe me he is not doing it for Casey..While he’s out celebration and pimping himself out, Where is She? All the shows on tv now are inserting her name into them as a murderer……Just tonight on Law and Order they used her name again…..There is NOTHING Hose Baez can do to change her image.Even eminems new song is about her, how she killed her baby….just to get her groove on……killed her with chloroform, Do you think she should do porn?
    Trust me its not pretty..Caseys name will reach many generations as a Baby Killer who got away with murder..As far as Baez

  3. Linda
    Oct 20 2011

    I do hope all the civil suits go foward, Tim deserve ALL his money back. Too bad he can’t include all the Anthonys into it..I hope Morgan gets the tapes released..Casey is no better than any other criminal in Florida. Not to mention no one knows where she is……Who really cares?

  4. colleen
    Oct 20 2011

    I hope the civil suits goes forward. That organization of Tim Miller’s basically wasted their resourses, that being, time and money. They could have been searching for someone else.

    Andrea, i like the new look of your site, especially the colour.

    • Oct 22 2011

      Hey there Colleen! I sure do agree with you there… thanks for the feedback, too! I really kinda like it, too! And, I love a change!

  5. Oct 20 2011

    When I commented on your Jazz post, I didn’t realize you also live in South Florida. I’m over in West Palm Beach. Right now the world feels pretty small 🙂
    Anyway, I have a couple pictures up today of my baby.

    • Oct 22 2011

      Hi George! Yup, I’m in Pompano Beach. It’s a small world, isn’t it? I was in Boca Raton last night at the Caldwell Theatre’s opening night of a wonderful piece – I can’t remember the title at the moment! sheesh!

  6. weezie
    Oct 20 2011

    Andrea; How funny. I started reading the posts and didn’t see anyone’s name. Then I looked to the right and saw that it says who is posting (name wise). Love the calendar too. It’s much easier to read.

    My thoughts….. Tim Miller should by rights get all his expenses returned to him. He does not run a profit business, but a service that is for lost, murdered, abductees, mostly young people. He is ernestly helping many distraught families to try and recover or find their loved ones. If Casey lied to detectives about an alive Caylee, sending everyone in different directions, then SHE SHOULD PAY. Her lies and Baez’s defence of them only prove to all of us, that the legal system isn’t set up to give justice to the departed. It is a masterful gamemanship of lying to protect the arrested avenger. The pendulum has shifted so far to the left in the judicial system, that the jurors arrive, in this case with innocence, when not one person disagreed about the smell in the trunk, a dead body, and yet she drowned. Who can make sense of the verdict!!!!! It’s plainly ludicrous.

    P.S. Andrea is there a way you can add a spell check bar?

    • Oct 22 2011

      Hey Weezie… Spell check? Hmm. There should be spell check when you make comments – at least, that’s the case when I post…. And, the font is a bit on the small side…. I’ve been playing with it to try to get it just right, this appears like it’s the best I can do…. 🙂 Happy weekend, by the way!

      • Oct 24 2011

        Hi girl; Here is a test. Do smell spell o whell. Nope no place does it say spell check. Just two boxes::::
        notify me of follow-up comments via email
        notify me of new posts via email

        and of course POST COMMENT. That’s why you see so many boo boo’s I guess and after a glass of vino it only goes down hill from there. lol

      • Oct 25 2011


  7. Oct 24 2011

    By the way, on Saturday night on 48 hours, there was a huge story on Tim Miller. I had no idea about his background and the man he stalked, thinking he was his daughter’s killer. Turned out it wasn’t him and he apologized profusely to the community’s outcast. Turned out he later was killed on a railway track sitting in a golf cart. It was ruled and accident, but a lot felt he commited suicide. It was a story so gripping, that a movie was made about all these murders. Will try to find something to send you to it.

    • Oct 25 2011

      Hi Weezie, Yes! I saw that program too. The movie is “The Texas Killing Fields” but I don’t know when its coming out, or maybe it already did! What was interesting to me was that Texas REQUIRES an attorney to disclose to the judge what they’re going to use to create reasonable doubt. The defense in this case was not permitted to bring up the doubt they wanted to use as a result. I wonder if that’s why texas has so many on death row? Florida is very liberal as evidenced by the defense being allowed to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. With that advantage and a gullible jury, the defense has a pretty good shot at inventing a fairy tale, wouldn’t you say?! Sheesh!

    • Oct 27 2011

      Yes exactly. And the little fairy took off into the night with a pitchfork.
      What surprised me on the show was Tim Miller’s obsession with the suspect, that turned out not to be the culprit. I can hardly wait to see the movie. I wonder if it’s out yet?


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