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October 23, 2011


Boedeker, Books and Blogging

by Andrea O'Connell

In today’s Orlando Sentinel, there are two pieces by Hal Boedeker that are quite good.

I always enjoy reading Hal Boedeker’s take on the Casey Anthony saga – he’s so down to earth and asks questions that people want to talk about.  His columns on the Anthony story are always popular, always generating hundreds of comments.  There was a time when I’d read the comments with interest, I even commented once, too.  But as time wore on, the comments became so ugly and over the top, filled with such hateful vitriol that was (and still is) too bizarre for my taste.

But, Hal Boedeker’s work is always excellent; here are links to today’s two stories that contain interesting analysis from the lawyer analysts covering the trial.

  1. Analysis and Q and A with Bill Shaeffer, Richard Hornsby, Mark NeJame and Diana Tennis.
  2. Interview with Bill Shaeffer, who says trial was Soap Opera

It’s interesting how we just can’t stop talking about his case! It’s still an open book to be dissected.  When Boedeker discusses Anthony in a column, he’ll get hundreds and hundreds of comments.   Even when I write about the case, the number of visitors to my blog literally triples.   And when the trial began, starting with jury selection, and right up until the end, I’d receive well over two thousand visitors a day, often more.

It was really a weird feeling to know so many people read my thoughts….  I never expected that – ever.

A lot of blogs and media outlets experienced huge increases in Internet traffic as a result of this case. This was a good thing because most of the bigger blogs or media outlets are able to turn the Internet traffic into a bigger revenue stream for them. WordPress puts advertising on blogs like mine for the revenue stream, too.   I have no control over the ads you may see unless I want to pay WordPress to prevent them from posting their ads.   I’m more than happy to let them advertise!  I hope they make some money from their blog sites since they offer virtually everything on WordPress dot com completely free to the blogger.

Anyway, now I forget what the point of all this was going to be!

Oh yes, public interest in this story.  I’m still interested in the Anthony case, but not as before.  There are many days that I forget about it, and that’s good.

I stopped reading for pleasure when this case began.  Now I’ve started reading a lot again.  I read three books this week.   I finished the Jacyee Dugard book about her years of captivity; titled, “A Stolen Life: A Memoir.”   I’m glad I read it, but it was difficult to get through because of the extreme  suffering she lived with for so many years (she was abducted at age 11.)   I have a great respect for her and her will to survive.  It’s a very quick read, told in her own words, (without a Ghostwriter’s help), and for that I was impressed.

But the book I recommend so highly is “ROOM” by Emma Donoghue, written in 2010.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  The story is narrated by a five year old who was born as a result of his mother being abducted at age 19 and held prisoner in a shed in her captors backyard.  Her son, Jack, has never been outside the shed to experience the real world.  The relationship between mother and son is captivating; and the situation they’re in is made horrifying by their captor.

I don’t want to say too much about ROOM because I don’t want to spoil the story for you.

I  can’t decide what to read next!  I have so many lined up in my Nook just waiting to be devoured and even more on my book shelves, too.

Well, I think I’m going to read “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skoot next.

So, the weekend’s officially over now.   It was a great one, too:  Live Theatre, shopping, babysitting my niece, and reading…. perfect in every way!



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  1. offthecuff
    Oct 24 2011

    Unless I misunderstood some of the interviews done by Boedeker, Schaeffer is the only high profile lawyer in this case who claims his firm hasn’t gotten more business because of this case! That I can’t believe, although I like Schaeffer, his analysis, and his mannerisms.

    Also, in Schaeffer’s interview in Boedeker’s “Q and A” , Schaeffer was so excited about the whole case and trial that he makes it sound like an analysts’ feeding-frenzy. Although it’s true that it was a feeding frenzy, much like a pack of wolves or vultures, I myself would tone it down into something horrid and sad to watch (Cindy breaking down for example), not something exciting.

    I realize that he is a lawyer and from listening to him almost daily, I know he enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of lawyers at work, but the trial also exposed wrecked lives, the debauchery of deceit, and horrible callousness involving a dead child. Nothing to get “excited” about.

    • Oct 24 2011

      HI OfftheCuff!
      I thought it was interesting that Shaeffer claimed he hadn’t gotten more business as a result of the case! I think he’s very honest, and humble, so I thought, either he’s very modest and doesn’t want to boast about the business, or his practice was so busy anyway that the notoriety didn’t make a noticeable difference.

      I so appreciate how you are able to pick out nuanced aspects of an article and bring it into the focus of reality…… Indeed, it truly was a “…debauchery of deceit.”

  2. CptKD
    Oct 24 2011

    Just thought I’d drop off a quick hello…

    I am still around – And yes! I am still reading!
    Usually from my phone since becoming “couch-bound”, so this limits me in posting comments all of a sudden!

    I need to upgrade my phone, being that everything has once again, become even more high-tech. It’s just that there is nothing really wrong with my phone, except when I want to reply to a post, it shuts itself down.

    I swear that Bell Mobility does it on purpose, and ever so slowly, the phone’s capabilities and abilities almost seem to decline on a daily basis. The poor thing appears to be almost ancient at this point…

    Anyways, I will no doubt eventually CAVE and take my angry butt to Bell to get me something newer – LOL!

    Anyhow, I wanted to check in and see how things are.
    It is definately different catching up from a pc than from my piddly-diddly cell phone!

    Things are looking good, and everything seems so complete, organized and enriched – I like it!

    I hope you are well, and taking care of yourself!

    Things have sort of gone ‘a-kafuffled’ in my world – But I’m hanging in there, and I am doing my best to handle things as they come! I just keep fighting the same ol’ good fight.

    And so….Assuming all the fighting works in my favour, and I’m not called upon anytime soon, I will be back, and I will definately try to get back on the “What do you think” ride a little more often, k!

    In the meantime, please know, I miss ya – And I miss your peeps’ as well!

    So a big shout-out to them also….
    “Cap’s been in da-house!!!”

    And so, with the warmest regards – And the greatest hugs!
    I’m heading back to the couch, with big smiles on my face – LOL! Looking forward to my next visit… ‘Til next time!


    • Oct 24 2011

      CptKD! It’s soooooo good to hear from you and I hope you’re on the mend for good! I’ve been thinking of you and sending positive, healing energy your way!
      If you can, get an iPhone! they are wonderful – I cannot do without my phone….attached to my body it is!
      I’m glad you like the new blog look! I like it, too.

      It’s so great to hear “Cap’s been in da-house!”

      Thanks for bringing your great energy with you! Hugs right back at ya.

  3. Oct 24 2011

    Andrea, Thank you, both articles were very interesting. Bill Shaeffer has always been one of my favorite attorneys. Mark NeJame is also one of the best. What I admire about both of these men is their honesty; they never twisted the facts to suit their take on the case. What a contrast they are to Baez and Mason. I wish both of them the very best, and hope to see more of their analysis on other cases.


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