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October 26, 2011


the dreyfuss initiative

by Andrea O'Connell

Credit: The Dreyfuss Initiative

I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Richard Dreyfuss tonight!   He spoke to a full house of students at Nova Southeastern University.

Dreyfuss is dedicating the rest of his life to pursue his passion for educating young Americans about civics.  (Sadly, only 3% of the schools in this country are teaching civics.)

I didn’t realize this.  Did you?

He described the seriousness of this issue if nothing is done to equip our children (who are our future), with an education around civics.  They need to know how the government and the laws work in this country.  If they grow up ignorant on these issues, it’s akin to national suicide.  It’s a serious, serious problem.

If our children are not up to the challenge of leading America into the future, another entity will.

Kids have not been learning about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution or its amendments; most have no idea why or how the three branches of government work; they do not appreciate the basics of how the legal system operates, and so much more.

I have so much to say on this topic! Unfortunately, it’s much too late for me to write coherently on tonight’s program.  I will be doing a post about this issue.  I do hope to start a conversation about this serious problem.

In the meantime, the Dreyfus Initiative website is below.  Check it out!

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  1. The Ed Buzz
    Oct 27 2011

    Are you talking about the subject ‘civics’ or the subject of ‘civics as defined by and actor’? 8th graders learn the bill of rights, juniors get US history and seniors get government and economics. Where is the disconnect?

  2. Douglas Dodds
    May 12 2014

    It is now or too late. Our Government has lost touch with the people of this nation and the DC Ivory Tower thinks it knows what is best for us. I fought for Freedom and Because my country asked me to do so in Vietnam. (the following quote is partially what we used to recite as soldiers and we beilieved in these words) “I am an American fighting man who guards this country and out way of life, I am Prepared to give that life in the country’s Defense”. Our President does not understand the meaning of that. The price we pay for Freedom and Liberty is the responsibility we must not ignor. Bengazi proves that our president puts political gain above his responsibility to we the people. By being President, he is commander in chief. but he is not fit to fill the boots of a single soldier. He is trying to give away our constitutional rights. He does not realize that he is supposed to work for us. Our Congressmen and Senators work for us but are totally controlled by lobbyists and their dedication to making a carrier of their office and filling their pockets more important than their responsibility to serve the public. Civic awareness can change the status quo.


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