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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden


I guess most kids are enchanted by cats.   My niece, Elizabeth, is.   Looking for the cat is always the first thing on her agenda.

Elizabeth has learned that the first place to look for an elusive cat is under a bed.  Oh yes, she’s learned this from experience.  And, sure enough, as soon as the cat senses Elizabeth’s presence, he flies or dives under the nearest bed like a rocket.

When Elizabeth finds the poor cat, whether it’s shivering under the bed or hanging by its nails from the chandelier, she cries,  “There he is, there he is!  Andrea, come quick, there is he, come look under the bed, Andrea!!”

Well, just as the cat realizes he’s been discovered, he scoots out from under that bed so quickly his fur nearly whistles in the wind while Elizabeth screams, “Oh no!!!  C’ mon!  Let’s go look under the other bed, Andrea!”

And we do this for the next hour, or so.

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