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October 28, 2011


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

by Andrea O'Connell


I guess most kids are enchanted by cats.   My niece, Elizabeth, is.   Looking for the cat is always the first thing on her agenda.

Elizabeth has learned that the first place to look for an elusive cat is under a bed.  Oh yes, she’s learned this from experience.  And, sure enough, as soon as the cat senses Elizabeth’s presence, he flies or dives under the nearest bed like a rocket.

When Elizabeth finds the poor cat, whether it’s shivering under the bed or hanging by its nails from the chandelier, she cries,  “There he is, there he is!  Andrea, come quick, there is he, come look under the bed, Andrea!!”

Well, just as the cat realizes he’s been discovered, he scoots out from under that bed so quickly his fur nearly whistles in the wind while Elizabeth screams, “Oh no!!!  C’ mon!  Let’s go look under the other bed, Andrea!”

And we do this for the next hour, or so.

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  1. Oct 28 2011

    Love it!

    I spent a whole day in that position a couple of months ago, trying to coax out a cat that had a tummy ache so I could take him to the veterinarian.

    I’ll bet Elizabeth found it easier to stand up than I did.

    • Oct 30 2011

      Oh, me too, Kathy! Once they get under the bed, that’s it for me! Fortunately, my love doesn’t hide from me…. just from little people and most people he meets for the first time. To go to the vet, I get the carrier out a couple of days in advance. When it’s time to go, I bundle him in my arms when he’s in a deep cat nap so he’s none the wiser!

  2. Oct 28 2011

    beautiful, and what a cosy place for the cat to hide!

    • Oct 30 2011

      Thank you so much, dadirri! And, oh my yes, under the best is the coziest place for a scardie-cat!

  3. Oct 29 2011

    I love this image! Just classic! And oh my, what pretty hair.:) What a fun image and your words just were a joy to read. Thank you! 🙂

    • Oct 30 2011

      Hi Katie! Thank you for your sweet comments! And, you’re right, her hair is really a shiny blond, like the cool colors of the sunset on a field of wheat…. curly, too! .

  4. Oct 29 2011


  5. Oct 29 2011

    This is hilarious! If I was the cat, I’d be hiding too. It reminds me of the cartoon where the girl wants to squeeze and hold the cat. Yep, I’d run!

    • Oct 30 2011

      Oh yes, that’s exactly what the cat thinks, too, George!

  6. Oct 29 2011

    My new arrival uses the underneath of our king size bed to scurry under when we get out of the bed and she is on the floor playing. It’s her reserve hiding place and then when we get back on the bed up she comes for more loving and petting. She’s a real doll. She is the cutie dilute calico. The other blonde is her brother but unfortunately we couldn’t adopt him too. I feel so bad about it too. She has adjusted really well and our older female is taking a curious shine to her antics. Believe me I had the first two days looking under everything before |I found DAISY.

    • Oct 30 2011

      Hi Weezie! Daisy is adorable! What a precious kitten you’ve adopted! I know how you feel about wanting her sibling, too….. it’s difficult when you want to take home the whole bunch!

      The pics on that link are lovely and it’s easy to see how much the kittens were loved before they were given away…. Looks like you got a winner in Daisy (love that name too!) So sweet! Happy for you to have such a joyous kitty!

  7. Oct 30 2011

    What does Andrea do to the poor cat to make him hide from her? so cute.

    • Oct 30 2011

      Hi Maggie! LOL! You’d think I was a mean mom! Sometimes, when the cat is discovered (by accident) by Elizabeth, the cat freezes and she can get a really good look at him – that makes her day! The cat? Not so much!

  8. Nandini
    Oct 30 2011

    This is a sweet little story. And a cute picture to go along. Wonderful 🙂

    • Oct 30 2011

      Thank you, Nandini! The “hidden” challenge was a fun one!

      • Nandini
        Oct 31 2011

        Yes for me too 😉

    • Nov 3 2011

      I sure love your cat, Frizz! And, no doubt she thinks she’s invisible! She (he?) looks very kissable!

  9. Oct 30 2011

    They are interesting characters are cats – love the shot, and wow she does have gorgeous hair

  10. jakesprinter
    Oct 30 2011

    Nice Shot for this week theme hidden .

  11. Nov 1 2011

    Very cute shot!

  12. Nov 3 2011

    Fun 🙂


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