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miami dolphins winning?

I’m sitting at my computer for the last hour surfing the web and reading the news.

Until two seconds ago I hadn’t settled on what I wanted to write about until I opened the link to the Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale newspaper),  and saw that the Miami Dolphins are in the lead against the NY Giants!

At this moment, on this day, the paper reports that the Miami Dolphins are looking like supremely good foot-ballers (Is that a word?).

I hope the lead lasts until the game’s end…  Well, it’s 2:45 pm, EST., will they be in the lead at 3:00?  I hope so though I’m not really a football fan.  Most everyone in my sphere of family and friends, are huge fans.  And since the Dolphins have lost every game so far this season, I can just bet that today’s game is very exciting for Dol-phans.  (There will be nothing but “the game” on our local television news!)

So, Goooooo Dophins!  

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