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halloween hurts a person!

Today was Tuesday.  I have a thing about Tuesdays. I guess because they follow Monday.

Wednesday’s are okay since it’s “hump-day.”

Now, Thursday is a day I like because the next day is Friday, which is the day I live for.

It was bad enough that yesterday was Monday; it was also Halloween.  I have nothing against Halloween – I just have very little control when it comes to candy!

Today I paid for yesterday’s Halloween indulgence, too!

Never do Halloween without it!

Oh, boy, I over did it with the carbohydrates yesterday.  All that candy I ate, I mean, all that candy I shoveled down!

Yesterday’s downfall began at 11:30 a.m.  My work had a Halloween costume contest and fed us with boxes and gobs of pizza.  There was also all kinds of homemade, delicious cookies.  I had one piece of cheese pizza and two yummy cookies.  The two cookies did me in.  What came after was the death knell of body blows.

My head today was a cotton ball, or a grey cloud like in that commercial, for Jimmy Dean, where a guy is in a gray cloud – he looks dismal until he gets his Jimmy Dean.  That was me today without the Jimmy Dean sunshine.

I had eaten the pizza and cookies so early in the day yesterday, I skipped lunch – a monsoon was happening outside – and  I had a load of candy (Butterfingers, Snickers, Nestle Crunch, and more) on hand.  That was lunch.

After work the rain had (finally) subsided so Mom and I took a ride to visit Elizabeth who, we thought, was going dress up as a Bride but decided at the last-minute she wanted to be a ladybug.  She immediately explained: “The bride dress was too itchy and too long to walk in.”

She was a damn cute ladybug!

At Elizabeth’s there was no shortage of candy or food.

I immediately spotted the mini-Quiches looking so yummy with flaky crust on the outside, and cheese and spinach in the middle.  Bite sized little Quiche-devils that were delicious!  And, because I didn’t have lunch, I was really hungry and inhaled them.

I ate at least ten of the Quiche bites.  With a beer.  And with peanut M & M’s.  And, some cookies.  After the cookies it was all over for my stomach and me.

My devil-may-care attitude did me in – the fact that I was shoveling the M & M’s in handfuls proved I’d lost my mind.

At mid-evening, the stomach pains were intense.  I felt like I was being kicked in the stomach by my stomach.

All the way home I was thinking about that full bottle of Pepto Bismol that I knew was under my bathroom sink…. NOT!!  The bottle was practically empty of the pink panacea – that magic potion.  I was crushed, but sucked every last drop out of that bottle.

The pink stuff worked for a little while.  The Rolaids didn’t help so I gave up and went to bed hoping sleep would forgive me.

So now I’m heading out to the store tonight for more.   (Okay, I admit it, I ate a lot of candy today, too.)

What the heck, Halloween comes only once a year!

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