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November 1, 2011


halloween hurts a person!

by Andrea O'Connell

Today was Tuesday.  I have a thing about Tuesdays. I guess because they follow Monday.

Wednesday’s are okay since it’s “hump-day.”

Now, Thursday is a day I like because the next day is Friday, which is the day I live for.

It was bad enough that yesterday was Monday; it was also Halloween.  I have nothing against Halloween – I just have very little control when it comes to candy!

Today I paid for yesterday’s Halloween indulgence, too!

Never do Halloween without it!

Oh, boy, I over did it with the carbohydrates yesterday.  All that candy I ate, I mean, all that candy I shoveled down!

Yesterday’s downfall began at 11:30 a.m.  My work had a Halloween costume contest and fed us with boxes and gobs of pizza.  There was also all kinds of homemade, delicious cookies.  I had one piece of cheese pizza and two yummy cookies.  The two cookies did me in.  What came after was the death knell of body blows.

My head today was a cotton ball, or a grey cloud like in that commercial, for Jimmy Dean, where a guy is in a gray cloud – he looks dismal until he gets his Jimmy Dean.  That was me today without the Jimmy Dean sunshine.

I had eaten the pizza and cookies so early in the day yesterday, I skipped lunch – a monsoon was happening outside – and  I had a load of candy (Butterfingers, Snickers, Nestle Crunch, and more) on hand.  That was lunch.

After work the rain had (finally) subsided so Mom and I took a ride to visit Elizabeth who, we thought, was going dress up as a Bride but decided at the last-minute she wanted to be a ladybug.  She immediately explained: “The bride dress was too itchy and too long to walk in.”

She was a damn cute ladybug!

At Elizabeth’s there was no shortage of candy or food.

I immediately spotted the mini-Quiches looking so yummy with flaky crust on the outside, and cheese and spinach in the middle.  Bite sized little Quiche-devils that were delicious!  And, because I didn’t have lunch, I was really hungry and inhaled them.

I ate at least ten of the Quiche bites.  With a beer.  And with peanut M & M’s.  And, some cookies.  After the cookies it was all over for my stomach and me.

My devil-may-care attitude did me in – the fact that I was shoveling the M & M’s in handfuls proved I’d lost my mind.

At mid-evening, the stomach pains were intense.  I felt like I was being kicked in the stomach by my stomach.

All the way home I was thinking about that full bottle of Pepto Bismol that I knew was under my bathroom sink…. NOT!!  The bottle was practically empty of the pink panacea – that magic potion.  I was crushed, but sucked every last drop out of that bottle.

The pink stuff worked for a little while.  The Rolaids didn’t help so I gave up and went to bed hoping sleep would forgive me.

So now I’m heading out to the store tonight for more.   (Okay, I admit it, I ate a lot of candy today, too.)

What the heck, Halloween comes only once a year!

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  1. colleen
    Nov 1 2011

    Funny post Andrea, I now buy Halloween candy that I don;t like, that way, I’m safe!
    I remember when i had taken my oldest son out trick or treating and we stopped at one of my neighbour’s house, she dumped the whole big bowl of candy into my son’s treat bag “Here take it all, so I won’t eat it”!!! My son was so happy!

    • Nov 2 2011

      Good thinking, Colleen! My problem is, I like ALL candy! 🙂 I’m a candy-o-holic.

  2. Nov 1 2011

    {ooohhhhh} I got a bellyache just reading your post! I hope you are feeling better.

    • Nov 2 2011

      Yeap, Sherry…. all better today now that I gots me some o’ that pink stuff!

  3. Nov 1 2011

    Very, very funny post! We had a potluck at my workplace yesterday, along with our annual costume contest. I really didn’t think I’d eaten that much, but my belly was saying otherwise. I didn’t think I was going to make it to 3:30. And the drive home…it seemed like it was never going to end. All I wanted was to get home and get those pants off! While driving, I told myself to just give up on trying to keep that stomach sucked in, because I’m not fooling anybody. Least of all, myself. So I let it all hang out. And then kept looking down at that blob sitting in my lap and wondering how it got so big so suddenly! I told myself ‘NO MORE FOOD TODAY!!’ But, with it being Halloween….well, you know. Forget about dinner, pass me those peanut M&Ms!!

    • Nov 2 2011

      Ha!!!! Kitt! You gave me a sore belly laugh! Oh, those peanut M & Ms are my one downfall! There’s no candy better – and they go great with popcorn!

  4. Nov 2 2011

    Your post made me hungry! Pizza, and mini-quiches. Gimme salt~ everyone else can have the sweets as long as I get the salty stuff.

    • Nov 2 2011

      Oh yeap, George… I love salt with my chocolate, too!!!


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