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outlaw sex with your abortion amendment, Mississippi

Let me say this first.

Christian Right believers and politicians are digging the graves for women in this country as we speak.  And that is the purpose of  tonight’s rant.

I suppose I’ve had my head in the clouds lately because today is the first I’ve heard of Mississippi’s proposition 26.  I thought I must have been mistaken when I heard this story on NPR this morning.

No mistake.  It’s true.

And.  It. Has. Scared. Me.

It should scare all of us.

If you are a woman reading this, than worry about your female children, and your children’s female children.  If Mississippi’s successfully passes their anti-abortion – pro person proposition, and it goes to the right-slanted Supreme Court, we are all in trouble.

The story is this:  Next week, Mississippi will vote on their proposed amendment number 26, which defines person-hood in the Mississippi state constitution.   Yes. They want to define when a person becomes a PERSON.

Amendment 26 will claim that a fertilized egg is already a person.  A human being.  Of course, the amendment is aimed at knocking down Roe v. Wade in the Supreme Court thereby making abortion illegal. However, amendment 26 goes further than just making abortion illegal.

Under this amendment, a fertilized egg is a person; so, in the twisted Mississippi mind, it follows that birth control is potentially premeditated murder, right?   Well, yes, since the egg is a person already, it would be murder.  What about a doctor who performs an abortion to save the life of the mother?  You guess it, Murder.

What about miscarriages?  Murder she wrote because the mother was probably reckless.

(See what I am getting at?)

What about using regular everyday birth control?  Condoms?   IUDs?  You got it,  Murder.

What about rape victims?  Sorry.  You shouldn’t have been raped, the law could say.

So, Mississippi wants birth control outlawed under this amendment.  This means more babies will be born in impoverished  Mississippi, which means more poverty, and more and more and more problems.  I would tell Mississippi to work on fixing the system to help people who are already born in your state.  Take care of your living people before you govern a fetus, Mississippi.

Unless, Mississippi wants more people to dumb-down.  I bet that’s the goal.

This same amendment is being pushed in more than a dozen other states.  There is a signature campaign in Florida, Montana and Oregon going on now.

A fetus is no more a person than a cell is.  A woman’s body is her own.

If abortion is going to be illegal, then sex for anyone under age 60 should be illegal too.  Makes sense, since men and woman over the age of 60 can’t really make children anymore (usually).

So, let’s get real here!  You can’t have it both ways, Mississippi.  If you want to rule that a person is a person at conception, then sex creates a potential person so sex has to be outlawed, too.

Oh my!  Now that may even be too conservative for the Mississippi Religious Right.

We need another Margaret Sanger – and quickly too.

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