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bald-faced lies about Margaret Sanger for political gain

I don’t have very much time to write tonight because I stayed too late at work finishing a project.

Margaret Sanger, founder of the Planned Parenthood Federation. Photograph: Corbis

Regardless, I want to express my total dismay at the attempt by some horrible people to alter history for the benefit of their political cause.

How dare people deliberately re-write the legacy of Margaret Sanger  (1879 – 1966), on the Internet.   How dare Herbert Cain make up lies and spew them on national television?  We are just learning of his misogyny now – wasn’t his timing poetic justice!

You know, it’s true that we must not believe all we read on the Internet.  It’s important to take it all with not a grain of salt, but with a rock of salt!   Otherwise that rock-salt will hit us from behind – hard.

I did a Google search yesterday using key word:  Margaret Sanger and found vicious lies and horror stories that were absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, 100 percent false.

I was appalled.    However, what is worse are the people who actually believe what they’re reading!

And then we learn that the alleged sexual harassment presidential candidate Herman Cain had the gall to either out right lie about Sanger being a racist, or else he’s totally ignorant of history.

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain issued a blistering, and factually incorrect, attack on Planned Parenthood on Sunday’s Face the Nation. During the interview, Cain confirmed remarks he made six months ago at the Heritage Foundation, where he said: “When Margaret Sanger – check my history – started Planned Parenthood, the objective was to put these centers in primarily black communities so they could help kill black babies before they came into the world. It’s planned genocide.”

Cain’s accusation is not only dangerous, it’s inaccurate. According to the Guttmacher Institute, white women account for 36% of abortions compared to 30% of black women and 25% of Latinas. Sixty-three per cent of abortion clinics are in neighborhoods where more than half the residents are white. Beyond that, Planned Parenthoods do much more than provide safe abortion services: contraception, prenatal care, HIV testing and breast and cervical cancer screenings, to name a few.

by:  Alexander Sanger, grandson of Margaret Sanger, writing for the Guardian.

People must remember Margaret Sanger from high school or college studies?   She did so much for women’s rights!

She dedicated her life to legalizing birth control for women all over the United States.  This act alone saved women from certain death and from the horror of having multiple children.

She saved scores of women from death that nearly resulted from botched abortions.  An underground of abortionists thrived – not by doctors, by people who pretended they could do a quick five dollar abortion.

These “back alley $5 abortions” were the only thing available to poor women or to immigrant women who were the poorest of the poor. Margaret Sanger, trained as a nurse, cared for the women who were near death as a result of having their uterus sliced like a melon.

Desperate women resorted to using wire hangers to force a miscarriage.  She was relentless in her efforts to save women from the future abuse and torture of a child they could die having, or could not afford to have.

She’s was a remarkable women.  A crusader who holds an esteemed place in history for establishing fertility rights for women.

She believed that a woman should be in full charge of her own body, and have sexual freedom and fulfillment without the haunting fear of pregnancy.

What women would not want to own her own body?  Would you appreciate busy-bodies you don’t even know tell you what to do with your body?  Of course not!

God help all women if Rowe v. Wade is overturned.  If  the clock goes back and outlaws abortion, woman will experience desperate times.

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