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weekly photo challenge: windows

A great topic for this week’s challenge!  Lot’s of possibilities.   I love the word “windows” as a metaphor – seeing more than what is present at first glance – windows of the soul… eyes….

Windows would also be lovely topic to write about, I think.  Well, one of these days….

Anyway, I didn’t think I would take part in the photo challenge this week  because I don’t have a single photo of a window.  Well, I was thinking of  “windows” in the literal sense.

Driving home from work tonight, I let my mind wander through the photo files on my computer.

I knew I didn’t have any beautiful or interesting shots of windows.   I have lots of photos taken with my cell phone while sitting in my car – in traffic.   ( Sitting in traffic is a constant here in South Florida.)  I love to take photos with my cell phone – filling the time.  I especially love capturing dark clouds as they roll in.  And it’s fun to take pictures through the rain on the car window.

Anyway, I remembered this photo I’d taken of Jazz as he’s looking at me through the glass of the sliding glass door.  He was so mad at me because I was outside and he was inside.    He’s a whimper-er.  He has a shrill whimper that sounds like “hmimp, hmimp.”

I took this as I was out side taking pictures of ducks – unfortunately for the ducks,  he loves chasing them better than anything.  He will lunge, then jump up at them as they fly away into the water.  (I’m pretty sure the ducks figured out that Jazz  was totally harmless… though they’d never, never dilly-dally when he was nearby.)

Doesn’t he look sad in this picture?   I finally did let him out and the ducks dealt with it with their usual flat-footed aplomb.

this is a blow up of his eyes - you can see me taking the photo!

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