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November 6, 2011


alabama ignores justice department

by Andrea O'Connell


The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is well known to most Americans, and certainly to lawmakers, judges, attorneys and academia.   Any entity that seeks to disobey these laws is subject to rebuke via the Department of Justice.

Alabama is being sued by the Federal Government for its Immigration law, and now is seriously under investigations with regards to defying basic human rights.

George Wallace (center left) and the Stand in ...

Image via Wikipediahuman rights.

Alabama’s newly enacted immigration laws which, in no uncertain terms, intend to disrupt the government’s job of handling immigration, is also disrupting basic civil rights.

Alabama is essentially ignoring the Constitution of the United States.

The Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, is intentionally and cruelly sticking out his proverbial middle finger at the Department of Justice by asserting the Federal Government has no jurisdiction to challenge and investigate its newly adopted immigration law.  Not so, says the Federal Government.

In this country, a public education is available to all school-aged children regardless of their immigration status. Alabama’s cruel and illegal new “law” requires schools to check the immigration status of children and their parents.  The result of which is causing extreme disruption for children who (if they even continue to go to school), are harassed and bullied.  Parents, frightened about deportation, are keeping their children out of school.

This prompted the Justice Department’s Assistant Attorney General to issue letters to every Alabama school superintendent regarding the change in their enrollment numbers since the new “law” went into effect.  See Letter.

Meanwhile, the Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, wrote his own letter to the Department of Justice advising they have no authority to request this information.  See Letter

To which Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General answered by saying, in essence, that the Federal Government, who is suing Alabama for its immigration policy,  will investigate allegations that Alabama is running rough-shod over Civil Rights.  (Think back to Governor George Wallace – the segregationist – who blocked the entrance to the University of Alabama, not allowing two black students to enter, in total defiance of desegregation. Constitution.  It was not until President John F. Kennedy who made the Alabama National Guard a federal entity so they could enforce justice and allow the two students to register for classes.   Think back to that time, and you’ll realize what is happening today in Alabama.)

It is deplorable. Shameful.  But, not surprising.  Since the election of Alabama Republican Gov. Robert J. Bentley stood up multiple times to say that people who had accepted Jesus Christ were his brothers and sisters.  He said: “if you’re a Christian and you’re saved … it makes you and me brother and sister.”

Every lawmaker on earth has read the US Constitution and knows that such comments are unconstitutional.  Yet, the Governor of Alabama is clearly snubbing his nose at his role in Government!

Gov. Robert J. Bentley went on to say,

So anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother.

Assistant Attorney General Perez advised in his letter to Perez that the US, as they

“…receive additional information, the Civil Rights Division and other Federal Agencies will be evaluating the potential for violation of Federal laws in Alabama, including civil rights laws – looking at violations of the Fair Housing Act, the Safe Streets Act, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, among others.

I don’t have the words right now to express the disgust I feel for the lawmakers in Alabama.

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  1. Diane
    Nov 7 2011

    Wow. Just wow.

    I’m so in the dark about issues like the ones you have been blogging about recently. I’m starting to think I liked it better that way.

    Is it a south thing? What is wrong with these people?

    • Nov 7 2011

      Hi Diane,

      Yeah, Alabama and Mississippi are two states with ultra bizarre ideas – worse, they are prejudiced and scary.

      The Religious Right are very very dangerous to the way the Founders envisioned America to be.

      I really think it is a “south” thing….it’s also a matter of taking the christian religion to the extreme.

  2. Nov 7 2011

    No matter how many years go by, you can’t fix stupid. Think about this scenario: How would it be if the Native Americans and Mexicans ( Who literally owned this country) somehow had the power tomorrow to tell everyone else, your being deported! LOL…..So now I have added Alabama to my list of states I choose not to visit. Think they will survive without me?

    • Nov 7 2011

      Hi DP – you’re right there – “stupid is as stupid does.” Stupid rarely learns, when they do learn, they learn from other close-minded groups and people, and on and on the madness goes.

      And, you’re right about the Native Americans and Mexicans…. I’m reading a new book on American History right now by Howard Zinn titled, “A Peoples History of the United States” which portrays the Native Americans much differently from how what we learned about them in grade school…. The effort to rewrite history is pretty scary….


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