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November 13, 2011


Jeff Ashton’s book release is around the corner

by Andrea O'Connell

Retired Assistant State Attorney Jeff Ashton, who famously prosecuted the Casey Anthony murder trial, has a book coming out on November 15, 2011.

Mr. Asthon’s book, Imperfect Justice:  Prosecuting Casey Anthony, promises to discuss never-revealed details about the case, including information related to the psychological examinations  performed on then defendant Casey Anthony.

Cover image of Jeff Ashton's soon to be released book

He will also be discussing the book on the Dr. Phil Show, Wednesday, November 16, 2001.   No doubt the book will generate a lot of interest.

I’ve per-ordered a copy on my Nook.

If the Barnes & Noble Nook website is any indication, the book should do well.   On the Barnes & Noble Nook page for the book, already nearly 60 “customer reviews” have been written!  This is despite the fact it’s not even released yet!  People are adding their thoughts about what they “think” the book will disclose…and of course they are arguing.

Cheney Mason reportedly is writing a book also.   I have absolutely no interest in reading it because, frankly, I wouldn’t know what to believe.   By the way, Mr. Mason is in a Daytona hospital after feeling ill during a conference in which he to speak.  I certainly hope it’s not a serious issue keeping him in the hospital.  I bet he’s cranky as hell in that hospital!  I bet he’s shooting the bird at just about everyone, too!  I hope so, that would mean he’s on the mend.

Anyway, back to Jeff Ashton’s book.  I really am looking forward to reading some inside stories about the case and sure hope the book is long on character details!  There were some colorful characters involved in the Anthony case, and it would be interesting to read about them.

Coincidentally, I was perusing Facebook this evening and stumbled upon “The Official Jeff Ashton Page.”  Oh, it’s wonderful – lot’s of very nice photos, too!

Seeing some of the great photos of Mr. Ashton and his wife, Rita, his colleagues at the State Attorney’s Office, including Linda Drane-Burdick, and pictures of his Koi pond that he and his wife built – affirmed for me that he is not only a phenomenal attorney, he is also a down-to-earth, very nice guy. Someone you can’t help but like because he oozes charm.

There were many folks on the State side of the case who I really admired: ASA Linda Drane-Burdick, of course, was incredible.   I admired the folks at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, too.  Yuri Melich – loved him!  Eric Edwards –  loved him!   John Allen – loved him!   Who else?   Just too many good people to name.   Oh! I almost forgot ASA Frank George!  Loved him!

Anyway, my Nook is ready for the Imperfect Justice download!

Thanks in advance, Jeff Ashton!

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  1. Hilde
    Nov 14 2011

    I am looking forward to Mr.Ashton’s Book, however I have no Interest in C. Masons Book! I have seen enough what he is capable of in the Trial and it left me with a bad Impression of Mr. Mason just like the Rest of the Defense Team.

    • Lee wells
      Nov 16 2011

      I really liked the guy that checked bio mom’s car for evidence at the police lab. He was so disappointed in the verdict. It was good to hear Jeff say that he knows what bio mom did to Caylee with all the smoke Baez blew up everyone’s nose. Maybe there is a chance there is an investigation about Caylee and porn.

    • Lee wells
      Nov 16 2011

      None of them have anything to say that would be true. Mason has nerve even thinking about writing a book about Caylee’s murder. He even thought she did it at one time and said so. He is corroded.

  2. Nov 14 2011

    Hi Hide! I’m with you on that! No question about it! 🙂

  3. Hilde
    Nov 14 2011

    Hi Andrea 🙂 Always nice to see a Post of Yours.
    I promised myself I will never let myself get that emotionally involved in a Case again like I did with the Anthony Case just to experience such a Letdown in Justice for that precious Child. I won’t put myself again on such an emotional Roller Coaster which lasted 3 Years!
    There are so many Children who fall victim to Abuse or Murder or both it’s a Travesty to not have stricter Laws for any one who harms a Child.
    By the Way I just ordered my Book from Jeff Ashton, it will be the only one I consider spending my hard earned Money on. I also have visited his Facebook Page and he seems to be a descent and likable Person, not like some of the Players we have seen in the Anthony Case.
    I am trying to distance myself more and more from the whole Anthony Drama and let Fate take care of the whole Bunch.
    Caylee is gone forever, that will not change, may the Chips fall wherever they may and bring Justice for precious Caylee in the Process. I do not believe her Death was in Vain. A higher Power than us will look out for that precious Child.
    I wish Jeff Ashton Success with his Book and Happiness in his Life, at least he can say he has a clear Conscience and did the Best he could with what he had to work with to bring Justice to the Victim Caylee.

    • Lee wells
      Nov 16 2011

      I agree and it took a heavy toll on my emotions. I am still angry and always will be. I will read the book when bio mom gets what she deserves. It is just too sad otherwise. Now I worry about baby Lisa and Skye and I did not intend to.

  4. Lee wells
    Nov 16 2011

    I really liked the guy to checked bio mom’s car for evidence at the police lab. He was so disappointed in the verdict. It was good to hear Jeff say that he knows what bio mom did to Caylee with all the smoke Baez blew up everyone’s nose. Maybe there is a chance there is an investigation about Caylee and porn.

  5. Faith(Tommy's Mom)
    Nov 21 2011

    Dearest Andrea
    Another great article and I surely agree with all the wonderful posts. No one will ever escape justice for any crime. If there is no punishment in this life,there will be punishment in the next. I for one cannot imagine anything worse than Christ Jesus turning from me saying ” depart from me. I NEVER knew you.” I don’t think KC will enjoy hell. JMHO of course.


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