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November 15, 2011


look somewhere else, whack #4

by Andrea O'Connell

Here’s another Creative Whack from Roger von Oech, creator of the Creative Whack Pack – a deck of 64 amazing cards to “whack” us out of old and habitual ways of thinking, allowing us to see with fresh eyes and an open mind. 

I like the message of this card in particular.  I don’t know about you, but I get into ruts from time to time.  I am in a pesky rut these past couple of weeks as a result of allowing negative people in the workplace get to me.  People who are so old-fashioned and stiff, I feel like I have to salute them.

Needless to say, my workplace operates with a very old-fashioned mindset.  The work I am doing now is the same kind of work people were doing in the early 1980’s.  Not only are the tools I have to work with antiquated, so is the vision of some people in my workplace.  That’s what happens, I guess, when the leaders in an organization stay in positions for years and years.  It’s always good when outside perspectives are allowed in.  Allowed is the operative word, however.  Therein lies the rub.

It’s like how Jeff Ashton describes the personalities of Cindy and Casey Anthony in his new book, Imperfect Justice.  (Which I am really enjoying but only half way through.) When you refuse to accept new ideas; if you refuse to see the reality of your current state of affairs, any new idea or new vision is exorcised in favor of the habitual comfort of old ways of thinking.  Cindy Anthony grew so used to Casey’s lies, she began to accept them as reality so as not to shake the boat.

Jeff Ashton writes:

From all that we’d seen of their interactions and heard from those around Cindy, it was unlikely that she would ever admit the unvarnished truth about Casey.  It was a lethally toxic co-dependent relationship.  One person was skilled at lying to others, while the other was skilled at lying to herself.

Cindy Anthony would not allow herself to see the truth about Casey: “Cindy was in denial about her daughter on a colossal scale,” wrote Jeff Ashton.

That is why this message is so important.  We have to look beyond what we know and discover new ways of seeing.  If we continue to do the things that are comfortable, we grow complacent, dull, and miss the really important stuff, like pretending the smell of human decomposition is really pizza.


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  1. Linda
    Nov 16 2011

    Hi Andrea Haven’t seen you for a while.. I just bought my book on Ebay, they are selling like crazy.. Good for Jeff.. I watched him tonight on HLN, Mr Baez must be bullchit. .We all knew Baez was lying in court, and for some reason he thought that the public would just believe him..How wrong he was…..I can just picture Casey watching Mr. Ashton on tv today and just fuming…….LOL She may be out of jail but she will never be free..

    I also read that Mr. Ashton sold the rights of the book to Fox, who will make a movie of the trial……. Looks like he beat Baez on cashing in….. COOL less money for Casey.. Mr. Ashton says he also believes in KARMA……..So do I.

  2. Nov 16 2011

    The little I heard of Ashton’s comments about G&C continues to baffle me. Starting from their 1st LE interviews, depositions and then trial, they were caught in so many lies yet he still finds compassion. They are partially responsible for the outcome of the case along with the mistakes the prosecution made in presentation and convincing the jury. I am still disappointed that Ashton has not made reference to any donation from the proceeds of sales. It was a game changer for me in deciding to buy/not buy the book. I have not seen any numbers yet but would like to know how many books that end up being sold in comparison to the one Mason plans on putting out soon. I would like to believe that Casey will remain untouchable by US networks and publishers because of public pressure.

  3. Nov 17 2011

    Somehow I just don’t get the same kick out of eating pizza like I used to. Why was it so hard for the jurors to convict on the lesser of all charges? Were they blind like Cindy, into believing this pretty face could do such a horrible thing to her daughter. It must have been the metre reader who staged the find. Uh, how about the two fellows who scoured the dumping grounds long before Caylee was discovered?, and on Cindy’s request? Perhaps the jurors just weren’t willing to convict without seeing it up close and personal. They were looking for full proof evidence and rather than asking questions to the Judge, they carried on deliberating as if they understood the instructions. They were confused and in that, I blame Judge Perry. Sorry but as good as he was in all the preceedings, a trial and its’ outcome have a lot to do with the jurors ability to understand the evidence before them. Ashton’s book will fill in the gaps for us, but honestly, until the jurors come out and talk, I’m kind of praying for a miracle. LIKE huge law suits against Casey and if need be Cindy.

    • Nov 18 2011

      Hi Weezie! I tell ya what, I’m just as confused as ever about what made that jury tick, though I believe the majority of them were not deep thinkers; they didn’t know what they didn’t know (about the law), and they believed they were doing the right thing…. sadly.

      I am pretty certain we’ll not see any charges against Cindy, certainly no more for
      Casey as it relates to this case, but who’s to say she’ll not get into more trouble down the line. Regardless, she’s likely not a very happy camper about now. I have read that her life is being threatened. It’s okay to not like her, for heaven’s sake, but to want to kill her??? That is very, very frightening.


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