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November 21, 2011


See the big picture, whack #7 as applied to Casey Anthony jurors

by Andrea O'Connell

I like to talk about big pictures and today’s Creative Whack #7 is right on the money.

Jeff Ashton, one of the Prosecutors in the recent Casey Anthony case, makes a point that the Anthony jurors, in finding Casey Anthony not guilty of murder, totally missed the big picture.

I completely agree with Mr. Ashton’s assessment.  I would add, though, that the jurors also completely ignored the chain of evidence.  Those chain links should have come together very neatly for the jurors, that is if they even attempted to consider their solemn oath and the Golden Rule of jury service:  review the evidence!

Each each chain link of circumstantial and forensic evidence should have wound around Casey’s wrists and ankles for a very long time to come.  That’s even true in Fairy Tales, but not in this tale.

The fact that Casey Anthony got away with murder despite so much evidence is no Fairy Tale.  It’s unbelievable – incredible.  It certainly seemed like the perfect storm happened when these jurors were put together, as fate would have it, in Pinellas County.  How twelve completely like-minded people could come together without any dissenting  opinion is eerie.

Was it a matter of “GroupThink” where the threat of thinking differently from the group is too upsetting to an individual?  When in the throes of  GroupThink, it’s nearly impossible to stray from the one mind that has developed in a group.

Just like the Iowa farmer saw only tracks and trains, the simple jurors seemed to hang their not guilty verdict on the Medical Examiner’s inability to state a cause of death.  This is perfectly understandable since little Caylee Marie’s body was completely skeletonized.

Since there was no cause of death, did the jurors think a murder couldn’t be proven and therefore never happened?

Even though the manner of little Caylee Marie Anthony’s death was determined to be homicide, it also stated “by undetermined means.”   Did the jurors question whether a homicide even happened as a result of the “undetermined means” part?

So, had the jurors looked at each piece of the chain – like the train tracks and the locomotive follow a path – they would have known:

  • 100 percent of the time people cal 911 for help in drowning situations.
  • Only a mother guilty of a crime against a child fails to report their child missing.
  • Children are not double bagged and dumped in a swamp with duct tape around their face.  That is murder plain and simple.  Whether it was strangulation or drugging doesn’t really matter in the big picture, it’s still murder.
  • When forensic experts, multiple law enforcement personnel, cadaver dogs, and others familiar with the distinct smell of human decomposition and testify that death was in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car, that should be proof-positive that it was not the odor of a bag of garbage.
  • When it is proved that a strand of Caylee Anthony’s hair showing dark banding at the root because of decomposition, it should mean the child was in the trunk.
  • When NO evidence is produced linking George Anthony to Caylee’s death, it means he should not be considered as a murderer.
  • When NO evidence is provided that remotely suggests George Anthony molested his daughter, it means that is not a factor in deciding guilt.
  • When a mother whose daughter is missing for a very long time gets a tattoo that means “Beautiful Life” it would suggest things are better without the daughter.
  • High levels of chloroform found in air samples from the trunk of the mother’s car and mixed with the odor of decomposition, suggests it is reasonable to believe chloroform  was used to subdue little Caylee Marie.
  • When a Google search and page hit about “How to make chloroform” is found on the unallocated file space of the mother’s computer, chances are good that chloroform was used in the murder.

There are more factors that taken together, provide a clear picture AND a complete picture frame around this murder.  The jurors should have painted such a big picture for themselves and come to the only conclusion possible:  Murder.

This jury, rather than paint the big picture, inhaled the paint fumes and in the end couldn’t even paint by the numbers.

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  1. Hilde
    Nov 22 2011

    wow, Andrea, great Post!
    Very passionate and written with common Sense.
    Just a Shame the Jurors common Sense got lost in the middle of the theatrical Trial.
    Casey must have had a good Laugh about how careless those Jurors were and therefore she got away with murder.
    My Hope is, eventually what Casey Anthony did with her Daughter Caylee will catch up with her, the same goes for All the People who helped her get away with Murder!

    • Nov 22 2011

      HI Hilde, Thanks so much. I do think that Casey “thinks” she’s having the last laugh, but the joke’s really on her now, isn’t it? LOL! She’s hardly a free person! I imagine she’s living in her own private hell right now. I think she’ll be there for a while because if still has that ugly, smug attitude and ego and should she dare do an interview or go out in public, she’ll be vilified even more by the public, sending further and deeper into hiding. Oh well, she made her bed, as they say!

  2. Faith(Tommy's Mom)
    Nov 22 2011

    Dearest Andrea
    What a really great post and summary of the facts. I’m in complete agreement. The jury spent absolutely no time with the evidence and KC walks free. Not free as we know freedom,as she will always be known as a woman(not mother)who killed her baby and dumped her like trash. No real love,no good marriage,no decent job will ever be part of KC’s life. I don’t see her ever becoming a loving,caring or giving person or making any kind of a contribution to the good of this world.
    I do have to wonder if those on the jury believe and can continue to believe they did the right thing. I simply cannot imagine what that would be like. To know I didn’t take a stand,I didn’t say one word about the duct tape,the smell in the car or not reporting Caylee missing,or the constant lying. Was Caylee’s name even mentioned? What about the woman jurer who said her children thought she was a good Mom? What do they really think now? Do you think that jury really didn’t understand that KC killed Caylee,destroyed her family and caused pain to most everyone she came into contact with? Are they now apart of that desolation?

    I know there will be justice for Caylee,in this world or when KC and those that were a party to this travesty stand before God.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  3. Feb 17 2012

    It is my belief that bio mom did make chloroform and that’s what killed Caylee. Cindy actually lied on the stand about the internet search for chloroform because she must have thought the dumbas_ made it. Chloroform is an illegal drug for the average citizen to have or make or be in possession. There were high levels of chloroform found in HER trunk and also the smell of death. So, why can’t the feds indict her, or rather a federal grand jury? They are trying a state acquitted black man for murder and arson because the apartment building where it happened was used in “interstate commerce.” If they are doing that to this black man from Louisana, they should try this horrible white person from Florida.

    • Feb 17 2012

      Hi Lee,

      I understand your frustration – many people believe as you do that chloroform (and the duct tape) was the murder weapon. However, never again will charges be brought against Casey Anthony for the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. Be very happy about that because that is our system of justice in the US, and there is none better. The FBI not only has no jurisdiction, but their investigative work will does not result in legal charges.. charges are only brought by the state and in the state where the crime occurred. The FBI has no say in anything legal. That’s the job of the state.

      There is also a matter of double jeopardy….were it not for these laws, our courtrooms would be pure witch hunts and we’d live in a police state.

      Read the post on this blog where Judge Strickland talks about why Federal charges cannot and will not happen with regards to Casey Anthony..

  4. Daisy Mae
    Feb 18 2012

    I agree about the ‘group think’ premise. I also think that there were 1 or 2 bullies on the jury who wanted their way and the others were sheep who plugged their ears during the entire prosecution’s case because the evidence was so unpleasant that they didn’t WANT to believe it. These jurors requested to watch children’s videos, and to me, that says alot. They preferred fairytales with happy endings, and the truth of what happened to Caylee was hardly a fairytale. Their job was not to turn their heads and pretend the evidence didn’t exist. Their job was not to believe bozo’s drowning story because it was easier to swallow. Their job was not to pretend that bad things don’t happen in this world. Their job was to evaluate the evidence, review the evidence, and apply logic and common sense to all of it .. no matter how unpleasant it was. They owed that to Caylee. I refer to them as the 12 simpletons because in their fantasyland, mothers don’t kill their children.

  5. Feb 23 2012

    Love this post. I would like to add that people often has compared the OJ trial to this one since the aquittal. The OJ trial lasted 9 months. Prosecutor Marcia Clark physically/mentally exhausted at the end put everything she had into that case. This trial lasted 6 weeks. And about 1/10 of the evidence that I know was introduced. Wasn’t thourough enough. Bottom line-Why hasn’t this trial been declared a mistrial?!? Cindy Anthony’s proven perjury on stand to sway the jury pool. Obviously worked. Several jurors after the fact admitted they had vacation plans that summer. A guilty verdict would have resulted in the trial lasting a lot longer as jurrors have to also decide the penalty phase if convicted. My guess is they chose to go on vacations as scheduled blamming it on Cindys testimony. Mistrial material absolutely.Caylee has yet to see one inkling of justice for her gruesome murder.


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