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random notes from orlando

We arrived in Orlando last night a few minutes past 6:00 pm.  My brother lives in Maitland, a suburb of Orlando.  His neighborhood is tree-lined with nice ranch-style homes.  There is a lot of room between homes and all have big front and back yards.

There is not a single street light in the neighborhood and so the stars are visible and bright.

Tim has a dog, Buster.  He’s an 8 month old black Lab mixed with a lot of other breeds, but mostly Lab. Buster is as fun and as affectionate as he is big.

Jazz (my dog) is completely beside himself and horrified that Buster would dare look at me when Jazz is anywhere in the room.  The fact that Buster would dare touch Jazz’s food, water, or toys turns Jazz into a monster-maniac snapping – growling machine.  I believe Jazz, who faces Buster like a boxer, thinks he’s a much bigger dog than he really is.  Buster is easily 10 times the size of Jazz, too.  No matter – Jazz is large and in charge.

Tim got a package from my niece with a “Flat Stanley” picture – it’s a cut-out figure that’s been laminated.  Her first grade class is doing one of those popular kid projects where people take the cut-out to different places and take pictures of Flat Stanley as they travel.

Buster and Flat Stanley

Here’s a picture of Buster in my car with Flat Stanley.  Buster apparently enjoys car rides – he jumped into my car the moment the door opened.  Doesn’t it seem  as if he wants the keys so he can go go go?

News from Orlando

I’ve looked at the news here and see that poor Zenaida Gonzalez went through a 12 hours deposition yesterday.

Charles Greene, the attorney for Casey Anthony in the civil suit, in a Baez-like weird manifestation of showiness, charged that the attorneys Morgan and Morgan, are paying Zenaida to continue the case!!  Oh really?  (Hah! I wouldn’t put it past them!)

WESH quotes Greene as saying:

I’m not going to get into specifics. I don’t think it will be appropriate, but I believe the video will be available to you after the deposition is complete.

So, that deposition tape will be available, but Casey Anthony’s deposition is sealed?

There will be a hearing December 8th to decide whether Morgan can depose Anthony, forcing her to answer questions versus taking the Fifth.
It was interesting driving in Orlando last night because I saw an “Amscot” on the Sameron highway – or maybe it was on Chickasaw, I’m not sure.  Anyway,  I don’t know it is “the” Amscot where Casey Anthony left her car.

It was funny to drive on roads and highways that were often referred to in the Casey Anthony case discovery.


On a separate note, I heard that J.R. Martinez won the Dancing with Stars competition!  I don’t know too much about him, other than seeing him once or twice on the show.  He does seem like a super-nice, very energetic, guy.

J.R. will be our guest for a  YMCA tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King.  He’s going to talk about his journey and his drive to get to where he is today.  I believe the date of that event is the Friday before the MLK holiday.

So, that’s it from Orlando!  Not sure yet what our day will look like as we’re still drinking coffee and relaxing.

I’ll keep you posted!

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