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November 24, 2011


I feel sorry for the turkeys, but…

by Andrea O'Connell









…. so grateful for the gift of love (to and from) friends, and family (thanks to WordPress too!).

Happy Thanksgiving, all…

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  1. Nov 24 2011

    Happy Thanksgiving……windy, rainy and cold but the power is on and food-a-cookin!

    • Nov 24 2011

      Hey DP! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I’m only four hours away from home, in Orlando, but the weather is much much different here – it’s in the 60’s tonight, which my mom thinks is freezing but I think is perfect! She almost wore her winter coat tonight – I’m in short sleeves!

  2. CptKD
    Nov 24 2011

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Andrea and all…

    Though we’ve already celebrated ours last month, I couldn’t forget that my American friends celebrate it on this day –

    And so with that – I send the best of everything…

    And hope that someone sends me, a ‘white meat’ Turkey sandwich on a bun, with a touch of Miracle whip – Pls and thx!!! LOL!

    Have a great day, ya’ll!

    • Nov 24 2011

      Hey my friend! Yes, yours was last month, I forgot about that, thank you for remembering our Thanksgiving. This is my first trip to Orlando since following the Anthony case for so long, so it’s really interesting and somewhat eerie to be here. I can’t bring myself to visit the crime scene or the general vicinity where the Anthony’s live….

      Turkey dinner was soooo good tonight! Wish I could bottle this day – play, rewind and repeat! 🙂

      • CptKD
        Nov 25 2011

        ORLANDO, eh?

        Not sure if I could take that ‘tour’ either…

        Glad to hear you’re having a great time, and well, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Turkey dinner…

        Keep the memories, cherish the moments, and well, have a glass of wine out of that ‘bottle’ – LOL!

        Nice checking in with you – Hope to come by more often,,,, CHEERS!

  3. Nov 24 2011

    Hi Andrea; Hope your Thanksgiving day and evening turn out to be stupendous. (Don’t you just love that word!). Hubby watched football all day, and we are having Turkey Wings in honour of your Thanksgiving. I’m kind of glad to have ours in October because those poor old Turkeys need a breather from us humans. lol. I’m sure you are with family and friends, and if I have it right, the football is likely on one of your t.v.s. Who can escape that tradition, I can’t even up here. The parade was so great. I love that excess.

    • Nov 24 2011

      Hey Weezie! Yes, I love love love the word stupendous – it’s nice to have stupendous days, that’s for sure!

      LOL! My brother is not into football – except for the Notre Dame team since my niece went there he’s madly in love with that team. So, I saw nary a speck of football this Thanksgiving – which is funny because usually it takes center stage. It’s very nice and I don’t miss it a bit! The Godfather movie is on, playing in the background – my brother and mom are rapt in it…. I’m blogging!

      I did watch a bit of the parade this morning – I always enjoy it. Tomorrow we go to see the physics in Cassadega! Now, that will be something to blog about!

  4. Nov 24 2011

    Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much. You have a great blog here. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Nov 25 2011

    Ok, I have to ask….are we talking about physics or psychics? Lol! I had commented the other day about a psychic reading I’d had. Now I feel kind of silly, if that’s not the subject!
    I had a great Thanksgiving, hosted by my youngest daughter. Oh, how nice it was to just prep some things yesterday, and then travel only about 4 blocks away! And tomorrow, my 2 daughters are taking me out for dinner for my birthday, my choice of restaurant. I haven’t decided yet!!
    On another note, I can’t find where to post a comment. I mean, before you updated your blog, there used to be a little bubble that showed how many comments there were. I don’t see that, or anything else similar, that I can click on. Now when I want to read comments, I have to go to the right column and click where others have made comments.

    • Nov 25 2011

      Happy Birthday to Kitt, Happy Birthday to Kitt, Happy Birthday dear Kiiiiittttt, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

      LOL! Yes, I’m talking about Psychics (soothsayers, mediums, etc,!) We had a blast. My reading was pretty good…..but I completely forgot to ask about the Anthony case – it went right out of my mind!

      The comments, Kitt, are above the title of the post, on the right There’s a little bubble you’ll see. But, you have to click on the title of the post in order to see the comments…. I know, it’s different…. I’m still getting used to the changes, too. 🙂


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