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weekly photo challenge (from Orlando): family

I spent Thanksgiving in Orlando with my Mom and brother, Tim.  We’ve had a wonderful time but have to go home tomorrow…..

We decided not to cook Thanksgiving dinner and went out for a lovely dinner at the Radison,  Celebration close to Disney World.  We drove all around Disney to get to the Radison, and I have to tell you that Disney is mammoth.   It looks nothing like it did in the early 90’s when I was last there.

I can’t begin to describe the area around Disney except to say it’s beyond big; it spreads out everywhere – as far as you can see. It’s more than just great marketing, it’s more than a magical community.  It’s like a religion without spirituality.  It’s all idolatry and icons.  I’m not knocking it, but it’s so everywhere and so in your face.

Anyway, our dinner was very good.  It was a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the wonderful fixings.  And we left feeling full and happy!

Regarding this photo.  I found it on a bookshelf in my brother’s house and thought it would fit this week’s photo challenge.

My father took the picture in 1971, the year Disney opened.  It was our first visit; we were enthralled by everything!

1971 My Brothers at Disney World

The boy on the right, is Tom, my lawyer brother, when he was about six years old.  Tom seems to be consoling “Happy” of the Seven Dwarfs.  It’s like he’s saying, “Not to worry, Happy, just don’t talk and I’ll get ya out on bail, good buddy.

Tim, my law enforcement agent brother in his Miami Dolphins shirt – Paul Warfield was #42, seems to be saying “C’mon Happy, the gig’s up, I’m taking you in, bud.”  (We laugh about the fact that one brother arrests the bad guys, the other defends them.)

I love this picture and I remember when it was taken.  At the time I was being mauled by some tall guy in a Tigger suit.  I have those pictures somewhere at home.  My mom reminded me tonight about that very affectionate tiger.  His paws were wrapped tightly around me in a giant bear hug.  Disney World was all touchy-feely, love and happiness, then.  I wonder if it’s still like that?  I wonder if the characters wander around like that now?  It’s been years since I’ve been there.

So, although I didn’t take the original picture, I took a picture of it with my Iphone yesterday, so I guess that counts!

And, well….. I do love this little picture.  Don’t they look so cute in their little shorts and socks?

I like to take a stroll down memory lane, don’t you?

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