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try a random idea, whack #8

Could I create a new map for my self?  Definitely.  Would I?  Well…..

I want to believe I am a risk taker.  But I’m really not.

Creative Whack Pack: Roger von Oech, creator

Although I am very quick at recognizing good and random ideas … I just have trouble following through because of my full-time work schedule. Ah…. but is that merely an excuse?

That messes me up.

I have lot’s of random ideas and many dreams.  Creating this blog was a spur of the moment random process – a dream that was at first scary.    I sat down one Saturday and started a blog.  Never heard of WordPress until I Googled Blogging.   I had no idea what I was doing I just really wanted to do it – whatever “it” was.  I jumped in.

I do a lot of spur of the moment writing.  It’s like impetuous creativity born of passion versus logic with a lot of right-brain thinking.

Passion drives my impetuousness, when I let it.   I can kill it just as quickly and that’s what keeps me up at night.

All I really want to do, though this is not so random, is write.   There’s a book in my head, a play too.  I have the passion but not the nerve.

The universe keeps putting signs in front of me, as if trying to wake me up with tips and ideas.  It’s in my face at times, almost  screaming at me  GO FOR IT ANDREA!!!

Really. I’m not kidding, that happens every day.  Drives me nuts.

I keep seeing articles and messages everywhere about “going for it and taking that risk to follow your dreams….” So???  Why not?   Well…. (stand by, here come the buts).

I have student loans to pay, a mortgage and a car payment and well, you know, just a lot of bills.

I need to take a piece of leather and create a new map of my world.

I think it’s good to reinvent – I truly believe that it is.  The problem is, it takes courage and I feel like Dorothy’s lion.  I’ve got the heart and the brain….

Oh great and powerful OZ, hand me some courage – FAST!


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